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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I am after MtG Nationals, reporting in, but I could only attend to Sunday's part. Event included tournaments in Standard, Standard Draft and Modern, total of few hundred people. However, great most of them participated in Standard/Draft, which left Modern with about 20-30 players (5 rounds). Playing decks were among others Tron (a lot of), UW Control, Ponza, Storm, UR Control, Eldrazi Taxes, Jeskai Control, Smallpox, some deck using Ensnaring Bridge, Titan Shift. Many people droped event after 1-2 loses. So let's wade into battle:

    UW Control 0-2
    First mach was against guy from my local meta, so we perfectly knew what each other play. And he exploited that perfectly. Both games he had perfect anserws for my every move, game 1 I got him down to 12, game 2 to 9, but I simply stood no chance, even with Diffusion turn 2 both games. Once board got stabilized, there was nothing I could do.
    Sideboard IN: 1x Diffusion Sliver, 2x Frenetic Sliver, 3x Harmonic Sliver, 1x Sliver Hivelord, 1x Dormant Sliver; OUT: 4x Galerider Sliver, 1x Gemhide Sliver, 1x Syphon Sliver, 2x Dismember.

    Ad Nauseam 2-0
    It was my first time with this deck, but I did rather well and little lucky. First game I saw opponent playing Blue/Black Scrylands, suspend lotus and 4 Serum Visions in a row, so decided to go in tempo damage, attacking with Mutavaults rather than casting sliver and leaving them in summon sickness. I developed board, hit him down to 4, then he casted Angel's Grace, discarded Simian Spirit Guide, and played Ad Nauseam, drew entire deck with losing life down to -50, with last 3 mana played Phyrexian Unlife and passed turn. I was able to deal him about 8 damage this turn, but from beggining of game I had Necrotic Sliver in hand, four mana and few slivers with Manaweft, so I went safely and played Necrotic. Opponent had at least one Pact of Negation in hand, but could do nothing due to Cavern of Souls. I sacrificed Galerider Sliver to destroy Phyrexian Unlife and that was it. Game 2 I had near perfect curve, opponent found no answer nor engine piece, and eventually dropped game.
    Sideboard IN: 3x Harmonic Sliver, 1x Homing Sliver; OUT: 2x Dismember, 1x Syphon Sliver, 1x Darkheart Sliver.

    UB Fearies 2-0
    I never got hit in these games. First one I just kept playing slivers and very soon they were out of opponent's range. He played Bitterblossom on second turn, but barely anything else. Galerider and Diffusion gave him most trouble I think. In last turns opponent tried to ambush me with 3/1 flash fearie, which I responded with lord out of Vial, and that was it. Game 2 opponent kept deadly risky hand with only one land, and that killed him, for he stayed on that for three another turns. It was too much to make any return, especially since he admited later he had no Damnation in deck at all.
    Sideboard IN: 2x Warping Wail, 1x Diffusion Sliver, 3x Harmonic Sliver; OUT: 1x Sedge Sliver, 2x Dismember, 2x Necrotic Sliver, 1x Aether Vial.

    BG Tron 0-2
    Both of these games were completly in my favor, opponent had poor hand, struggled to get tron online, lacked aswers to hold me. Yet I did not use this. Instead I got stuck on 1/1 slivers on board. Game 1 I safely played Collected Company on my turn 4, and saw 4 lands, Aether Vial and Dismember. Barely did any damage, it was so bad that opponent eventually had to take game over. Game 2 went same way, opponent had almost zero interaction with me, I played few laughable threats before he assembled tron and Ugin cleared me out. Frenetic failed me with 4 slivers of 5 including himself. And it was over.
    Sideboard IN: 1x Telekinetic Sliver, 2x Frenetic Sliver, 3x Harmonic Sliver, 1x Diffusion Sliver; OUT: 2x Dismember, 1x Syphon Sliver, 1x Sedge Sliver, 2x Aether Vial, 1x Darkheart Sliver.

