H:HOU/M19 Boosters, FOIL Ral Zarek, Venser Sojourner, etc. W: Cube Foils

0: This is both a trade and sell list. I'm always open to taking cash offers for cards.
1: Let's keep things professional - we're here to trade cardboard!
2: I'm located in Boston, MA and am willing to ship anywhere in the world provided the deal is right (US and Canada are preferred)
3: I ship with toploaders, etc. so the cards are always protected - hasn't failed me yet.
4: I'm happy to use cash to fill in gaps (and also to accept cash).
5: I will entertain offers for staple things that aren't on my wants list, but only if I am trading up or the deal is in my favour. I'm always interested in foils.
6. I value using TCG Low usually.
7. Be Polite. Don't waste my time with heavily tilted offers. I'm willing to be flexible with value balancing when necessary, but don't offer anything to me that you wouldn't readily accept yourself.

2019 Trades:
El Nino



Booster Packs:
    2x Hour of Devastation
    4x Core Set 2019



under $10

Minor Pimp/Interesting:
Always accepting paypal to fill gaps as needed


Nonfoil wants:
Your list



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