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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from GreatCrow »

    1. What exactly is the purpose of Cautery Sliver? I for the life of me don't understand.
    2. Is it viable to run at least one Sliver Legion in the main? Or is he just a win-more card in Modern?
    3. Is Metallic Mimic worth running?
    4. What is Sliver's absolutely worst match up?
    5. How does Slivers compare to other "better" tribals in modern?
    6. Is running Homing Sliver in the main worth it?
    7. What does Warping Wail do for us?

    1. Infect or creature combo. You kill their creatures.
    2. It's very win more. It usually gets pathed immediately.
    3. It's good, but dosen't effect the board immediately. The other lords just do more damage over the game.
    4. Scapeshift Frown
    5. It is has much more toolbox capabilities than any other tribe.
    6. Yes, it is really good. It can win you the blood moon games.
    7. Counter scapeshift, all is dust, wrath, and damnation
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from SirFrancois »
    What do you think of an extra mana sliver as a 1 of or 2 ontop of the 4? You're okay running just 4 manawefts?

    I run 3 manaweft and 2 gemhide. I have had someone bolt then surgical my manaweft. This was probably not a good play from my opponent, but they are hated a lot. I usually want one to coco on turn 3/4. I think 5 is the magic number to not flood, but have it when you need it.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I used to run 8 mana slivers main and 4 vials. This just felt really slow. I would constantly draw 2-3 a game and top decking a mana sliver with nothing on board is really bad. My friend recommended running 4 crumble to dust, 2 collective brutality, and 2 spell pierce in the side. It's a different way to deal with tron and combo. I had mixed results with combo and tron, do to that change. I think that setup dose not make it more explosive. The mana slivers and galeriders see the most removal spells. You would play a 1 drop, then mana, then coco, if there was no removal or counter spells. The traditional build still allows for the turn three coco and it's harder to remove them, when you vial them in at end if turn.

    It would be a lot better in a slower meta with heavy blood moon or combo. The mana will let you cast creature through moon and cast thoughtseize effects for combo.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    SredniV that is a really sweet list. That reminds me of a legacy counter slivers build that I saw. The main things I would try with the list is upping the amount of thalia and chalice. I also adjusted the mana base to be able to get basics. The taxing and chalice can lock people out of the game while you turn creatures side ways. Also, I'd image you have issues with blood moon on that build. The increased thalia and more basics will make it better.
    Chalice fixes ad nas, storm, lantern, and living end. Storm dies to chalice on 2. ad nas and lantern dies to chalice on 1. Living end has issues with chalice on 0. I added my changed list below.
    Counter Slivers
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I substituted sentinel for striking and godless shrine for blood crypt. This will help with the small creature decks and moon decks. I'm now running 9 red slivers ( 4 sedge, 2 blur, 2 striking, 1 homing). That seems like it would made a difference with the large amount of moon decks I faced. This also seems to make it go faster at points. The only problem I see is it having 1 toughness. That comes is vs Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and similar effects. I'm glad that's not in the meta ATM.

    The problem I'm usually running into is dealing with goyf tribal. I can deal with a shadow, delver, or snap, but those and goyf is too much. I wonder if it's time to bring back venom in the sideboard.

    Also if you are having moon troubles a lot, You can go post board heavy on red, green, black and splash blue. This makes running off basics possible.

    4-1 FNM 2nd/ 23 people

    Round 1) 2-0 UB Through the breach
    Sb) + 1 leaching, 1 syphon, 1 diffusion - 2 necrotic, 1 darkheart
    O)This deck was geared toward comboing off. I think this is a MU to try to go fast. He sided in blood moons, but I'm not sure how worried we are if it's not a really early moon. I don't think chalice would be that good. We would probably want another creature.

    Round 2) 2-0 UB breech + moon + Madcap
    SB) + 3 harmonic, - 3 galerider.
    O) This was one really close game and a non-game. This build was geared toward moon and stall. I choose to grind it out, but a race would have done well. Frenetic might have been good, bit I was afraid of not being able to cast it.

