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  • posted a message on Oathbreaker (60 card, Planeswalkers as Commanders)
    Quote from GloriousGoose »
    Signature spells have a commander tax, too, which means Bolt is probably terrible as a signature spell. Would you really be willing to pay 4R for a simple Bolt effect?

    I would probably only try to cast it the first two times then just use other burn spells unless I don't have other things to do. Getting a few extra bolts to hand as your signature seems strong in 20 life setups.

    Quote from 3drinks »

    You might take a look at my Sarkhan/Volt Charge then. Might be exactly what you're looking for, and you could even cut some dragons for more general purpose RDW stuff.

    Maybe, I am still not sure if its something I want to do. I am always leery of new upstart formats because it seems so rarely that anyone plays them after 6 months.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov - Low Mana Curve Build
    Interested to hear what ISBP thinks the weakest two-drops are in the current list, aside from stromkirk condemned which he has expressed disappointment with before.

    In my own list I would say Blood Seeker or Tithe Drinker would be the next ones I would look at cutting. Blood Seeker can be strong but its very situational on what your opponent is doing. If they are a token deck it might do real work but in a lot of cases its a non evasive vamp that applies low pressure and is worse the later its drawn. Tithe Drinker is kind of the inverse in that it gets better the later we draw it as far as we will have more mana to pay for extort but its very mana intensive for what it does and extorting is usually worse than playing more threats and cards so its not exactly good alongside good draw.

    I would probably say I would cut Tithe Drinker next given that I don't really feel that the extort on it is very relevant for this deck and it lacks evasion or good stats. I am still kind of ok with an early game Blood Seeker but I don't feel like I am really every happy to see Tithe Drinker.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov - Low Mana Curve Build
    Quote from Spacebeest »
    I still feel like I want to drop the vampire curve lower if possible so I'm going to cut a two drop. Mainly because it feels better to play two one drops instead of one two drop because we then have 4 bodies. I also think we have the card draw to support this play style. However I'm not sure yet what the right mana curve is for Edgar so I might change my mind on this in the future. Anyway It's an upgrade over some of our other one drops for sure!

    I agree that more one drops should always be our objective with this build. I generally don't make changes until I see a whole set since I can't get my hands on the cards yet anyways but I will keep it in mind when I do make adds.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov - Low Mana Curve Build
    Quote from Spacebeest »
    whoop whoop Changeling Outcast more of this!

    Silent Clearing is in for sure as well!

    Sunbaked Canyon I don't think this will make a huge difference for the deck. I'm just not a fan of lands that don't produce black but it'll probably be fine if you have one. If it's going to be 30 euro's I don't think I'll get one though.

    Prismatic Vista, we are a three color deck, but I just don't see any situation where I'd like to go get a mountain or plains. (except if there's like a blood moon in play but yeah....). When I have a plains or mountain in my opening hand it always feels bad. It's probably fine though, but not a significant improvement for Edgar.

    Etchings of the Chosen I don’t think I'll try this for the reasons mentioned by ISBPathfinder. I've tested a lot of anthem effects and they just don't work. Same for effects that require you to keep mana up. Force of Virtue does have some appeal. Unfortunately we probably don't have enough white and I’m not entirely sure that exiling a card is worth it's effect...... a 'free' anthem effect however is something I’d be willing to try out.

    Regarding Vault of the Archangel I've found that it comes up like in one out of 20-30 games where it's useful. It's fine but not really significant. It's just useful enough to include for me though, since I don't know any other colorless sources that are useful to us. I'm currently trying out ancient tomb in its place. Can't evaluate this change though.

    I don't own any Battlebond Lands so I can't really give an opinion on those. But then again you didn't ask for my opinion in the first place :p

    Anyway really nice set so far, and two cards that I’m really really happy with!

    Yea I agree Changeling Outcast seems like an easy shoe in. There are a few one drops that don't do anything other than be a one drop so it easily comes in for one of them assuming we don't want more one drops. I will probably just insert it for a one drop and call it good.
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  • posted a message on Oathbreaker (60 card, Planeswalkers as Commanders)
    Someone was talking to me last night about this and I just keep imagining all these annoying control decks. If I were to get in on this I would probably build Tibalt, Rakish Instigator with Lightning Bolt as my spell. I would maybe also consider Koth of the Hammer as another option for the commander but I think Tibalt maybe.

    If everyone is playing durdle walkers then burn their faces off.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from cryogen »
    Well for edh mono blue and.mono red have created the most demand for snow lands. But these are also full art, so there will be demand across the board.

    Somewhat related, I hope they print the enemy snow duals to finish that cycle.

