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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Hey guys, can you tell me why Death's Shadow is played as Grixis and never as a BUG Death's Shadow list with Tarmogoyf? Following build:

    I think Tarmogoyf fits perfectly in this deck and its philosophie. Its fast, most of the time BIG (4/5 for Stubborn Denial) and cheap. Sometimes I think this deck is missing a couple of beaters when 1-2 allready got removed and the third one is being in your GY because of a Thought Scour. With an addition of Tarmogoyf you make it a little bit more consistent because you play 14 instead of 12 creatures now. Furthermore with green you get Maelstrom Pulse which can be quite devestating if it kills 2 for 1. Also it works against other non creature cards like artifacts, enchantments, Planeswalker etc.

    It looses a little bit of speed since you don't play Temur Battle Rage or Kolaghan's Command. Last is great but Temur Battle Rage sometimes just doesn't hit right when you need a creature instead and the only one you got is Snapcaster. In general Terminate is better than Fatal Push and Abrupt Decay for creatures but for this you have 2 Maelstrom Pulse and an other 1 in the board which substitute it good imho. I don't really see a lot of Lightning Bolt being played so you don't even miss the best Burn spell.

    Anyone tested it before?

    Posted in: Tier 1 (Modern)
  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Thanks for the answers guys Smile Coming from 1.5 it is quite hard to understand that Thought Scour is really that good. I mean you basically draw 1 card and put 2 cards you do not know and choose in your GY. I see the synergy but with Faithless Looting I could at least keep 2 cards instead of 1 and I can decide which cards I like to keep and which cards I discard. This is the advantage I see with Faithless Looting but I guess all it matters is Thought Scour being Instant speed and playing it at the end of the opponents turn.

    What I thought about Lightning Bot is simply attack with Death's Shadow for 8, double Lightning Bolt to the face and finish the game instead of waiting to attack again. But I see the point with Eldrazi here.

    I will test the deck and will let you know Smile

    Posted in: Tier 1 (Modern)
  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Hey guys Smile I'm new to Modern (I come from 1.5 and Limited) and very interested in building Grixis Death's Shadow. I do have some questions about this deck:

    1. Why is it uncommon to play 4 Lightning Bolt in Grixis Death's Shadow? I get the point that Fatal Push and Terminate are better "removoals" but sometimes you can play the last Bolt to the players face for the last damage instead of having a "dead card" on your hand when you control the board with a big Death's Shadow and Gurmag Angler anyway? Or is Lightning Bolt really that bad of a removal in Modern and you NEVER play it on your opponents face not even for last damage?

    2. Why does the deck play Thought Scour? I mean I think it is for Delve but aren't there better cards then Thought Scour? With Faithless Looting you can choose which cards you discard which should be better than Thought Scour then and also it has Flashback without a Snapcaster so you can use it late game also.
    How about Chart a Course? You draw 2 cards and only discard 1, also works perfect for Delve but generates much more card quality and advantage... The only point about Thought Scour is it being Instant but is the Instant speed THIS important to the deck?

    3. How is the deck in the current meta game? Worth building it? I am also very very interested in WUR Midrange (Geist, Snapcaster, Spell Queller and Counter Burn/Removal) but people told me WUR Midrange is to slow in Modern and Grixis Death's Shadow is a better deck.

    Thanks for helping me out
    In regards
    Posted in: Tier 1 (Modern)
  • posted a message on [Primer] UWr Midrange
    Hey guys, Im new to Modern and this deck really does interest me. I do come from Legacy so I was wondering how "fast" this deck actually plays? Is there any way to make the deck faster with a Delver of Secrets? Why is Delver of Secrets so rare to see in Modern? Does Logic Knot and Snapcaster Mage work out good in the same deck? I feel like with Logic Knot you maybe exile the cards you need for Snapcaster or does this never happen?
    Posted in: Developing Competitive (Modern)
  • posted a message on [Deck/Primer] U/r/(x) Delver
    hello people Smile

    just a question about how you deal with Deathrite Shaman with Ur Burn/Delver. What's the smartest way to play against it? Do we play instantly our removal on Deathrite Shaman? Or do we have to wait until the first creature card is in the graveyard? Are there any cards specific cards in our board to have against Deathrite Shaman?

    thanks Smile
    Posted in: Aggro & Tempo
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