    Round 3) 1-2 5c shadow
    Sb) + 3 chalice, 1 diffusion, 1 chameleon, 1 hivelord - 2 striking, 1 darkheart, 2 necrotic, 1 mama
    O) I stole a game on a lethal crack back. The other games he had tons of answers. This is a really hard MU because of huge creature and lots of removal. I got a hivelord on the field and he immediately dismember'd it. Chameleon sliver would have been good if i saw it. Also, chalice would be hard with them to deal with.

    Round 4) 2-1 RW prison
    Sb) + 1 leeching, 2 frenetic, 3 harmonic, - 4 galerider, 2 sinew
    O) This deck didn't seem to have a win condition. They got walkers on the board, but I was able to vindicate them. I was able to get vial, mana sliver, or a hand full of red creatures. Also, frenetic is extremely good to deal with their board wipes and removal.

    Round 5) 2-0 affinity
    Sb) + 3 harmonic, 1 syphon -3 diffusion, 1 darkheart
    O) I grinded out the first one and the second was a non-game. Gale rider is so key in this MU. Striking is good vs them and harmonic is really good.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I played the fast slivers list last night. I was missing 2 leeching sliver and replaced them with metallic mimic. I was also playing 4 frenzy sliver. It's frustrating to work with mimic. 1 toughness is really bad. I'm not sure if it's my meta, but there was a lot of main deck anger and multiple blood moon decks. Fast slivers is good for low aggro decks and slow big mana/ combo decks. I think the heavy removal midrange/tempo decks are just hard to beat because every sliver isn't a threat by itself. In the coco variant, it seems as if every creature is something that the opponent needs to answer. The fast slivers is a consistent turn 4 when you goldfish it, but I don't think it's good enough in my meta.

    FNM 2-3
    Round 1) 1-2 blue moon
    1- I agro'd really quickly
    2- he turn two spreading seas to turn three anger'd into blood moon and I didn't realize that's what he was playing and got locked out
    3- I got vial and lords. He turn 3 angered into moon. I immediately played the harmonic and a lord. He was able to anger again and find a second moon.
    Sb- + 2 frenetic, - 2 syphon
    Sb2- + 3 harmonic, - 3 virulent
    O) Spreading seas and blood moon are hard to deal with. The coco variant has better mana fixing and more outs. This variant has issues with reloading post board wipe and dealing with moons.

    Round 2) 0-2 affinity
    1- I misblocked and lost my galerider, then loser to an ink moth nexus
    2- I got the turn 3 harmonic and he wipflair'd my board. I lost to the inkmoth again
    Sb- +3 venom, 3 harmonic - 2 diffusion, 2 mimic, 2 syphon
    O) I could have won, but I made a couple mistakes. This matchup is really good because of striking, galerider, and sidwinder.

    Round 3) 2-0 jeskai aggro
    1- overran him with galerider and frenzy.
    2- I got double sidewinder and cycled for syphon.
    Sb- + 3 venom, 1 darkheart, 1 homing - 2 diffusion, 2 mimic, 1 virulent
    O) Galerider and crew are hard to deal with for aggro decks.

    Round 4) 2-0 GB drain
    1- overran him quickly him
    2- slow hand but built up board and overanhim
    Sb- + 1 chameleon, 1 venom - 2 syphon
    O) This was a low creature deck. Slivers is great against low creature decks.

    Round 5) 0-2 grixis shadow
    1- I put him to 1 and he pulled a removal spell for my blockers to kill me on the crack back.
    2- He drew a ton of removal. I couldn't keep my guys on the field at all.
    O) I feel like this is a bad matchup, but I think there might be a different strategy. You might have to wait and setup a lethal strike for 8+.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    The meta statistics say that creature based agro is going up according to reddit. This means sweepers, bolt, and push should be going up. I hope this will stop counters company.

    Also, MagicAids did a video on fast slivers. I'm going to try it out sometime soon.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I played a couple rounds of modern this weekend. I went to the Columbus regional and met paul conlin. He was supporting a nice completely foil slivers deck. I did ok, but made a lot of mistakes and could have done better. I really like one mainboard homing, so far. Most people don't believe you that slivercycling is a thing when you do it. It can win the game when drawn at the right time.

