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    Hello Everyone,

    I've been a long-time lurker here and I finally finished my Peasant cube and was looking for some feedback. I posted over in the cube list section, so if anyone has any feedback I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd love to start cubing regularly and begin contributing to the discussions I've been reading here for so long!
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  • posted a message on [540][Peasant] GPMushu's Peasant Cube
    Hello All,

    Long time lurker here posting for the first time.

    I've actually had an unpowered mythics/rares cube list for a long time, but it's all just theory because I can't afford to buy the whole thing. I really wanted to have something to actually play and curate, but I didn't want to water down my current list, so I decided that a Peasant cube was the right direction to go. I've spent the last few months looking at a whole bunch of lists and creating something that I think my playgroup will like and I think I finally have something I'm happy with. Haven't played it yet because it hasn't all arrived and I still have to figure out sleeves/storage, but I wanted to go ahead and post it here to get some feedback.

    Here's the list on CubeTutor: GPMushu's 540 Peasant Cube
    I've also got a pretty in-depth spreadsheet that I've been using to create the list. It's mostly for my own use, but has stuff like archetype tags and cut cards that I was considering as well. Here's a link to the google doc: link

    I'm trying to focus my archetype support on three-color combinations.
    Esper: Blink/Bounce/Control
    Grixis: Spell-Based Control
    Jund: Value Midrange
    Naya: Aggro/Go Wide
    Bant: +1/+1 Counters
    Abzan: Tokens
    Sultai: Graveyard Matters/Reanimator
    Temur: Big Mana/Fires/Flash
    Jeskai: Spellslinger Tempo
    Mardu: Aristocrats

    My biggest concern is the ratios of each supported archetype. I'm too new to this to be able to tell if there are any archetypes that are over/under-supported so I'd love to hear some feedback on that.

    My playgroup is usually going to be 3-4 players, so I'll likely be doing Glimpse/Burn drafting mostly, and they're also all pretty new to limited, but they are definitely experienced constructed/EDH players, so having complicated mechanics isn't an issue. What I'd really like is to get something we can enjoy playing regularly that also helps us to improve our basic limited and deckbuilding skills.

    One thing of note is that I really don't like mixing card frames, so I've actually limited this to modern-only card frame which means that cards that were never printed in the new frame like Necromancy are out, but I'm always happy to add them if they get reprinted.

    Thanks in advance!
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