    BG Tron 1-2
    Another Tron, but this time we at least had some game. Not first though, because Karn-turn-3. Game 2 I played Aether Vial, Galerider, Predatory and Gemhide before Tron assembled and Karn hit Predatory away (his 3 turn). Luckly I had Vial on 2 counters and Sinew in hand, so on endstep I played him and killed Karn following turn. Opponent tried to lock me with Betterskull, but got locked himself by Harmonic Sliver, and every another sliver perfectly coming when needed. Batterskull avoided trigger by returning to hand, forcing me to destroy my own Vial, but I had upper hand. I tried to abuse my luck before some bomb drops and screws me, so we were at race. Opponent played Wurmcoil Engine, which I destroyed with Galerider's enter trigger, but 2 tokens remained. He equipped deathtouch with Batterskull, and attacked for 10 lifelink damage. I had useless Warping Wail in hand and Eldrazi Scion fell under wheels, still healing him to 11. I managed to lethal in next swing. Game 3 was all about surviving one more turn. Tron sticked early, Karn went in, followed by Ugin. Like previous player did not had Tron for like ages, this one had it every game. AND Karn on hand.
    Sideboard IN: 1x Telekinetic Sliver, 2x Frenetic Sliver, 3x Harmonic Sliver, 1x Diffusion Sliver, 2x Warping Wail; OUT: 2x Dismember, 1x Syphon Sliver, 3x Sedge Sliver, 2x Aether Vial, 1x Darkheart Sliver.

    Tournament started really awful for me, but I never actually thought about top 8 or winning when coming here in a first place. As rounds went, there was real chance for me to get there with my results, but that 4th round with Tron ended my struggle indefinitly. I felt realy down for this one, not because it kicked me out of top 8 (I belive), not because mistakes, but because it was game impossible to lose. Otherwise, I played really interesting matches with slivers, but I also see how much we lack bombs in our decklists, ones that unanswered takes over game for itself. Getting into topdeck mode with empty board is impossibly hard to get out. I cannot point any particular card that was especially good, but they worked together well. Overall.
    Sorry for long delay, I had some internet issues.
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    Good point guys, I totally missed that vial-bestiary thing. Pokedex out, I'll move Dismembers to main, I feel it may be important to play interaction in 60 for variety of decks. Two slots in sideboard left, I think about Sentinel(race), Homing(search), Syphon(burn/race), Dormant(on control) or Blur. Or Psionic Sliver.
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    I'm going to participate in MtG Nationals this weekend, with list down here. You guys have some advices for me? I decided to go with standard sliver list, for little better durability. I don't have slightest idea what I may face there, any help would be great Smile
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    I played few small "tournaments" (less than 10 players) over past week, haven't reported them due to terrible results, played against WU Control, WG Vizier Elves, Mardu Superfriends and WB Smallpox. All of them lost 0-2. Overall, I suffer from slivers weak spots, which are card draw, bad topdecks (four Galerider Slivers in a row, then Aether Vial against control), running out of gas, board wipes, single removal (played 2 lords on empty board, both got Fatal Push), chump-block with spirits, being locked by planeswalkers, etc. WU Control clears my slivers easly with turn 3 Gideon of the Trials +1, Path to Exile Sedge Sliver, Supreme Verdict 4 slivers in play, gideon's + on Mutavault every turn, and suddenly I have no cards in hand, opponent have 4, planeswalker on board and who knows what else. Lack of interaction hurts with elves, I can't reliably kill opponent before he assembles Ezuri-Vizier-Devoted combo. Which is strange,this deck in theory should had hard time holding me off. There are much more planeswalkers seeing play lately, which give me hard time. Even if I manage to take down one, it already did fine job in either killing my slivers, disrupting strategy, generating advantage over me, and I must either commit my all force to it (Lingering Souls), or go for player and get terribly torn by abilities. I mean, seriously, last couple of weeks were terrible. Necrotic Sliver does good job taking out planeswalkers, manlands and certain threats, but it never actually feel good to use it, costs 6 mana without Vial, sliver and usually results in losing Necrotic anyway. I'm taking out Sedge Sliver for a while, regeneration does not help much with all these Damnation and exile I'm having in my meta. Syphon Sliver leaves main deck now, Darkheart takes it's place. Syphon can enable you massive life gains I admit, but Darkheart works at instant speed, gives some profit against spot removal, and proves more reliable. I also moves fourth Diffusion to main, as well as Dormant Sliver (with more sac/blink abilities defender should be less of a problem), Homing and Megantic Sliver for little testing.
    Ayronna, how did you do in PPTQ?
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    Red XIII do you have problems with playing around your own Root Maze? Also, why 4 Homing Slivers? Are they not too mana expensive for casting, and too many for tutoring Megantic and Telekinetic? I'm not much of specialist, but I would try to play as many 1-drops as possible, especially Virulent Sliver that is in your colors and ends game on itself? And it stacks. Poison 1-mana slivers may be actually faster than waiting for Megantic to show up, or as alternative win condition. There is actually nice synegry around that play, several 1-drops, and either lock opponent with mana/spell deny while beating, or play mana sliver to turn 1-drops into mana dorks to cast Megantic and swing next turn. Also, once you have Virulent on board let's say on turn 2 (turn 1 Root Maze), opponent is put under pressure, while you can hold mana for counters. If it isn't budget deck, you may also consider Aether Vial, to sneak slivers on battlefield while keeping mana for anserws, or if lands doesn't come. I like Faithless Looting here, it looks great (on paper at least). So:
    4x Striking Sliver, 4x Diffusion Sliver, 4x Virulent Sliver, 2x Gemhide Sliver, 2x Megantic Sliver
    Not sure about Venom. Can anyone actually play effective and dangerous creature against your deck? Play 1-drop insted? Sidewinder Sliver could wreck Lingering Souls and other 1/1 tokens.
    Cautery Sliver is as I understand for something like Devoted Druid or Noble Hierarch?
    1-2x Telekinetic Sliver. Too good in this deck not to play, but 4 mana.
    4x Sleep isn't too much? I feel 2 would suffice. You could play with 2 Lead the Stampede and 1 Spell Pierce maindeck. Or another sliver. Or some bounce spell.
    Since all lands already enter the battlefield tapped anyway, maby change City of Brass and\or Mana Confluence into tap lands? You have way too many lands that keeps pinging you every tap. You can even go for unplayable otherwise 3-color lands, name Frontier Bivouac. Anything that comes tapped and gives bonus for it, like scry. Abuse your game style as much as possible.
    If you however want quick tempo with little control, reduce deck from cards that are least devoted to your plan, and play creatures with disruption. Since you play red, even Lightning Bolt and other burn finishers would suffice.
    Hope I helped.

