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  • posted a message on Non-Infringement Token Printing
    Here's another example from a guy selling on Etsy with thousands of sales: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GnDAlteredCards

    He's got a number of different listing for various token, emblems, and lands. There's a "No affiliation with Wizards of the Coast" on some of them. Hit him up on Facebook with this convo:

    Me: So I'm curious how you use proper names that are obvious trademarks of Wizards (such as Kiora, Liliana, etc). How does "No affiliation with Wizards of the Coast" get you around any legal scuffles? Not trying to be a jerk - honestly curious. Other than that, love the art!

    Him: Liliana,gideon, jace etc are all real life names. Like George, John ,Maria etc they don't have copyright on names

    Me: How about "Eldrazi"?
    Me: Still... I assume you put that note on there to help with the legal issues somehow or another

    Him: Its just a word, dunno dude. There are over 10 token sellers and they all use them
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  • posted a message on Non-Infringement Token Printing
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Only "Thopter" could possibly be construed as infringement. Words like Creature and Flying cannot be copyrighted.

    The thing with "Thopter" is that it is derived from the word Ornithopter. I'm not 100% of the etymology of the word but can guarantee that Ornithopter pre-dates WotC by a few years. However, I don't know the etymology of Thopter so I don't know whether WotC copyrighted Thopter or not. A bit of gray area that probably reauires more research.

    Thopter was the most questionable of the questionble, which is why I chose that as the example. Obviously there's Spirit, Wolf, Goblin, etc.

    Now words that are unquestionably WotC like Nevinyrral should be avoided.

    This is more proxy territory, which is where the mods don't want the convo going I believe.
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  • posted a message on Non-Infringement Token Printing
    I know printing is a super touchy subject - for obvious reasons. No one wants any legal issues. Full disclosure: I've worked in graphic design & print for the 10 years.

    That said, places like mtggoldfish.com obviously print their own tokens (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/shop/mtggoldfish). They're not using Wizards formatting, imagery, symbols, or fonts - but clearly have "Artifact Creature - Thopter... 1/1... Flying". I'm assuming they have no permission of any kind considering there's no Wizards TM note. I concede I'm unsure on this fact though. I take it because no stolen formatting, imagery, symbols, or fonts are used, this is kosher?
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  • posted a message on Mana Leak Variant
    Depending on how the databases work behind the scenes, this may not be something you guys can fix, but I noticed that the foil DCI Promo variant does not show up on the site (and thus not a choice when setting up a sales thread). Link on TCG site:

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  • posted a message on [[RTR]] Spoiler-rama
    Quote from merf
    Where did daygl0 got all those cards ??

    No one is going to answer such a question, even if you ask it on 3 separate occasions. MTGS protects those who spoil cards to the best of its ability to do so.

    Digging the Golgari Charm. Not bad at all really. Kills off X/1's, anti-enchant, and board wipe protection is pretty flexible. Wurm is pretty hot for 6 mana. Makes the 7 mana Izzet instant look like a joke.
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  • posted a message on [[RTR]] Mercurial Chemister (Loading Ready Run)
    Quote from Frozen_Fire
    Do you really expect this to be played more than Stormscape Master and the like? (I don't think so, even if the effects are cool)

    This argument is about as flawed as one can get. That's like going to buy a new car and having the sales guy compare a Prius to a Gremlin. I mean, you wouldn't drive a Gremlin - why would you drive THAT???

    I can def see this guy in a UR + X control deck. Problably Black with some hand destruction elements to clear the way for safe landings. His activated abilities are just that good.
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  • posted a message on [[RTR]] Daily MTG Previews 9/13 : Stealer of Secrets, Sphinx's Revelation
    I was gonna make a snazzy joke about Stealer of Secrets being mis-printed and belonging in Gatecrash with Dimir. Then the joke was on me considering the flavor text and the fact that she has no guild symbol. Ho hum.

    Love the comment that Revelation should be XUW and a sorcery. Really? That sounds terrible. Divination pretty much never sees play, and that would end up being a cheaper way to draw 2 cards. Nearly every good draw spell has had being Instant in common with each other. Certain exceptions like Deep Analysis exist, but more often than not, that was discarded for one effect to then cast for the 2 mana flashback.
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  • posted a message on [[RTR]] Slaughter Games
    May the odds ever be in your favor?
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  • posted a message on [[RTR]] Maro Gives PW Hint
    I can't wait for Saturday - for no other reason to shut up all these ridiculous UR Jace theories. It's getting stupid.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Mox
    Yeah. It's a gem in the image. Get over it.

    The thing I don't understand why no one has noticed is that that hand belongs to J.P. Prewitt - the worlds greatest hand model. He's a real finger jockey. Doesn't think like those face n body boys at all.

    Also - not a mox.
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  • posted a message on Ugin is probably still kickin'
    ...and we'll probably see him as a Planeswalker down the road when we revisit a solution to the Eldrazi. Speculation based off Rosewater's tumbler answer about Ghostfire:

    wafflesd asked: Why wasn't Ghostfire reprinted in Rise of the Eldrazi?