    FNM 2-2
    Round 1) 1-2 titanshift 
    1- aggroed him out and he drew nothing 
    2- comboed off on turn 4
    3- slow start coco, then he angered  
    Sb- -3 diffusion, + 1darkheart, 1 syphon, 1 leeching
    O) I hate this matchup.
    Round 2) 2-1 Tron and friends 
    1- fast start and he was stuck on 1 land 
    2- kept a bad hand was really slow. I let him play walked and almost had him dead, but he played emrackal and I didn't expect that out. 
    3- fast start with turn 3 necrotic. I stone rained him off from and aggro'd him out 
    Sb- - 3 diffusion + 1 leeching, 2 frenetic
    O) This seemed like a slower tron variant, which didn't have as good of threats. We just make our cards horizontal and ask our opponent if they lose.
    Round 3) 2-0 affinity 
    1- the opponent kept a bad hand and I was able to puke my hand on the board 
    2- the opponent mulled to 5. I don't think he under stood my deck because I had a tapped galerider and untapped predatory and attacked with a valtskurge??? I got a turn 4 coco for leatal and 2 harmonic triggers 
    Sb- - 3 diffusion, 1 deakheart, 1 sentinel + 3 harmonic, 1 syphon, 1 leeching 
    O) This can be a fun match up when neither player has a busted hand. Harmonic is just too good against them.
    Round 4) 0-2 BG tron
    1- I got the turn tree nectrotic and stone rained a tron land 4 turns in a row, then stopped drawing creatures.
    2- I puked my hand on to the field and had him kinda low. He pushed two of my creatures and played tron then ugin.
    Sb- - 3 diffusion, + 1 leeching, 2 frenetic
    O) This is probably the worst variant for us to face. The cheap removal and tron is too good for us. I think that the stone rain strategy is probably not the best. We need to race them like every tron, but I'm unsure if we should do something different.