    Galerider Sliver. I can't count how many times this guy won me game out of nowhere, Jund only plays 1 Olivia with flying. Topdecking Galerider often equals win. Hand disruption hurts, so Liliana of the Veil, Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf, sometimes also Death Shadow. Rest preety much like Worldsaverinc said. Warping Wail, Chameleon Colossus, Sedge Sliver, Hivelord, Dismember, Diffusion Sliver. I would consider sideboarding out Aether Vials, for same reason as for Grixis Death Shadow. To have more anserws and treats than they.
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    Results from two events I participated:

    RG Hollow One 1-2
    In game 1 opponent got way too many lands and nothing else, conceded when I had 2 lords, Sedge and Syphon on board. In game 2 however he had perfect play, turn one fetch to shock to Insolent Neonate, turn 2 Faithless Looting, discard land and 4/3 green creature with haste and return to battlefield if cast two creature spells, sac Neonate, and cast two Hollow One for 0, returning green guy and swing for 4, summary 12 power on board. Game 3 I lost because missed trigger from Harmonic, and didn't kill Hollow One.

    WU Control 0-2
    Both games opponent easly controlled me, Spreading Seas on Caverns, counters, Spell Queller, Path to Exile, Gideon of the Trials +1 ability, boardwipes. Not much to say here.

    Jund 1-2
    Game 1 I have stolen win with Collected Company, hitting Galerider and lord, Vial in another lord, swing for kill. Game 2 I had bad draw, opponent had lot of removal, killed me with Olivia Voldaren, pinging for 1 damage my slivers and attacking. Game 3 he had again lot of removal, what slivers left could not hold Tarmogoyf for hitting 5 every turn, as well as Olivia.

    Mistake with Harmonic probably costed me first mach, as well as not enough lords to stand against early creatures with base 4/4. Against Jund I should have mulliganed until Diffusion show up. I felt terrible after all, and decided to change deck, entirelly rejecting my earlier choices. No more Legion and Hivelord in main deck.

    WU Control 1-2
    Same guy as previous. He uses Spell Queller to catch uncounterable slivers and Collected Company, and attacks with that 2/3 flying. Harmonic do great job against Spreading Seas and Detention Sphere. Frenetic is vital in this matchup, but coin failed me every time here, so it's realy bad. Necrotic can kill Gideons and Elspeth easly, but got eaten by Spell Queller. I won one game only because sideboarded Descendants' Path reveled lord on top, which opponent countered, tapped himself and I draw Collected Company with Galerider and Sedge, which was enough to push. It's gonna be so much fun after that new planeswalker ruling hit Smile

    Boros Burn 0-2
    Completly without chance. Game 1 opponent had perfect hand, and killed me ridiculusly fast. Game 2 we stuck board with Monastery Swiftspear, 2 Goblin Guides and Harsh Mentor and Shrine of Burning Rage on his side and 2 Sinew and 2 Predatory and Diffusion on mine. I had about 4 life, he about 16. I drew Syphon, casted and attacked with four 5/5 lifelink slivers, whch he responded with Skullcrack. Blocked all with his creatures, killed me with Shrine following turn.

