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  • posted a message on [Deck]Zoo
    Quote from ThroughF&F
    Shouldn't Green Sun's Zenith be added to the Card Choices?

    I've seen it in quite some winning lists on the internet.

    Yeah, I haven't exactly been active in updating since the release of SOM. After the meta has some time to settle down from whatever Mental Misstep and the rest of NPH does I will update the primer with MBS and NPH cards.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Zoo
    Quote from DJ Troll
    So I have tried to make a Zoo deck. Here's my list:

    What does everyone think of it? I might try and squeeze in Krosan Grip but I don't know what to cut. I'd kinda like to add Wastelands x4, but the mana base is fragile as it is without adding lands that make no colors. Also, I have no ideas for the board yet.

    Why no Grim Lavamancer? He is stellar against tribal aggro and provides a recurring source of damage that is unaffected by Moat and with the amount of burn you are running you can keep cards in your graveyard for him. Why not Knight of the Reliquary? It is a large creature naturally and can fetch out Karakas if you keep one in your sideboard or more fuel for Grim Lavamancer. Mana base suggestions: -2-3 Savannah, +2 Plateau, +1 Horizon Canopy, - 3 basics. Birds of Paradise is not as good as Noble Hierarch who can boost your other threats and let you get passed your opponents Goyf. Stoneforge Mystic and one of each equipment is better than just running the equipment. It lets you choose which one you want when you need it, although it may be better to keep the equipment based plan in the sideboard or not run it at all; many of the winning lists recently have had no equipment besides 2 Jitte in the board. Unless I was running Green Sun's Zenith I would not run less than 3 Pridemages.

    You could try a Big Zoo list which runs things like Noble Hierarch, Elspeth(Who is in my opinion much better than Rancor, she makes threats and lets them get over Moat), more large creatures(KotR/Terravore) and sometimes Green Sun's Zenith. A good example list is here.

    The other option is to make a more traditional Zoo deck with more burn(4 Bolts/Chains, some number of Price of Progress, Lightning Helix and Fireblast), no Noble Hierarchs and the only cards with CMC3 being KotR. Example list here.
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  • posted a message on Flak on the Furries
    Although I can understand why people are upset about how public of a fetish the sexual aspect of furry-ness can be, how are you going to know if someone wearing something like cat ears on a headband in public is doing it because they think it is cute or because they get off on it?

    People dress up as Star Trek/Star Wars/Anime characters all the time, but people in this thread don't seem to be yelling at them for publicly displaying a fetish. Why is dressing up in a cat-tail and cat-ears somehow inherently sexual in a way that is offensive to people but dressing up as other sexualized anime/fantasy/sci-fi icons not? To follow this, why is it socially acceptable for Playboy girls and other sexual models to dress up in rabbit ears and tail and prance around, but it is somehow a disturbing fetish to hate on if they did that with the ears and tails of any other animal?

    Also, not everyone who wears the headbands with animal ears on them is a furry, some people just like dressing up in ways they feel are cute. They may not be doing it for sexual pleasure or even for interest in anthro-animals. I do have a friend who wears rabbit ears sometimes because she likes being a bit silly, but it is in no way sexual.

    TL;DR: Why should bunny ears and tail on Playboy girls be seen as ok, but cat ears/tails on a furry not be? Why does everyone assume that this is a public sexual fetish when there are people who dress up for the sake of dressing up and not to get off?
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  • posted a message on please help, I forgot the name of a card
    Profane Command is what you are thinking off Vengevine's Erasure.
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  • posted a message on [Deck/Primer]The Nightmare Effect
    Quote from Pinguster
    Nah, the card was made before the stack was around, it would be silly to do everything in response and then fling it at some one. Sorry for me not noticing your edit. I don't my post being on a separate page helped but yeah.

    Can we continue that discussion in the PMs please it was getting somewhere I feel and I don't want you and me falling out over this.

    To mention something, the Ooze/Trike/Devourer combo does in fact work. You remove a card from the game as the cost, so you know its CMC before the ability resolves and puts counters on. You keep removing in response until you get something that costs less than three, let that activated ability resolve, and then use the Trike ability to remove the counters for damage and keep going. The problem is that you don't really have enough cards with CMC 3 or less to hit 20 damage or more with the combo. It may be worth playing though if you tinker around with the decklist a bit.
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  • posted a message on Stack Your Deck Vintage
    How about this?
    Top cards:
    Then you fetch with Hulk the following cards: Body Double, Carrion Feeder. Body Double becomes Protean Hulk, then gets sacrificed, netting you: Body Double, Bile Urchin. You then get the final Hulk Double to get Reveillark and Wild Cantor. You then use Cantor to get green mana to cast Nature's Claim killing opposing Leylines. Then you sac 'Lark, getting back Body Doubles of Lark and Hulk. You then sac the Hulk double to get Wild Cantor, and Eternal Witness. This lets you replay the Ancestral Recall. If you recur one Lark and one of anything else with Body Double each time you do it you can draw your deck with E-Witness/Wild Cantor recursion. This lets you draw answers from any number of permanent or spell based disruption your opponent may have. Eventually you just win by recurring Bile Urchin and making them lose enough life.

    I think this all works out.
    Pros: It doesn't lose to Leyline of Sanctity, it runs 4 counterspells, can draw into a 5th, it can win through Angel's Grace, and The Wild Cantor recursion lets you not lose to your own Pact triggers as on your next upkeep if the game isn't over yet you can make infinite mana to pay for them.

    Weaknesses: Leyline of the Void, losing by an opponent going off in response to one of your many triggers(hopefully countermagic mitigates this issue somewhat).
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  • posted a message on Insurance on cards
    I have mine insured by a policy I have on all of the items in my dorm room after my dorm flooding a bit destroyed some of my belongings(a text book, a router and a few other things I didn't take home for winter break when the flood happened) and I had no way of being reimbursed. It doesn't cost much and the Magic cards are worth the small increase in premium to add their value to the amount I'm insuring my stuff for.
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  • posted a message on Best Cards by Set Restarted! (Conspiracy Blue)
    A few comments:

    Under winners by set the card Mana Drain for MED3 has a broken card tag. The card tag is also wrong for Oath of Druids under Tempest Block winner.

    It also says "Official Losers by Block" but since this is the best cards thread it should say winners.
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  • posted a message on Best Cards by Set Restarted! (Conspiracy Blue)
    Reflecting Pool

    HM to Figure of Destiny and Painter's Servant

    Also, I'd like Thoughtseize to beat out Cryptic Command for Lorwyn.
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  • posted a message on Best Cards by Set Restarted! (Conspiracy Blue)

    I'm really surprised Thoughtseize wasn't on the list, Thoughtseize has way more crossformat playability, it saw play in Standard and currently sees it in Legacy, Extended and Vintage. Cryptic Command and Bitterblossom saw a ton of Standard play and a decent amount of Extended, but not nearly as much in Eternal formats and those seem to be the only things really getting votes. I think there should be a revote on this, as I can't see how Profane Command is a better card than Thoughtseize, considering it doesn't even see any play anymore.
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  • posted a message on Worst Cards By Set Restarted! (Conspiracy Blue)
    One With Nothing

    DHM to Numai Outcast, it was so close to being my choice.
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  • posted a message on Best Cards by Set Restarted! (Conspiracy Blue)
    Umezawa's Jitte

    HM to Pithing Needle and Sensei's Divining Top
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  • posted a message on Worst Cards By Set Restarted! (Conspiracy Blue)
    Chimney Imp

    It's so bad it's good.
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