    SCG Columbus Regional 5-3-1
    I think I got top 64, but I'm not sure. I left before standings were announced.
    Round 1) 2-1 gw tron 
    1- I keep a handful of mana and diffusion silvers. I was able to put pressure and draw into lords and necrotic, but he was able to remove it and get ugin. 
    2- I got him down to 13 and coco'd for lethal on turn 4 with a lord and blur. 
    3- I played a turn 3 coco  eot and got a blur and mana. I played a predator and activated vault for exactly 20. I got pretty lucky. 
    Sb- - 3 diffusion, + 1 leeching, 2 frenetic 
    O) This matchup is a straight race and usually luck based. Karn is good, but usually not good enough. Ugin usually wins though.
    Round 2) 1-1 jeskai control w azcanta 
    1- 40 min game 1 that I made him grind out 
    2- triple coco to kill him on turn 0 
    Sb- - 1 deakheart, 2 sentinel + 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic
    O) Game management is key verses control. They can't kill you in anywhere quickly. Once they get card advantage, you need to start thinking about if you can edge it out and when to possibly concede. This is just to get to game 2 and 3.
    Round 3) 2-0 lantern 
    1- sliver cycled for necrotic, and blew up his bridge 
    2- harmonic plus 2 lands and mana went in hand. Drew a second harmonic and played on turn 3.  
    Sb- - 3 diffusion, 4 galerider + 3 harmonic, 3 chalice, 1 screeching
    O) My opponent claims that this matchup is unwinnable. There are a lot of outs we have to their "lock" pieces. Game 1 is usually close, but game 2 and 3 can be really bad for them. Homing is also a nightmare for them.
    Round 4) 0-2 bw control 
    1- kept an ok hand and never drew gas 
    2- kept a mana heavy hand and flooded. 
    Sb- - 1 darkheart, 2 necrotic, 1 homing, 1 blur, 1 mana + 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic, 1 syphon, 1 Chameleon, 1 hivelord
    O) This deck was kind of weird. It was half BW tokens and half jund. I think I messed up mulligan choices and
    Round 5) 2-0 abzand 
    1- went back and forth, but resolved coco two turns in a row to overrun him. 
    2- kept a slow hand, but my opponent got stuck on 2 land. He had the triple path, but I drew tons of threats turn 5+ 
    Sb- -1 darkheart , 2 necrotic + 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic
    O) I really like this matchup. It’s fun and interactive and close.
    Round 6) 0-2 counters coco 
    1- I got turn three necrotic and he comboed off immediately after I played it. 
    2- I got the turn 3 chalice on two, which slowed him down, but he corded for a pridemage and destroyed it two turns later. He then comboed off. 
    Sb- - 3 diffusion, 1 darkheart + 3 chalice, 1 screeching 
    O) This matchup is unwinnable. I had turn three necrotic and it wasn't good enough. I had turn three chalice on 2 and it was not enough. We need to just more control deck to stop on them, so we can beat up on control.
    Round 7) 1-2 deliver 
    O) Lots of mistakes happened by both players.
    Round 8) 2-0 dredge 
    1- we both mull to 5. He was stuck on 1 land and I got turn 4 coco. 
    2- he flooded and I got the turn 4 coco to overrun him 
    Sb- -2 necrotic, + 1 syphon, 1 hivelord
    O) The first game was a real non-game. I think we have a really good matchup with dreadge as soon as we get out of darkblast range. We can be faster than them and they don't run the right interaction to mess with us. Also, I realized we can have a really good 5 card hand. I believe it was ( godless shrine, cavern, coco, sentinel, blur). That hand can get there turn 4.
    Round 9) 2-0 rb eldrazi contol ??? 
    1- He got stuck on three non eldrazi lands and only played a terminate and a lilly.
    2- I had a quick start and he got the turn 3 thoughknot. Then the reality smasher, but I had sedge, preadatory, and blur to blok and regen. I cycled to the galerider. I overran him on the spot.
    Sb- + 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic, 1 hivelord - 1 darkheart, 2 necrotic, 1 sentinel
    O) I could not read this deck at all. He ran snow covered mountains and swamps. I thought it was skred or mardu control. I was thinking a blood moon was coming sometime, but he played the thoughtknot. Homing was very clutch in this game. I think one mainboard is a really smart play.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    His sideboard is listed below.

    I like nameless inversion because it can be casted off sliver hive and tutored with homing sliver. I think it's not good enough in this meta. Fatal push is probably better, but is harder to cast. The only things you hit of relevance are counter company combo pieces, but warping wail and dismember do this better right now.
    I like the idea of leeching sliver being your 13th lord. This can be useful, but remember the trigger dose not gain you life with syphon sliver. I'm unsure on cutting to only 3 harmonics with the rise in affinity.
    I have no clue why dusk to dawn is in there. It's uncastable without a mana sliver. Also, dusk will probably board wipe us. It seems really bad. If you want board wipe, Settle the Wreckage is probably really good for us. You can swing with almost everything and allow a big crack back. This would surprise board wipe them. I haven't played it, but it's really popular in standard.
    Also at the 36 min mark, bowman lets his 4/4 darkheart die to searing blaze.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Maybe this has been addressed in the past but what do you think about going +4 Metallic Mimic in the Sliver list?

    Secondly, how aboutAncient Ziggurat as a X4 along with 4 Sliver Hive, 4 Cavern and maybe even the new Unclaimed Territory X4 as well?

    With the recent success of 5 color Humans, it seems Slivers could be poised to make a big comeback. Thoughts from anyone?

    Metallic mimic is just not as strong as other options in slivers. Sinew sliver, predatory sliver, sedge sliver, frenzy sliver, leeching sliver all immediately effect the board state. Mimic only help the cards after it. Also, harmonic sliver may blow it up.

    The mana base is used in the fast slivers build. It's ok, but it doesn't allow us to use the powerful sedge sliver. The more midrange style coco build needs the fetches and shocks.