    BR Pack Rats 1-1 (time run out)
    Both games were long, both opponent hit board with Blood Moon turn 3. First game Vial and Manaweft kept me alive despite Moon. Opponent was attacking me with Goblin Rabblemaster tokens, but had nothing else to do. I kept htting him with 1/1 lifelink Galerider (Syphon), eventualy draw 4-th land to cast CoCo hitting Sedge and Diffusion. Opponent decided to go all in and attacked, but did not know that Sedge's regeneration is separete from having swamp in play, so I could block and not lose any creature. Without blockers and with my lethal he conceded. Game 2 we got stuck on board again, this time he had however Dark Confidant and Pack Rat. Segde, Syphon and Manaweft allowed me to hold attacks, hoping to win by Confidant's draw damage, unfortunatly opponent cast Anger of the Gods, forcing me to tap for regeneration, than attacked with 4 Pack Rats, killing me on spot.

    I currently preety much copied top sliver decks, see how it goes. Sliver Legion and Hivelord cannot be cast with Mutavault in play, and it is terrible issue, resulting in moving Hivelord to sideboard and Legion out. I'll try Descendants' Path for some time, rest is very standard list. Lately I have been losing almost every game, so changes are needed. Or something.
    Deck you posted seem nice Loki_Lionheart, it's werid aggro-control. Not sure about 4 Diffusion, but Phantasmal is cool. I wonder how it works in practice.
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    Welcome back.
    Hollow One Discard 2-1
    Game 1 lost to early Hollow One and Monastery Swiftspear, too big to handle for my slivers, because of Mutavault I could not cast Sliver Legion, lacking one mana of color. Game 2 I played Sedge, Manaweft, 2 Sinew's and Syphon before opponent hit Blood Moon, overvalued his 3 Monastery Swiftspear's. Game 3 won with race.
    Affinity 0-2
    Game 1 opponent quickly smshed me with infect land. I had game 2 pretty much won by lethal, and I terribly misplayed by attacking with one too few slivers, allowing opponent to survive and kill me on counter attack.
    Smallpox 0-2
    Result like always, I keep losing cards to Smallpox, we go to topdeck mode, and planeswalker hits board - Gideon, Liliana, Sorin, whatever. I am prety much screwed by then.
    Overall: I lose to affinity - too fast, too explosive, easly overmaneuver slivers with tricks. I lose to boardwipes, what dies remains dead and we trade one card for multiple. I lose to Smallpox in general - planeswalker in topdeck mode is game over, trading is very unfavorable for me, pleanty of answers. Doesn't feel too good. Can you lend me some help?