    If you are talking the uncommon cycle I guess it could happen but its unlikely that you would have two cycles of enemy colored lands in the same set. From that standpoint, its probably not happening.
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  • posted a message on Modern Coco Allies
    Quote from CrashCapt »
    Since changeling is a theme there is a bunch of hope in getting to play something better than a Savannah Lion!

    "stepmom" is a Kor Cleric. really wish the word ally was there somewhere, would make sense and have minimal impact

    The fact that we have changelings in this set is kind of a big deal and yea if we can get something better than the 2/1 for W it would be HUGE for allies. I am not sure where I am at on expecting something like it but a new one drop is probably the biggest thing we can ask for out of the changelings. I guess I could be greedy and ask for some crazy amazing 2-3 drop changeling as well but I don't know if thats more or less likely than something that beats savanah lion.

    A strong one drop is definately my first objective but I guess if they want to give some sort of changeling that is cheap with a control effect I would take that too :p
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  • posted a message on Bruna, the Fading Light - Moat Control
    Hmmmm. It'd probably be easier to see a decklist, but it sounds like you need to look at ramp/draw options for acceleration. It sounds weird for mono white, but I often end up being the most ramped player at the table. I know ISB has had similar results of late.

    Other than that if the concern is creatures not trading well in combat, there's options like Cathars'Crusade or True Conviction. If it's a swarm issue, the one old-ass obscure card ISB brought to my attention, Eye of Singularity is literally an off-switch for those decks. As well as anyone running Sol Ring. It's been a great addition for me. Otherwise, my other recommendation is don't be afraid of trading creatures when you need to. My reanimation is pretty decent, so I'm not overly afraid to take the hit and lose some board presence if it means taking out a key piece of someone's board presence.

    As an aside, the obvious play to me when staring down Doran, the Siege Tower with Angel of Condemnation in play is to exert her and revert combat rules to normal. Assuming he's commander this is only temporary, but it still gives you a little breathing space.

    I like the addition of Monarch, too. I've thought about running Throne of the High City and some of the other pieces in the past, maybe I should give it another look.

    I have been pushing into monarch a bit with the Akroma deck I have been toying with. I haven't used it as much here but yea I could see it working here as well.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov - Low Mana Curve Build
    Quote from Decimator1 »
    Etchings of the Chosen seems right up Edgar's alley. An anthem, a sac outlet (albeit not free), and a way to save a couple important creatures in the face of a board wipe.

    It could work but I think it has the same issue that a lot of non vamp anthems have. The protection that it lends could be nice but its unlikely that we could actively protect more than like one target at a time as keeping up multiple mana to try to keep a board wipe from wrecking us sounds hard. Maybe it could protect a key vampire though but overall I think it has a lot of competition for similar potential buffs. Judith, the Scourge Diva is a card I would maybe hold in similar regard for this deck even though its not exactly the same setup in a lot of cases you could weigh the pros and cons of the two cards to be relevant in different situations.

    Its not to say that Etchings couldn't work, I just think that its not as natural of a shoe in maybe. There are some other cards that could be weighed similarly close with slightly different uses. This deck doesn't naturally play well towards keeping mana up for abilities and thats where I am coming from here. Even actively trying to keep up one activation might completely change what you play and how quickly you move your hand with this deck. I would normally consider this deck to be a tap out sort of deck.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from Hermes_ »

    From my understanding,correct me if i'm wrong, but MH is going to be a Print to demand set so I think it may push prices down a bit maybe by fifty cents or even a dollar

    I don't know if it is or isn't. They never did a masters set to print on demand (which I know this is not) but if it is it will go a long ways to push the MSRP as the actual price of this. I don't have that info but it would kind of surprise me if it is given the nature of the product.

    EDIT: google confirms you are correct that it is not a limited print run. I don't know what that means entirely as far as how much additional product will be available and or for how long.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Spirit Mirror
    I actually prefer Shattering Spree over Vandalblast in a lot of cases unless I am 3+ colors or splashing red lightly. The ability to double up on targeting is really nice vs someone I think has counter magic.

    This said, I have seen a number of times where I don't have enough versatility in shattering spree. Sure, sometimes there are a bunch of artifact targets that need to die but I have also had several times where there are non artifact things that need to die and the lack of versatility of this card really can bite you in the ass. I sometimes prefer Fiery Confluence due to this as the damage sweeping options of it and or tripple shatter are both effects I find relevant.

    Shattering Spree can still have amazing moments and when its good.... its freaking great but I also think its a card that can decay in your hand to some degree. Different metas will dictate how useful it is in a big way. My favorite kinds of decks to use it in tend to be decks with filter effects as then I can pitch it when its not so great.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from benjameenbear »

    cryo, are you ok? Did you have a hernia action occur because you're so excited?

