Joban's Barter Bazaar  -->  H: UMA/Modern/Legacy/EDH/STD/Oh my!

Majority of newer cards are in NM/LP condition and most older cards are LP unless noted otherwise; during the trade process, I'm happy to send photos of anything and photos and/or scans for higher valued cards. If you’re looking for a particular set version and it’s not listed, just ask and I’ll let you know. I have an extensive collection and very little free time, so I try to keep my 'Haves' updated with mostly staples/money cards, but I have multiple binders/boxes un-listed and I'd be happy to check and see if I have something you're looking for. I'm a pretty easy-going fella, but I do have a few ground rules:

I. Please be respectful and communicate.

II. TCG market prices are the gold standard for most LP/NM cards. Older cards or cards in less than LP condition can be negotiated based on a combo of TCGP data & recent eBay sold listings if there aren't enough data points available on TCGP alone. I'm 100% for negotiation and working out a fair deal that benefits both parties; if you're not happy with a proposed trade then please propose a counter offer.

III. Love looking at lists.

IV. Zero tolerance for mail fraud/counterfeits. I use a loupe to inspect all trades, so think twice before sending a fake card. Also think twice before
attempting mail fraud, unless you don't mind catching a felony.

V. Any trades > / = $25 are shipped in a bubble mailer w/ tracking. I ask that you do that same, but I understand if you cannot; just let me know
ahead of time and we can figure something out. We can discuss shipping costs for sealed product. For simulsends, swapping tracking #s first is preferred.

VI. Above all else, have fun and let's trade some cardboard Jam

Please PM me with any trade offers/questions/lists/etc and I'll do my best to provide a timely response. I'm currently in med school and my schedule is pretty tight, so if you send me a PM and I don't respond immediately don't think I'm ignoring you; I'm most likely just busy studying and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking!

**Edit: I haven't been active the last 4-5 months due to school, so my list was a bit outdated. I went through and deleted anything I no longer have, but I'm sure a few cards might've fallen through the cracks. Apologies in advance!



**Love to look at trade lists! Always looking for Urza's reserved list cards, fetches, filter lands, expeditions/masterpieces, & various sealed product.



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