    As for sticking with less colors for slivers and without Sedge, I would suggest BantGWU combination: Galerider, Diffusion, Predatory, Sinew, Collected Company, Manaveft, so easly forgotten Mirror Entity, (which is somehow substitute for Sedge), Sentinel, Chameleon Colossus and Harmonic all can play there. As for mana base, we go for only 4 rainbow lands, which are Cavern of Souls, not Sliver Hive, though it hurts me to even think about it. Also 4 Mutavault, and 12 other lands in combination of basics and dual. Bant colors also have acces to good utility cards, so there is room to experiment. What do you think?
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    Thanks for link, this will be realy helpful.
    WU Spirits 2-0
    Both games won with combination of Cavern, Sedge, Swamp and Syphon. Opponent had rather poor hand both times.
    RG Ponza 2-0
    Game 1 I start, opponent had perfect hand, turn 1 forest - arbor elf, turn 2 shock land, two enchantments on forest, bird of paradise and blood moon, turn 3 another arbor and dragon with monstrous and haste. I went with turn 1 mutavault-vial, turn 2 hive, diffusion, vial in galerider, turn 3 land only. Turn 4 I went with ridiculous play - vial in necrotic, sac galerider and destroy forest. All of sudden he was unable to get back from that. Game 2 I raced him, Inferno Titan could not kill my slivers due to Diffusion.
    WB Smallpox 0-2
    Both games opponent kept me on none to 1-2 lands from start, no vial, hand disrupted, planeswalkers on board.
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    Yoy did rather well ekienhol, grats. Do you also have feeling Death's Shadow decks become somewhat more tolerable to play with? Eldrazi Tron less so, yet I feel like they NEED good/great hand in order to win with us, otherwise dies quickly. In vast Modern, I belive we all have to accept there will be deck types terrible to play against, like any other deck have. Why you side out Diffusion against Tron?
    Ayronna your core looks standard, Galerider-Sinew-Predatory-Manaweft-Diffusion combo. Anything else is your personal taste, which is always great in slivers, although I agree with Worldsaverinc about Chameleon Colossus over Mirran Crusader. It's true Mirran helps against Shadow AND Tarmogoyf, but Colossus synergies with slivers, his protection already blasts Grixis DS who can only interact with Snapcaster and hand disruption, and Mirran costs double white mana, which you have only two lands to produce and Manaweft. You higly risk being unable to cast it (I think?). I could also suggest more life based sliver, Syphon Sliver and Darkheart Sliver, helps against burn and race. Never played against Elves/hardcore combo decks, can't realy help Frown How does your maindeck Bonescyte works? We were wondering it some time ago. And how often you use Virulent? Also praise our sliver gods Sliver Legion Sliver Hivelord.
    Anyone have troubles casting Colected Company due to mana? Lost Legacy against combo decks? Speed up deck? Oh, and I found this thing lying around internet, Creeping Renaissance, 1 sideboard against slower less-control decks. I might give it try.
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    Here we go again,
    Grixis Death Shadow 2-0
    In game 1 he had a lot of disruption, sabotaging my plans, damaging himself down to about 6, I could only hold my ground waiting for opening to swing, which never came. Then, with 4 life, Darkheart, Diffusion and token I topdecked Hivelord, and he could not finish me with his 2 Death Shadows and Snapcaster (Tasigur died to Dismember, after returning useless by then Fatal Push). He even had to cast Street Wraith normally to use swampwalk, yet Darkheart and tokens kept me alive. Galarider allowed me later to hit and win. Sideboard IN Syphon, Venom, Chameleon Colossus, 2x Frenetic, Diffusion, Two-Headed , OUT 4x Vial, 2x Darkheart, Harmonic (7). Game 2 I kept good hand, but still fell off with his removal and strong creatures, then Hivelord saved me again similar way. Opponent conceded when it was clear game will go like previous.
    Abzan Tarmogoyf 2-0
