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    posted a message on Why I hate Mono red burn
    Quote from HugSeal »
    6. You are old school and don't think RDW has been an archetype since pretty much forever?

    It has and it hasn't. The original mono red deck in this vein was Sligh, played by Paul Sligh, and it was a janky mess due to the deckbuilding restrictions at the time but it pioneered the concept of the mana curve. Fast forward to the original Mirrodin era and that's when you have the first modern-ish incarnation of "Red Deck Wins" where the deck has so many avenues to bypass defenses (blocking, counters due to activated abilities, etc) that the red deck "just wins." Notably the difference between Sligh and RDW is that Sligh wants to burn away potential blockers and RDW tends to place less emphasis on preserving its board.

    Then you have variants like Big Red (which has been a thing since forever because Mana Flare + Fireball was tech in the early to mid 90s), Ponza (red control), Goblins, and of course, Burn. The main addition Burn brings to the table is the sheer amount of redundancy it has, substituting threat quality (each individual Bolt only ever deals 3 damage) for threat density (you've got a lot more Bolts than they have business spells).

    Burn, traditionally, is actually highly skill intensive and only gets even more skill intensive after sideboarding, so it sounds like Arena's BO1 is the problem rather than red per se. This could just as well be white weenie or green stompy and the problem would be the same.
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    posted a message on Liliana dies in War of the Spark
    Release date for the original Avengers movie in the US: May 4, 2012

    Battle for Zendikar release date, where the Gatewatch became an official thing: October 2, 2015

    We know that Magic set design is about a 2-3 year process. If anyone seriously thinks that the Gatewatch wasn't an attempt to cash in on the superhero franchise, well, there's not much else that can be said.
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    posted a message on Seeing Tezzeret as the new BAB promo..I am so sick of Wizard's BS
    It'd be funny if the way to tell a card is counterfeit becomes "this card's stock and printing are too good."
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    posted a message on Kid almost beat to death over tos
    If it's a joke it's in extremely poor taste and should not be given credit.
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    posted a message on Kid almost beat to death over tos
    Given the legal climate as far as corporate liability for consumer products is concerned, that "lawsuit" is going to get thrown right out in a New York minute by the judge. Though I'd be very surprised if events actually happened as described. I'd believe someone came to blows, but "beaten into a coma" would make the news. Not necessarily a lie but I would say likely embellished.

    Oh and to the people talking about the insanity defense, that defense is almost never even attempted, and when it is, it has a vanishingly low success rate (plus you're still involuntarily confined if it succeeds). Even if this story is true, the insanity defense would not work for what seems more like aggravated assault.
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    posted a message on Something bugs me about WAR (semi-rant inside)
    I think of the Mending as like Crisis on Infinite Earths in the DCU.

    If that's the case, then the modern storyline is like the New 52.

    For people who don't follow comics, New 52 sucked for the most part. Poor Starfire.

    For WotC, it meant that planeswalkers were no longer nigh-omnipotent.

    The problem was never planeswalkers' power level per se. The problem was that the creative staff never figured out to write them like the Greco-Roman gods or the Norse pantheon, where the gods themselves are frankly the backdrop to the actual heroes of the story (Heracles, Hector, Achilles, Paris, etc). I mean nobody complains about Greek mythology because "why don't the gods just solve everything with their god powers?"

    The idea that all oldwalkers could do things like create entire planes just because some of them can do it is extremely lazy writing.
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    posted a message on No Mercy
    Teferi's Moat is a decent Moat replacement against a multiplayer table where you can hide behind the pillowfort while keeping from angering certain players depending on which colour you pick.

    Might as well go Sphere of Safety at that point too.
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    posted a message on Something bugs me about WAR (semi-rant inside)
    Bolas is unfortunately utterly boring. Because he is so powerful and clever most of his "plans" actually read more like series of really convenient events.

    It's a combination of two things that spawns something like that.

    First is the fact that the writers are trying to write someone more intelligent than themselves. While this isn't actually a bad thing, it does mean you need to take a lot more time plotting out exactly what needs to happen in order for things to look like Bolas was actually in control instead of getting lucky with a Rube Goldberg-style pileup of coincidences. This is a fairly hard thing for a writer to pull off, and even I don't find it particularly easy (the fact that it tends to be easiest to start from the end and work backwards, well, see below). Essentially you can take all the time in the world that you need, as a writer, to come up with something that the character will plan and execute in a much shorter time frame. The problem with this comes from...

    There's no gentle way to put it but mass-market writing where you need to play it "safe" and write by committee is almost never going to be engaging. It's the problem that something like Star Trek Voyager has and it's a problem Magic has. A character like Bolas really needs his chickens in a row years in advance, but a managerial directive could totally change everything at a moment's notice. Other writers might wind up disagreeing with a good plot idea (too many chefs spoil the soup). And due to this and also due to the fact that writing by committee tends to underestimate the audience, it's easy to wind up with "I'm somehow on top of this chaos through nothing more than getting lucky" instead of "I engineered a master plan." To say nothing of the "I meant to fail" mentality a lot of big bad evil villains have where it's never going to be clear, even after the story's over, how the antagonist actually benefits from any of it. Or the fact that Bolas can't actually do anything truly evil because Hasbro isn't going to want to have real evil on display in a children's card game.

    I have no doubt in my mind that when originally conceived, Bolas' plans made a fair bit of sense and were fairly complete. I also don't doubt that as other creative changes came down the pipe, little to no effort went into updating Bolas' plans to continue to make sense. The frustrating part is they had a very good example of a sit-back-and-let-the-underlings-carry-out-your-plans villain with Yawgmoth, and when he actually went to the battlefield himself in Apocalypse, it felt massive. Bolas fighting the Jacetice League by himself on Amonkhet didn't have even a fraction of the impact, and it's exactly because of some manager saying something to the effect of "we can't afford to take any serious risks in storytelling anymore so we have to play it safe." That's how you get a generic cardboard cutout of a villain instead of the dark demigod he was clearly envisioned as.

    PS, speaking of gods, remember how there were supposed to be beings as powerful as an oldwalker? Wizards doesn't.
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    posted a message on Congrats everybody! We got WoTC onboard with format-bypassing cards
    I imagine we'll see more cards like Nexus of Fate or True-Name Nemesis in the future, then. The problem is that the relatively limited nature of the cards in question means increases to price are magnified compared to cards from a regular expansion. It's a move that's interesting from a purely game design standpoint but is ultimately harmful given how the Magic market works.

    I expect it's only a matter of time before "supplementary product" is the new "mythic rare" in terms of dumping grounds for cards that don't really deserve to be there other than not breaking Limited or stuffing the intended chase cards.
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    posted a message on WoTC English report without gender
    I would never do that, out of respect to the people.

    You are literally being the opposite of respectful. All you're really saying here is that since you personally don't like things such as the singular "they" (which, to be fair, has only been used by complete nobodies like Chaucer and Shakespeare) so you'll insist on what you think someone else's pronouns should be even when they specifically ask otherwise.

    WotC wants to ponder to that ideology


    I mean, they just decided to go with it, on cards they also use "they" instead of "he or she" wording.

    Blame the University of Chicago Press if you want to make an issue out of this. Wizards adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style and the reason they switched to "they" instead of "he or she" is because the style guide changed.

    Your feelings don't trump how language works. "They" is reentering the common vernacular and complaining about it just makes you look like those 19th century prescriptivists who said, "I don't care how people actually talk. My feelings about how people should talk are more important."
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