    Because that wasn’t the future it was from.


    While this answer could be given for any card they planned on never reprinting, chances are they'll come back around to the Eldrazi menace storyline. What better way than to have the original prison planner to show up?
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  • posted a message on 2nd RTR planeswalker speculation
    Quote from Ixidior
    That's not Ral Zarek.


    Here you can find the differences.

    And Ral zarek Maybe appear in DotPW as a PW (An AI Player) but as Niv does and he is just a Legendary Creature. So if Ral Zarek is going to appear in any set of RTR he will be a Legendary Creature.

    in the other hand, if Ral Zarek don't appear in RTR, that would be maybe a Guildmage or maybe any spell from Izzet.

    Check that link

    I love all these certainties. That's not Ral? Says who? A few people in that thread you linked. That IS Ral? Says who? A few people in that thread you linked.

    Not only this, but if Ral appears, he's going to be a Legendary Creature because Niv Mizzet was one? Niv Mizzet ISN'T a planeswalker. Wizards doesn't print Planeswalkers as creature nor vise versa.
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  • posted a message on 2nd RTR planeswalker speculation
    Quote from Ghouldrool
    I'd consider Ral to be confirmed at this point. It's clearly him on the gamesday playmat. Or at least the artist was instructed to draw an Izzet Mage with red/blue garb, facial hair, white streaks in his brown hair, a costume with puffy sleeves and pants, high boots, and copper coloured equipment with hoses connected to his back. That's way too similar to the first art of Ral we've seen.

    And I forgot that Ral was confirmed as a Walker before RtR was even announced. He's the second walker in the set, I'm convinced of it.

    I had to do a quick search since I hadn't seen the particular playmat in question. Albeit in a very different style than previously seen, that certainly looks to be a depiction of Ral and is very much UR. This pretty much confirms him in my mind to show up in Sinker. They *could* put him in RtR, but it's unlikely considering Jace is already confirmed to make an appearance. That also further discredits any discussion of a UR Jace and reinforces the probability of U or UW Jace.
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  • posted a message on 2nd RTR planeswalker speculation
    Quote from DakmorQueen

    Okay... I'm going to tear this apart... While Wizards can do whatever they want, Creative still has to follow the story they set up and they still control planeswalkers.

    Jace is the posterboy of Blue and he's aligned with Izzet... He's not going to be UW... I doubt he's going to be UR, but that one is more likely.

    Nissa, as hard as it is to say, is NOT going to show up.

    Gideon is a mono-W kinda guy...

    I have no say on the others, but Ral's inclusion would mean mono-U Jace.

    This is kinda funny. You say that Jace is more likely to be Izzet (seemingly based on the promotional artwork considering your other posts) than Azorius, and then go and say that Gideon is a mono-white when his promotional artwork clearly has the Boros emblem on his belt.

    Jace being Izzet would be completely dropping the ball on the character unless they randomly threw him into a love story with Chandra <snicker>. He's never been shown as having ANY inclination toward the color. The promotional art proves nothing, and Ral has been clearly presented as being UR. They're not going to have two UR planeswalkers in the same block. Furthermore, the mothership profile for Jace uses the following words:

    The enemy colors of white and black are like an angel and devil on his shoulders. Will he choose to use his abilities to enrich those he cares about, or to empower only himself?

    Per his description (directly from "creative" I dare say?), if he's not mono-blue, he should end up with one of those two colors. White makes the most sense.

    Gideon on the other hand, as I said, clearly has the Boros emblem on his belt. To add to that, at the recent Con where they were going over most of the information we have about the sets, Gideon was said to have chosen his guild when they showed his promo art. How big of a hint does one need?

    Nissa was a completely random guess. She fits a guild that's meant to show up in RtR since it's been made clear she likes dabbling in Black. How her search for a solution to the Eldrazi would lead her to Ravnica, I wouldn't know. Again - complete guess.

    Kiora would have been a wildcard at one point, but Wizards has now established merfolk in Ravnica for whatever reason. Ral is pretty much expected to show up... but then... who knows? This is the speculation forum after all. Grin
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  • posted a message on 2nd RTR planeswalker speculation
    Quote from chopshop
    I think ral and kiora (or whatever that merfolk chicks name is) will be legendary creatures,like the guild ambassadors or something.
    I think the second planeswalker is going to be a better rakdos version of sarkahn (way better than his zendikar form)
    Who knows it could be bolas himself.

    Heh. Why would they make Planeswalkers into creatures? Not happening.

    I think the speculation that Jace continuing to be mono blue is wrong if for no other reason than it'd be boring. Furthermore, I think Velocity is entirely correct that bringing all the planeswalkers in as multi-colored in a multi-colored block seems correct. The way they have the guilds split up, I don't see Jace and Ral being in the same set together since they're both blue. If I was going to venture a guess:

    Return to Ravnica: UW Jace & BG Nissa (Nissa is baseless. I don't follow story-line enough to know if she'd show up.)
    Gatecrash: RW Gideon & UG Kiora
    "Sinker": UR Ral
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