    Game 1 opponent kept hand with probably all removal his deck possessed, my slivers kept dying one by one. I managed however to trage Necrotic with Tarmogoyf, he didn't see many other creatures for some time, yet got me low. Hivelord stabilized board, bought me enough time to play other slivers and eventually won . Sideboard IN Venom, 2x Frenetic, Relic of Progenitus, Necrotic, OUT Harmonic, 2x Darkheart, 2x Vial (5). Opponent starts, turn 1 Noble Hierarch, turn 2 Liliana of the Veil. Ouch. I played Galerider and Predatory (killed quickly), opponent activated Liliana's + over and over, but I managed to navigate what to discard, keeping her loyality on same level with Galerider, we put like 5 cards on graveyard this way, to point I could put sliver tokens in respond to lili's -2. He could not attack with Hierarch or Spirits without endangering Liliana, kept drawing lands, while I established little board with no lords. You may not belive me, but hey, Hivelord hit board, and I could start attacking, safe from destroy and trade. Liliana stayed on board realy long, since I realized it's more profitable to ignore her and go for life points.
    Eldrazi Tron 2-0
    My nemesis, we both dislike playing each other. Game one I started with 4 lands on hand, went wide with slivers (manaweft + hive), while he made Tron turn 3, played Thought-Knot (lands on my hand only), turn later Reality Smasher both attack, and that didn't went well for him, because exposed to my counter attack with slivers and Mutavaults, Darkheart ensuring my survival - his life went down a lot. He played another Smasher and passed turn, taking defensive approach. Topdeck Galerider. Sideboard IN Venom, Necrotic, Telekinetic, Syphon, Two-Headed, 2x Frenetic, OUT 4x Vial, Darkheart, Sentinel, Diffusion (7). Game 2 I played aggressively with Syphon, Galerider, Sinew and Darkheart (one CoCo played), so when I got hit by All is Dust, both lifelink and Darkheart settled my life at 41, including constant damege from Matter Reshaper (In the meantime he played two Chalices on 2 and 3 counters). On clear board he tapped out to play Endbringer, leaving himself on mercy of my second CoCo I kept on hand. Hit Sedge and Predatory, swing with 2 Mutavaults as well.
    W/U Spirits 1-1
    We took draw, since we were only pair with full set of wins. Played for first pick. Game one I got manaflowed, with only Manaweft and Darkheart in play, no chance at all. Sideboard IN 2x Syphon, Striking, Two-Headed, 2x Frenetic, Diffusion, OUT 2x Dismember, Hivelord, 2x Darkheart, Vial, Homing (7). Game 2 he didn't play many creatures, I pushed with Syphon and lords. Game 3 he made few major mistakes, attacking with spirit smaller than my blockers once, we traded blows, yet he got me to 5 life(I kept my slivers on safer attacks to not lose any, hoping for suprise gamesteal), than I topdecked Syphon. I managed to get life back, pushed him down to 10, than opponent made another terrible mistake: atttacked with Selfless Spirit and Mausoleum Wanderer, kept two spirit lords to block. I barely got enough damage through, but won.
    Overall I don't now how, but I ended on first place. Every single game was challenging for both me and opponents, great games indeed (save last one), with really few parts based fully on luck. Hivelord was ridiculous in first two matches, winning me four games in a row, all from edge of death, Galerider is win condition, plain and simple, Legion saw no play this time, Sedge makes slivers virtually unkillable, Mutavaults are pure gold. Tron played had really bad luck with me, unable to stop my board or delay it, also wasted time playing these two Chalices that gave him nothing (I never noticed that Cavern of Souls counters these). Games with Spirits were tough race, life gain won along with Diffusion.I'll try to find room for one Syphon in main deck, maybe for Darkheart, I realy could use some life gain in first games . I noticed to sideboard out Aether Vial realy often, siding slivers insted. I will also side Venom and something else in place of 2 Warping Wails, I never put these to play. I also have issue with opponents left with 2-3 life and I can't reach them anymore (stabilized board). My pick from redraft was Liliana of the Veil. 10/10 would play again.