    I'm happy to acquire copies of the full art basics, simply because of the art. Since there will be a snow-covered land in every pack, I imagine that the supply for Snow Lands will go WAY up, meaning that the prices will go WAY down (hopefully).

    Keep in mind that these products have always been released in limited quantities with higher price tags to the point that usually price tags don't adjust much. Also the use for snow Plains / Forest have always been very questionable as there haven't really been meaningful colored permenants that use them so they are essentially down to the colorless and land effects for them.

    Snow Mountains have really been the only ones that have ever been in high demand and that is mostly due to the card Skred and the fact that its a modern deck. Its possible we see some new snow card that changes this but so far thats sort of been the truth of the matter.
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  • posted a message on Urza, Lord High Artificer
    Urza doesn't look to be any bigger issue than Thrasios, Triton Hero. They both turn infinite mana into drawing / playing your deck. I don't really see how Urza could suddenly be a problem but Thrasios isn't. I am not saying that these are healthy but Urza really seems like a reskin of Thrasios with a slight tweak in how he functions.

    Thrasios is probably actually stronger due to being in green for tutors and ramp.
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  • posted a message on Bruna, the Fading Light - Moat Control
    Quote from Kungfu_Hero »
    I asked two of my magic buddies if I should cut Magus of the Moat. They told me I was crazy. lol For the record though, moat has backfired on me. It’s a symmetrical effect. When you play it, it’s like everyone played it. You could be helping your opponents just as much as hurting them. Even if when you played it was a good idea, the game state can change where moat can begin helping another player more than you. When an opponent is running away with the game, the last thing you want to do is prevent the table from attacking him. I’ll definitely keep it in my build, but the card has some drawbacks.

    Similar to the knight-captain, moat doesn’t actually handle their threats. So the same criticism of the knight-captain should be applied to moat, too. They’re similar cards actually. Both prevent them from attacking. Moat only handles grounders. Knight-captain handles anything, but only works twice. Also, there is a subtle but powerful advantage to the knight-captain. Unlike moat, he allows your opponents to attack each other. That’s pretty strong. Moat stops aggro, but the knight-captain sends it another way. That can be so much better. I run Kor Haven, Maze of Ith and Thaumatic Compass/Spires of Orazca for this reason as well. I would go so far as to say those three cards have done more damage for me than any other card in my deck. Letting your opponents do things for you is a big part of multiplayer.

    Its kind of funny because people don't let me play with stuff like that anymore. If they see I have limited defenses like that suddenly everyone at the table won't let me keep it. They will be overly aggressive towards me and force me to use the resource over killing players that they might be able to freely kill. Then again though, I draw aggro as a player not always based on what my board is.

    Timing a moat correctly is a matter of reading the board and the aggression. If someone else is running rampant with some dragons or something its probably not time to stop the ground creatures. As toc said, wraths are also a very good solution if they continue to be a problem. A cool tech answer could be Haazda Shield Mate. I don't run him but I also don't face down a bunch of midsized beaters very often.

    Quote from Kungfu_Hero »

    So what do y’all think about Erratic Portal? It has obvious synergy, but I’ve never actually run it. It’s not like I’ll be bouncing Bruna every turn, and there aren’t a lot of etb creatures in my deck. However, Bruna starts to cost a LOT of mana, and the portal helps with that big time, while also being a nuisance to other players.

    I find that if I can just put more lands in play its usually better than trying to abuse Bruna. She is a lot of mana to try to play with like that so I would rather just push people to answer my board and chump with her if need be and recast. Most people don't find killing Bruna to be that appealing and so I use that with trying to hit a lot of land drops with draw, filter, and transform cards where I can to just make sure I can recast her a bunch in a game.
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  • posted a message on Bad Bruna's Reanimation and Control Team
    I haven’t really had much of a chance to play test recently to be honest. I’m excited to see how the flying angel machine works, but I guess I’ve been busy bringing other decks up to snuff (Varina, mostly). Partly that’s a reflection of being pretty happy in general with how Bruna is running, but I also try to scale to the table I’m playing against and Bruna hasn’t quite been a decent fit of late. I’ve definitely been meaning to put her through her paces, so I’ll try and do that in the next few days. I’ve also got a couple things to pick up from my LGS, one of which is an Archangel of Thune to drop in here, so I’ve sort of been waiting to make that change.

    Have you made any post-WAR changes? There wasn’t a lot for us there in all fairness, but there were a couple of cool toys.

    No I haven't really touched WAR yet but I think Ugin, the Ineffable and Topple the Statue probably could both be tested at least. Unfortunately those are not angel / humans so I have kind of put it to a lower priority to do so in favor of some new decks.
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