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  • posted a message on CapCom Variant Commander
    Did this idea ever get tried out. I like the idea.
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  • posted a message on U/W Tallowisp Geist
    Geist and Sigarda functionally canact as the same thing. Something protected that canbe auraed and can beat down. Sigarda seemsfine for at least the sb.
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  • posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Would reassembling skeleton work with Mairsil to bring mairsil to bring it back from the gy?
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    Quote from Equinox2793 »
    Quote from Equinox2793 »
    Quote from Fiddlyr »
    Arlinn is $30 pre-order on Starcity. I hope people open a lot of SoI.

    Even though she is modern playable and very good Arlinn won't be $30 in a few months unless a Gruul deck becomes tier 1 in standard. If Gideon, Ally of Zendikar isn't $30 now and he is a standard star then I expect Arlinn to be around the same price.

    With Kolaghan's command still being a thing in Standard I'd expect Jund Vampires to be pretty big in the new standard. SOI is going to get opened a TON and most of these cards should drop pretty steadily though. Arlin though, as a playable DFC planeswalker is pretty unique and might have lots of extra demand for it from things like commander, cube, and the casual crowds.

    I'll repeat what I originally said. If gideon who is used the most out of all the planewalkers is $20 and he is in one color, then I wouldn't expect Arlinn to be more than that after 2 months.

    I'd think of arlin more like Ugin who is more than Gideon. Arlinn will be in standard but will be huge in casual
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Any one know why Mindslicer jumped in price?

    edit, I missed prior comments.
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  • posted a message on Comm 15 Decklists up
    Quote from MaximumC »
    @biglow - What you're saying is all true, but remember, new blood enters Magic on a regular basis. There are people for whom Rise of the Eldrazi feels as far in the past as Arabian Nights. It's really nice of Wizards to keep printing iconic and useful cards from those sets. It means those of us who have them get cheaper singles from the new stuff.

    And as far as "No Legacy cards," I quibble with you. I think there are five cards that have legacy potential:

    Karlov of the Ghost Council
    Oreskos Explorer
    Magus of the Wheel
    Mystic Confluence
    Mizzx Mastery (seriously, this card is basically Show and Tell for spells)

    And, admittedly more remote possibilities:
    Scourge of Nel Toth
    Firey Confluence
    Centaur Vinecrasher

    And I think that the BG and RU decks actually have a ton of value. They have some critical cards that don't take much to be broken, as well as lots of very useful staples and fun new EDH cards. The other decks leave much to be desired, however.

    I do agree that reprintings from ROE area and I'm even fine with INN block being reprinted but much like with modern masters releases you don't want to be reprinting a ton of the newer cards and I see a high percentage of RTR block and Theros block and that i find annoying. These cards are easily gotten a hold of and still have decently low prices.

    As with quibbling I will quibble back: the cards you listed are fun and good but I don't think legacy worthy.
    Karlov is a good Ajani's Pridemate with an ability but two colors I don't see the place for it. But agree for the potential
    Oreskos Explorer- how is this better than Knight of the white orchid for legacy?
    Magus of the Wheel is just straight to slow. Original Wheel isn't really used in legacy so I don't see this being used either.
    Mystic Confluence- far to much mana but I'll concede a tiny bit of potential.
    Mizzx Mastery- Powerful but a lot of work. Probably would have to go with Exhume but seems like a slow reanimation deck with spells instead of creatures.
    Scourge of nel toth- I think would have potential but seems like a bad reanimation deck again
    Firey Confluence also is a lot of mana for the effect.
    Centaur Vinecrasher- I can see this with potential for a new deck but four mana is a lot in legacy again
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  • posted a message on Comm 15 Decklists up
    Hmmm is the dislike for these the small price hike? They dont really seem much worse than the 2014 ones *which were quite good*. I mean sure they could be better but what product couldnt? The only thing I am dissapointed in is that there are no portal/ 3 kingdoms cards.