    Humans is built to stop combo, small creature, and tempo decks. Slivers is built to stop aggro, midrange, and control. Slivers is in a good spot because combo is sort of under control. The non-interactive decks are really hard to deal with. Those are the decks humans can complete stop because of Kitesail Freebooter and Meddling Mage. As the meta shifts back to more "fair" decks, slivers will get better. It's an odd deck to play and will still be fringe until more slivers are printed. The good news is the domineria is rumored to have between 20-50 sliver cards. Hopefully, two or more of the cards will be modern playable.

    The dominera rumors are coming from the complaints that slivers were undraftable in m14 and m15. The fact that magic is designed around draft force wizards to print a few or a lot. Dominera has slivers and they are a key part of it's story. Therefore, dominera is going to have a fair amount of slivers.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    4-1 at FNM 5th/30
    Round 1 vs goblins 2-0 1) My opponent kept a bad hand and allowed me to stabilize.
    SB) + 1 syphon, 1 darkheart ; - 2 necrotic
    2) The opponent had a fast start, but was afraid to attack when I got a couple lords. I coco'd for syphon and a lord. That ended the game.
    O) I really like syphon is creature match ups.

    Round 2 vs burn 2-0 1) I kept a hand full of lords. He only played eidolon, searing blaze, and blot. I just over ran him.
    SB) + 3 chalice, 1 darkheart, 1 syphon ; - 3 diffusion, 2 necrotic
    2) He got me to 7, then I coco'd for syphon and another creature. I gained a bunch of life and put him on a 1 turn clock.
    O) I'm still unsure on chalice on this match up. Darkheart and syphon are really good answers through.

    Round 3 vs Tron 2-0 1) I had a hand full of lords and he didn't have turn 4 tron.
    SB) + 2 frenetic, 1 telekinetic ; - 3 diffusion
    2) He pyro'd my board, but was stuck on 2 lands. I got both frenetics and 2 lords. He had no outs at that point.
    O) I don't think we have any reasonable interaction, so putting them on a clock is best. Frenetic is really good against their answers.

    Round 4 vs Elves 1-2 1) I out raced him with lords.
    SB) + 1 syphon, 3 chalice ; - 3 diffusion, 1 darkheart
    2) He overran me with ezuri. I got chalice on 1, but it didn't make that much of a difference
    3) He had a small board, but got a ezuri. I couldn't get bigger that him.
    O) I always viewed this a combo deck, but it plays like an agro deck. The plan is to race them and be able to block.

    Round 5 vs Affinity 2-1 1) He mulled to 5 and I was able to race him with sentinel and lords.
    SB) + 1 syphon, 3 chalice, 3 harmonic ; - 3 diffusion, 1 darkheart, 1 mana, 1 blur, 1 sedge
    2) I had a slow hand and he puked his hand onto the board.
    3) He had a slow start and I was able to coco to syphon and a lord. I was able to out race him from there.
    O) Galerider is really needed to block profitably. Chalice should only be in on the play. This match up is super draw dependent.

    I like the idea of adding leeching to the SB in place of telekinetic. This is to add an extra lord and help race the opponent. The plan against combo deck is to force them to have the combo turn 4. Also if we gain life, the non-infinite combos have to have the perfect hand. This still means we still lose to counter coco, if they draw it.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    If you look at the lists, they are two very different decks. Fast slivers is an agro deck and coco slivers is a midrange deck. Playing one over the other is not a reflection of the deck or people's skill. People play what decks that represent their play style. Fast slivers needs cards that accelerate it. Coco slivers needs better interaction. Coco slivers is competitive, but hopefully dominaria will give us the tools we need to be more mainstream.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Sideboading is something that I struggle with a lot. I usually know what I want to bring in, but don't know what to take out. I've been transferring my deck to tappedout and putting notes for each match up. If we figured out some sideboarding rules, I'll add them to my notes for each match up. The link to my note is down below.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I bring in chalice in match-ups were it slows them down a lot or stops their combo.
    Storm ( on 2 ) - 2 sentinel, 1 blur ; all rituals are hit
    Affinity ( 0 on the play, 2 late game, out on the draw) - 3 diffusion ; stop their quick starts
    Shadow ( on 1 ) - 2 darkheart, 1 blur ; hits ~26 cards
    Lantern ( on 1 ) - 2 darkheart, 1 diffusion ; hits ~ 22 cards
    Ad Nas ( on 1 ) - 2 darkheart, 1 blur ; hits cantrips, fog, angel's grace
    Infect ( on 1 ) - 2 darkheart, 1 blur ; hits ~26 card
    Boggles ( on 1 ) - 3 diffusion ; hits ~24
    Living end ( on 0 ) - 3 diffusion ; hit's living end
    I used to play it against burn, but they have shifted to more 2 CMC spells and turn 3/4 chalice instead of coco is bad. Also, darkheart is much better than chalice against them.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I saw where you guys mentioned that trick a couple pages back. I asked a judge about that at FNM. He confirmed that even if they redirect it with more lands, there is a trigger to counter the spell on the stack and they still have to pay. I'd imagine that they would go for the lab man win, if you did that in all the games after that. Most lists play 4 sprite guides, but some play a desperate ritual. Two lands or two diffusion would be better, but that is rare.

