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  • posted a message on How to official stall games and not be punished?
    The section that talks about using the rocks the Lantern player has on the board to do things reminds me of an anecdote I read where someone dragged a game to time while avoiding Slow Play simply by attacking with Creeping Tar Pit every turn, forcing the opponent to kill it because it would hit for lethal otherwise, then replaying the Tar Pit that turn (I forget how; I even forget which format the game was in). Bonus points for forcing the opponent to regenerate the Tar Pit killer every turn, too.

    I tend to play games until I have no outs, so I'm sure I'd fall prey to the Lantern players who follow that guide--and I may not be able to tell who would be following the guide or even mind their behaviour (kind of like them, I will guess what deck the opponent plays the moment I see enough opposing cards).
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  • posted a message on Which Jace, the Mind Sculptor shell is the most powerful?
    Quote from idSurge »
    I'm not seeing Cryptics in these lists, its normally ramp (Noble) into threats, into BBE or Jace and then just an avalanche of advantage.

    I'm still wondering what those killer RUG lists are like. If they're like the one in the last Modern Challenge with no counterspells and 3 hate bears maindeck, then combo decks run over them pre-board. If they have enough counterspells to stave them off (like my test list), then BBE Jund is beating it around half the time pre-board (according to my testing). BBE Jund often targeted discards the haymakers, destroys the meat, and takes advantage of tempo loss generated by holding up counterspell mana.
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  • posted a message on Narset in Dominaria?
    Quote from leslak »
    I would say it is Narset indeed, maybe she is in Tolaria to learn diferent types of spells...

    She has a very Tarkir-ish clothing. Also her hilt-colar is very similar in the one in Learn from the past.

    Not much evidence that it is Narset, but much less that it isn't.

    Also this does not rule out Linessa.

    And don't let is be a second "there will be no emrakul in eldrish moon"

    The clothing looks kinda Tarkiri...but it looks like it's most likely from Abzan/maybe Dromoka, not Ojutai. The diamonds are the biggest tip-off there. Unless Narset went on a huge clothing borrowing spree, that's one of the reasons why I DON'T think that person's Narset.
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  • posted a message on GP Lyon Discussion
    It should be notable that this is the last Modern GP in the foreseeable future where Jace TMS and Bloodbraid Elf are still banned.
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  • posted a message on Narset in Dominaria?
    The face doesn't look like Narset to me, and the clothes look too many parts Abzan to be Ojutai (Narset's clan). I don't think that's Narset.
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  • posted a message on Jace The Mind Sculptor
    I'm trying him in Ux Midrange/Control builds (UWR, UR, Foretold End, Grixis and RUG some day, maybe even Scapeshift some day) and one of my older midrange brews, Bring to Light Madcap Emperion. (Thank goodness I could finally rip out the low-impact See Beyond from that deck.)

    JTMS seems to improve my match-ups, produce good CA, and get run over or force me to throw meat shields in his way to protect him. He doesn't tend to win the game by himself, though.

    He generally gets run over by Bloodbraid Elf decks. I haven't tried Jund or RG Titanshift with BBE against him yet, but he hated RG Ponza and Copycat with BBE.

    Gx Tron also seems to have a field day with JTMS, as they have 8 or more ways to get rid of him immediately, and they often go over the top of his CA.
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  • posted a message on Ancestral vision bloodbraid elf
    The tricky part is that Bloodbraid Elf's Cascade doesn't play nice with most counterspells, so it's tougher to foil combo decks with RUG Ancestral BBE. Luckily, we have Izzet Charm, Supreme Will, and Vendilion Clique for disruption you don't mind Cascading into.
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  • posted a message on Changing how the forums are structured - Looking for community feedback
    My biggest qualm with the "split Established into Aggro & Tempo, Midrange, Control, and Combo" system is that several Modern decks blend aspects from 2 or more of those camps. For example, Abzan Company is Midrange-Combo, and Gx Tron is Ramp-Midrange-Control (where would Ramp fit in that split, anyway?) I suppose there's looking at where Legacy classifies Post Ramp, Food Chain, Aluren, and Imperial Painter as inspiration, but classification can still get messy.
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  • posted a message on Saheeli Evolution/Chord
    Quote from Shelldell »
    -Rallier's Revolt requirement is awkward with BBE -- you need to pre-emptively crack a fetch when you cast BBE without knowing if you'll hit Rallier, lowering the chances you'll have Revolt when you need it. I used to play Rallier in a CoCo deck (another 4-CMC card that can pseudo-cascade into Rallier) and it didn't sound like a big deal but the drop in consistency was pretty noticeable over several games and eventually put me off Rallier in CoCo decks. There's only so many times you can tolerate cascading into non-revolt or targetless Rallier.

    You don't need to preemptively crack fetches when you cast BBE--you resolve the Cascade trigger, find out that it flipped Rallier this time, then you crack a fetch with Rallier on the stack. Collected Company forces the preemptive fetch crack, though, as by the time you know a Rallier will come out of that card, it's too late.
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  • posted a message on BBE ideas
    I tried BBE in RG Ponza and it was a success so far. It flips mana dorks like a pro, but it flips a haymaker instead (Moon, land destruction, Tireless Tracker I guess) surprisingly often. And yup, it swings games. It's pretty good at bulldozing Jace TMS, as they often can't deal with both it and what it Cascaded into at the same time.

    I'll be trying BBE in RG Titanshift next, probably as a 1-2-of. Ramp or answers? Don't mind if I do!

    I'll also be building a Copycat deck tonight on Cockatrice with 4 BBE, 4 Renegade Rallier, 4 Voice of Resurgence, and 4 Eldritch Evolution. The low-to-the-ground Rallier builds have been the most successful lately, and BBE'ing into the combo will likely be a blowout.
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  • posted a message on GW Land Tax
    I don't like seeing so many Wayward Swordtooths. Heck, I'd rather play with 3-4 Azusas. It's hard to get the City's Blessing in Modern (I've generally had to play serious enablers like Lingering Souls, and even a playset of Souls isn't enough), and Azusa lets you play more lands per turn. And she attacks and blocks sooner.
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  • posted a message on Bounce Sun builds (Blood Sun + Bouncelands)
    I keep thinking that tutors like Mastermind's Acquisition and Glittering Wish can help make Bounce Sun decks work. They are effectively mana sinks when you have enough mana.
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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Toronto discussion
    Me too--given all those hate bears it has, I think Humans is one of the hardest aggro decks to pick up. Soul reads with Meddling Mage can be terrifying at times.

    I think Burn's easier to pick up and play. Some of the most complex decisions you need to make with it are when to time Skullcrack effects, when to play Eidolon of the Great Revel, and when to shoot creatures with Grim Lavamancer.
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  • posted a message on Settle the Wreckage
    It's already gotten a look. ...In sideboards.

    It's displaced other Wraths from sideboards. It may even have made Blessed Alliance take a hit. Turns out that dealing with Bogles, Thrun, the Last Troll, Dredge, and even Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in a pinch is pretty good.

    Sadly, I've seen it in UW Control sideboards the most often, which wasn't quite what I was expecting. I thought it would show up more often in creature-heavier decks as a Plague Wind of sorts.
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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Toronto discussion
    In contrast to the last Modern Pro Tour, I predict at least one UG Merfolk player will show up to Day 1. Heck, let's be brazen and assume at least one UG Merfolk player will reach Day 2!

    (Somehow, only 2 people showed up to the last Modern Pro Tour with Merfolk decks, neither played Merfolk Mistbinder so I'm assuming both were mono-U, and neither of them made it to Day 2.)
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