    As far as I'm concerned the small price hike is not an issue but these decks being more expensive and having no new art outside of the MTGO art for the signets is a bummer.

    As far as the majority of whiners, well it's the typical entitled MTGS attitude: "man these spoilers are great! No wonder BFZ is so bad herpaderpa!" *decks are spoiled* "they took our value! Durkadurkaduuu".

    It is a little about value but also just reprinting cards that they consistantly reprint is a problem. I literally don't want a sixth printing of Butcher of Malakir and many cards being printed here within the last two years. I skipped Theros block for a reason and there are far to many bad cards from there here. There is expectations here because the past have been decently good for many different players. these are obviously for people getting into commander at a lower level. So of coarse more people won't like it because it isn't for as many people as they have been for in the past. No Legacy cards, no portal reprints poor choices on reprints like the dragonmaze legends being reprinted when there are more needed different reprints. This all adds up to many "entitled" people being upset with a product that wizards has done a good job with in the past. You blame it on the player base when really Wizards has given the expectations and then undermined their own settings.
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  • posted a message on Containment Thread for Non-Cube Posts in Cube Threads
    I think this card can slide into Gahiji or Doran really well. Combat tricks in general are meh but this has the ability to be a big bonus after the trick has been played so I can see this really being worth it.
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  • posted a message on rage of omnath
    Use card tags please
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  • posted a message on Shattergang Bros.- Don't do anything
    Hey there I have been thinking of making a different Shattergang Brothers deck that had an emphasis on when an opponent does something, something bad happens. The inspiration for the idea would come from Deep-Sea Kraken and Rhystic Study but felt like a more controlling commander like Shattergang could work nicely if there is enough support.
    The examples of what I have together currently would be:

    Other cards I'm considering that are close to the emphasis but not quite right/ or everyone can be effected or trigger:

    I'm looking for more card ideas to see if I can actually make a deck with the idea in these colors
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  • posted a message on The Death of Elvish Mystic
    Maybe what the blue player is saying is that with counterspell turning into cancel is compared to elvish mystic turning into leaf gilder kinda like doom blade turning into Murder or lightning bolt into lightning strike. Just adding a mana to core cards of a color just to slow down the game basically. The idea could open up design space but I havn't been impressed with any 3 mana counterspells and havn't been impressed with murder and the like. But I'm sure they are nice for limited or standard. I wonder what they will change about white when they come for that color.
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  • posted a message on [FTV] From the Vault: Angels
    I'm normally negative on how Wizards does reprints but I think this is actually a really good set they put together. I would totally buy for MSRP but from past experiences that will not be the case if I even see a box set somewhere.
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  • posted a message on New dual lands in BFZ?
    Basic only means a basic forest or snow covered. They wouldn't attach the word "basic" to any type of dual. The idea of mossy bog isn't bad just that Basic is for basics.
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  • posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    Quote from axman »
    Quote from biglow2 »
    I hope you do get some fun stuff beyond that. but as of right now you won't be getting your moneies worth but there is still half the box. good luck to you bustercanfly but I am done buying this product.

    @axman I probably wouldn't put anymore money into it unless you want to draft with it because the fun factor goes up a lot more with that. But buying a box to buy a box just isn't worth it. go buy singles of the cards you want and be done with it.

    I'm not sure I would agree with that. I've found MMA2 to have far more value (money-wise) than the original MMA.
    EDIT: It probably still makes more sense to just buy singles; however, especially after this weekend IF the prices on singles drops dramatically.

    I would be ok with this product if it was set back to six or seven bucks per pack but at ten it just isn't worth it. to many highs and lows with this product. the last product at least had a ton of 5-10 dollar cards in the casual sector (which all were hit hard in the market and is hard to see now but in my opinion was a great thing to happen) but that at least made up for it. This product just doesn't effect the market in the myriad of ways that the first one did. It also looks a lot less fun to draft but I'm no expert on that.
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