    3-1-1 at FNM 4th/20

    Round 1 1-2 vs Jund 1) Slow start and they had 2 abrupt decays, 1 Liliana, and 2 goyfs.
    SB) + 1 hivelord, 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic, 1 chameleon - 1 blur, 2 darkheart, 1 gemhide, 1 galerider
    2) Opponent kept a greedy hand and I had diffusion and a couple slivers. I ended up killing him with 2 galeriders and a mutavault.
    3) I had the gas of hivelord, necrotic, frenetic, manaweft, coco. I was play off only fetch lands and got mana screwed after manaweft ate a push. He then played blood moon and that was the loack.
    O) This was really 3 non-games. Also, I realized afterwards that I don't always know what to take out. I shouldn't have took out the gemhide or galerider.

    Round 2 2-0 vs UB Control 1) lots of lords including a sedge to regenerate from a verdict.
    SB) + 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic - 1 blur, 2 darkheart
    2) Lots of lords, diffusion, and frenetic
    O) I have officially love frenetic. It may just be a 50/50, but it's just fun flipping a coin to see if verdict works.

    Round 3 1-1-1 vs B devotion 1) I stated slow but,started to build a board and stabilize 4. He played gray merchant for 8.
    SB) + 1 diffusion, 2 frenetic, 1 chameleon - 1 blur, 2 sentinel, 1 ?????
    2) I built a big board, but was at a stall because of phyrexian obliterator. I slivercycled for galerider and over ran him
    3) I stabilized at 1 with darkheart. I slivercycled for a necrotic to get obliterator off the board in response to gray. I just ran out of time to kill him.
    O) Homing is extremely good. The look on you oppenet's face when it happens is priceless. I would have liked syphon in this matchup.

    Round 4 2-0 Venser lock w/ Saheeli combo 1) Lots of lords. I killed the saheeli as soon as it came down.
    SB) + 1 telekinetic, 2 mindlash - 1 blur, 1 diffusion, 1 sentinel
    2) Lots of lords, necrotic, and sedge. I vindicated the cat and stonehorn dignitary in response to the saheeli
    O) The deck was working on all cylinders. It really showed playing multiple lords in modern is just good.

    Round 5 2-0 Lantern 1) Turn 3 coco, sedge and homing. I cycled to the necrotic. I established the vindicate lock.
    SB) + 3 chalice, 3 harmonic, 2 mindlash, 1 screeching - 2 darkheart, 2 sinew, 2 sentinel, 1 blur, 1 diffusion, 1 vial
    2) The opponent kept a bad hand. I resolved a harmonic turn 4 and had mana to make tokens.
    O) I was really excited boarding in 9 cards. Chalice on 1 is really bad for them. Harmonic just wins the game. I wanted to mill them.

    The deck did pretty good. I definitely like the homing and frenetic. I want to use the mindlash and chameleon. I think chameleon is a good card, but i'm not sold on mindlash yet. Also, I'm always torn on what to take out besides darkheart. Every other sliver could be good in most matchups.
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