    I had not time to make changes in deck.
    Turn-4 Emrakul
    Game 1 opponent drown in mana, free win. Luckly for me I knew by then his deck. Sideboard IN 2x Frenetic, Venom, 2x Warping Wail, Necrotic, OUT 2x Dismember, Hivelord, Darkheart, Harmonic, Homing (6). Game 2 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn entered board from Polymorph turn 4. I could actually win this game, sacrificed lands and 2 Vials, saved 2 lords and diffusion, but he played then Lingering Souls, blocking my way. Game 3 I raced him desperatly, killing before he found cheat spell.
    Jund Delirium 2-1
    Game 1 I had perfect curve, turn 1 Mutavault to Vial, turn 2 lord, vial in Galerider etc. He had no removal. Sideboard IN Two-Headed, Diffusion, 2x Frenetic, Venom, Relic, Necrotic, OUT 4x Vial, Darkheart, Sentinel, Harmonic. Game 2 I was stuck on 2 lands including Mutavault, yet it took him forever to kill me. Game 3 was under time pressure, long end tiring. I had to mulligan to 5, and we played trading cards game. Sliver Hive and lands helped me greatly, took down Liliana of the Veil, 2 Dark Confidants, Grim Flayer, and we get stuck on clogged board, unable to press. In last minutes I dopdecked Galarider and won (we were both on few life points).
    Eldrazi Tron 2-0
    Apperently we play every time we met, way too often maby. Game 1 was clean kill, Galarider, Manaveft, two lords, Mutavault, more lords, Tron runs few removal in main to deal with slivers. Sideboard IN Syphon, Telekinetic, Venom, 2x Frenetic, Necrotic, OUT 2x Vial, Homing, Sentinel, Sedge, Darkheart (6). Game 2 opponent had some anserws and pressure, but early Syphon and Frenetic kept me safe.
    WB Smallpox 0-2
    Game 1 opponent started, played some replacing itself land turn 1 and Smallpox turn 2, killing my Hive. I had too few lands, wrong colors, he controlled board with spirits, liliana and removal. Easly beaten. Sideboard IN 2x Warping Wail, Two-Headed, Striking, Syphon, OUT Necrotic, 2x Dismember, Hivelord, Darkheart. Game 2 went terrible, mulligan to 5, one land on hand. Land got destroyed soon, I got another few turns later. Mutavault, Then another one. And another. Casted only Warping Wail against Smallpox.
    Overall result is very good, won three hard matches. I will need to make changes in deck, I keep siding in Frenetic Sliver in great number of games, Warping Wail could be great in last match, but doesn't really help anywhere save sorcery based combo. I think both Venom and Relic of Progenitus will take it's slots. I noticed people started siding against me cards like Grafdigger's Cage and Hallowed Moonlight to lock Aether Vial and Collected Company, so it is possible I start siding them out sometimes. I also need to do something about aditional reach when my slivers can't finish game. Bad manabase for that though.
    Tron struggles greatly against me lately, we can actually exploit they few removal presideboard. I know it's easier said than done, but Tron plays cards not realy useful against us (Relic of Progenitus, Chalice of the Void, Karn Liberated). We are surely on clock of All is Dust, as well as pressure of Turn-2-Seer-Turn-3-Smasher, but it's winable. Of course it is possible I simply had luck. I never realy feel good whoever I got paired with, like there were no good matchups for slivers, but somehow manages to win. It may be our werid deck mechanics, people need specific anserws against it, which is never too good in only 15-cards sideboard. Main deck Hivelord is actually good thing, often locking opponent's removal and boardwipes, as well as creatures.
    Sorry for textwall.
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    Prismwake Merrow Scuttlemutt Distorting Lens Nightcreep Cloudchaser Kestrel Indigo Faerie Niveous Wisps
    Yup, Ghostflame is better then these, negates protection from color as Worldsaverinc mentioned, but still really narrow. Even Sigarda, Host of Herons would be better here. We will work something out eventually, I'm sure.
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    I always thought about Striking as advantage against aggro/token decks, without Venom it is not very useful against Tron. To tell the truth, it is also hard for us to put any non-sliver cards in our usually 12 colorless mana base (Cavern, Hive and Mutavault), Relying too much on Manaslivers doesn't seem good idea since they have priority in eating removal like all the time. To fight Tron I think we need deathtouch/blink combo to kill Eldrazi and avoid sacrifice, Dismember and exile, where regeneration gives little help. Siding out Sedge may be right call. Ceremonious Rejection sounds tempting actually. On side note, menace sliver proved itself worthy, against WB tokens, Jund Tarmogayf and Abzan Tarmogayf, +1 in sideboard.
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    Congratulations on nice result ekienhol! Always glad to hear you guys are doing fine Smile
    Seems Chameleon Colossus was right call against black-heavy decks, huh? About Eldrazi Tron, I would higly recommend using Necrotic to blow their lands/big threats and Telekinetic to tap them (Reality Smasher triggers on spells only), Venom to kill creatures usually bigger sooner than ours and Syphon, who greatly pushes us forward in damage race. It is more control and react game (or aggro race?). I also noticed you side out Blur sliver almost every game.
    I personally hope for nice sliver token generating in upcoming sets, also flash and damage reach in better Psionic Sliver. Until we get our missing trample sliver, why not to settle for nice Two-Headed Sliver? I will actually give him try soon, getting around these pesky chump blockers more-or-less. In Hour of Devastation we got potential push through blockers with upside, like Driven // Despair and Crash Through. I need to get some ideas myself, have tough time with Jund/Abzan Tarmogoyf/Scavenging Ooze (any tips for these?) AND, someone dare to play hate in form of Olivia Voldaren!
    Kizzel slivers are super fun to play and brew to your personal style, but you may find them less devoted to primal tactic of beating down hard, which is both upside and downside.
    Wish me luck guys, tomorrow another event!
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    And here we go, result form yesterday:

    WB tokens 2-0
    Game 1 Opponent had no turn-one-disruption, I pretty much safely developed my board with Galerider and Predatory (which ate Path to Exile), blowed his Bitterblossom with Harmonic turn three, killed soon after since he get mana flooded, only having Shambling Vent to defence. Sideboard IN 2 Striking Sliver, 1 Harmonic, 2 Warping Wail, OUT 1 Necrotic, 1 Diffusion, 2 Darkheart, 1 Vial. Game 2 He cast Inqusition turn one, I put few non-lord slivers on board, while he Intangible Virtue and Stony Silence. My Collected Company hit Harmonic and Galerider, taking care of both. Then he cast Damnation and cleared board, but I had one card in hand still - another CoCo. Eventually I overpovered his spirits/fearies, but he still kept me in check with Vault of the Archangel. Praise first strike.

    Merfolk 2-0
    Game 1 I was afraid of this game, since Merfolk can quicly outrace slivers, even in one damn hit. Galerider turn 1, followed by others for clear damage, pushed opponent to defence and eventually he lost too much life to come back. Harmonic on Spreading Seas. Once again, CoCo proved to be uncontested stuff of nightmares. Sideboard IN 1 Venom Sliver, 1 Syphon, 1 Harmonic, 2 Striking, OUT 2 Darkheart, 1 Necrotic, 2 Diffusion. Game 2 Great one, quick too. He settled on two Islands, dropping merfolk every turn, I on three - Mutavault, Cavern, Overgrown Tomb around turn 5. He had two lords, two 2/1 and something else, I Predatory, Gemhide, Striking, Harmonic (killed my own Vial). It gave me a lot to think about - opponent have like 6 cards in hand, I have three: Sentinel, Legion and Sedge. What to play? I eventually decided to go all in, tapped all lands and slivers for Legion and Sentinel. I had to take risk, since if opponent would turn my land to Island, I couldn't block anyway due to islandwalk. It was me or him next turn. And he didn't topdeck. Next turn I played Sinew, awekened Muta and swinged for 64.

    Grixis Death Shadow 0-2
    Game 1 Started well. I took opponent down on life, he kept killing my slivers, then I suddenly lost gas completely. He cleared board, countered CoCo, put Death Shadow, swing with Temur Battle Rage. Sideboard IN 1 Venom, 1 Necrotic, 1 Syphon, OUT 1 Harmonic, 1 Vial, 1 Darkheart. Game 2 Mulligan to 5, kept hand with Hivelord, Legion, Mutavault, two other lands and Gemhide on top. Thoughtseize got out Hivelord, Gemhide killed with Lightning Bolt, Terminate vs. Legion, he took himself to 1 intended. Snapcaster and Shadow killed me safely. Yup.

    Eldrazi Tron 0-2
    Game 1 Was rather unlucky. Thought-Knot turn 2, Reality Smasher, Reshaper, Karn... Stuff. Not much to say. Sideboard IN 1 Telekinetic, 1 Venom, 2 Warping Wail, 1 Necrotic 1 Harmonic, OUT 4 Sedge, 2 Darkheart. Game 2 Was long, we kept trading a lot, I could play only thanks to vial turn one, spend 2 Harmonic, 2 Necrotic, Galerider and Predatory to get rid of his Smasher, Gravedigger's Cage, Walking Ballista, Urza's land and Reshaper, he hit board with All is Dust and excellently baited me for CoCo to play ANOTHER one, well.I took him down to 1, got killed by Smasher.

    Ended 2-2
    Deducation: I feel REALY bad with result. First two games were great because depending little on luck, while rest - disaster. People seems to start adapting to slivers, so I may need to change some things soon. Legion once again deserve spot in deck,he steals games and puts pressure. Harmonic really needs place in main too. I am also satisfied so far about 1 Homing Sliver in main, since I can turn him into sliver bullet stuck on bottom of library thanks to CoCo or virtually any sliver in response with vial in play. Thanks for advice about Mutavault guys, particularly Eternaleend, works like a charm. Any tips for sideboard against Grixis and Tron? And how do you see 1-2 Dusk//Dawn in side? I sometimes wish to get back slivers form graveyard when no cards on hand.
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    Eternaleend, of course, and I really appeciate Smile

    Four additional 2/2 slivers under lands sounds tempting, I will definitely test it, though it may be harder to activate Collected Company without City. Well, we will find out.

    Harmonic is nice, actually. It's rather luck that I didn't had to destroy my Vials so far, but he protects me well against "gotya!" type cards like Moon, Chalice, some enchantments etc. so there are way less games where you get locked. I recommend it, even with that risk. Same goes for Necrotic.

    For sliver gods I play two of them main due to one reason - they turn game around. Once any hit board, opponent MUST deal with it as soon as possible. Hivelord - no sweepers, no combat trade, no destroy, and sedge is vulnerable to wrath/damnation. Legion for 7/7 and often massive grow. I treat them as finishers or bombs, haven't failed me so far (Except burn but seriously...). My meta is rather slow too.

    Despite more devoted and deadly decks like elves or melfork, slivers are really fun deck to play and flexible. Only mana base is tricky, but otherwise there is simply no hate card except Blood Moon that could deny us any way to come back.

    As for sideboard, I have:
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