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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    Quote from ChrisBP7 »

    Actually I've always interpreted this differently: Scrapper Champion and all the other cards with arts that had bios on the website but weren't legendary creatures (there were a few actually) DID show these legendaries as part of a world-building effort, but since they understandably shy away from having too many legendaries (and especially ones with smaller effects) in a set after what happened with Kamigawa the compromise was that the art does show the people the bios talk about, but the cards only show their general occupation or role. I don't think that it has anything to do with being misleading.

    Oh yeah, they do this a lot, whether it be semi-important characters who just don't get a card (Jenrik) or totally unimportant characters who get names for the purpose of story articles on the website. The story articles leading into New Phyrexia basically alternated between important characters and cannon fodder.
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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    I think Wizards has to remind people that spoiled art can be of random, nameless common and uncommon creatures as well as important legendary creatures and planeswalkers. Art quality definitely doesn't have anything to do with rarity or importance. Remember when Scrapper Champion's art got spoiled when Aether Revolt was being teased, and a bunch of people thought it was Saheeli because people just assumed that this human woman from Kaladesh just had to be someone important?

    The ancient Greek and Roman depictions of their Gods and heroes varied wildly across different artists, so they gave each figure an identifying item or article of clothing. For example, you knew this random naked guy was Hermes due to his winged sandals. Wizards approaches their important characters in much the same way, so trying to identify a (human) character purely from skin tone and hair color is basically doomed from the start. Huatli is going to have her headdress and be with a dinosaur in all of her arts because that's her shtick. Narset is a little harder to identify, but most Jeskai and Ojutai characters are going to be in some sort of martial arts pose.
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  • posted a message on Murder
    Oh, they actually meant literally every set rather than every expert level expansion.

    Does that mean we will get watermarks for Alpha? Will these early sets without set symbol finally get a symbol to represent them? That's a cool prospect. I have high hopes for Giant Growth.

    Every set actually does have a set symbol on Gatherer, even if the cards don't have them.
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  • posted a message on I need help with "menace" understanding
    After blockers have been declared, the attacker remains blocked regardless of whether or not the block would have been legal before blocks. For example, giving a blocked creature flying will not remove its block, even by by a creature without flying or reach. The same applies to removing one of the creatures blocking a creature with menace.
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  • posted a message on Why did Red gain some old Black mechanics like Rituals and graveyard stuff?
    To be fair, red also has the smallest color pie of any color, while black has the second largest slice after white. White, black, and green are more defined by what they can't do that what they can (white has poor card draw, black has trouble with noncreature permanents, and green's creature removal options require its own creatures or are hate-based), and blue gets a lot of unique mechanics that the other colors don't have in large quantities. Red has more restrictions than other colors (only has spot removal for artifacts, can't hit enchantments, can't interact with the hand, can't draw cards without discarding), and it has few truly unique mechanics (green is encroaching on damage-based removal and is the trample color, and white does first and double strike better). That leaves it with...haste? Green's haste, at least, is fairly limited in scope. Frankly, red deserves to cannibalize some of black's mechanics that have fallen out of favor.
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  • posted a message on Cloudy Skies
    I'm a little skeptical that you can get away with just slamming dinky 1/1 fliers in Modern. Soul Sisters decks are the next closest thing I can think of, with Squadron Hawk alongside Spectral Procession and Honor of the Pure, but that deck also has multiple serious threats other than its weenies and anthems. Pride of the Clouds requires a board state to work (its forecast ability is garbage lol), so it isn't going to be reliable all the time.
    I think this deck needs Path to Exile ASAP. The handful of countermagic you have certainly isn't going to cut it, especially if you want some sort of tempo strategy.
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  • posted a message on [GDW] Guild Wars: A Ravnica Set [Black]
    Quote from Legend »

    @BlazingRagnarok - I wasn't being a total jerk. The first thing you said about Vex was "I hate it", rather strong words. I figured you could handle a little kickback if you're gonna bring it like that. Let's not have a fallout over something so trivial. I appreciate your insight and hope we can continue to respect each other.

    My comment was addressed squarely at your idea, not you. You responded with an ad hominem attack. That was NOT justified and NOT trivial by any stretch of the imagination, and never could be.
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  • posted a message on [GDW] Guild Wars: A Ravnica Set [Black]
    Quote from Legend »
    Thanks y'all!

    Vex - Your argument against Vex was based on WotC's claim that punisher mechanics are bad. I defended it based on what they actually do rather than what they claim. In my opinion, Tribute is not a bad mechanic. It was poorly implemented and overshadowed by a very (mechanically) busy block, and looked especially bad next to Monstrous. And like Afflict, Vex also does what you're already trying to do (reduce your opponents' life totals to zero). The intent is for either choice to be frustrating at worst and damning at best. And for the effects to grow in relevance if the game goes a little long in order to give the Rakdos player some reach (in limited). One bad card isn't a reason to abandon a whole mechanic. I'll try to come up with some better designs to convince you that it can pull its weight.

    Why do you insist that I speak for Wizards? I speak solely for me and my logic of how punisher mechanics work. That is, that they are modal cards that always default to their least useful mode in a given situation. I'm definitely not the only person to hold these views, but I assure you that I reached my conclusion on my own. To suggest anything else is insulting. If you're going to defend this kind of mechanic, fine, but don't be a total jerk about it.

    Two more things: firstly, this mechanic does not always do what you're trying to do. Secondly, while I might have spotlighted one creature all of the vex parts (beyond the vanilla bodies and spell effects) of your cards are bad.

    Goblin Palmreader I mentioned.

    Pick Your Poison is obviously better than Throttle by virtue of doing more, but you can't count on the Vex part. It'll gain you 4 life most of the time, unless you're about to lose, in which case your opponent will eat 4 and kill you. Failing when you're losing is part of the very definition of winmore, and the polar opposite of whatever Afflict-like characteristics you think the mechanic has. If you want it to gain you the life, it'll hit your opponent, and otherwise your opponent will let you gain a little life when you want to be pushing for the advantage.

    Undying Horror basically just has a death trigger that makes your opponent lose 3 life, and the weak body doesn't help. Your opponent will never let you have it back unless you're about to win anyways. Again, a strong point in favor of punisher mechanics being winmore.

    Of the three black Vex commons you've presented, two of them are basically unplayable in limited, and the third has a Vex ability that is going to fail you when you need it most.
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  • posted a message on [GDW] Guild Wars: A Ravnica Set [Black]
    Quote from Legend »
    Vex - I remember similar WotC-rooted spiels about punisher mechanics when I presented "Tribute" (same name and before Theros) as an Orzhov mechanic and "Afflict" (different name and before Amonket) as a Dimir mechanic. So it'll take more than that to dissuade me this time (from at least playtesting it). That being said, it definitely needs some development. I'll see what I can do to spice it up and am open to suggestions in this regard.

    While you're certainly entitled to defend your own brainchild, do it on Vex's own, uh, merits. The fact that Tribute exists doesn't change the fact that it was a bad mechanic due primarily to being a punisher one. Afflict has the advantage of being a mechanic that does what you're already trying to do. You attack to make your opponent lose life, and Afflict does exactly that. It has as much relevance to Vex as Fact or Fiction, which is to say, a common name dropped to make barely-related bad designs look better. The fact that you spent that entire paragraph talking about literally anything other than Vex speaks volumes about the validity of my criticism.

    If I were to make a suggestion for a good punisher mechanic, it would be to make keep the reason why Fact or Fiction is so good in mind. The card freakin' RIGGED. You can't give your opponent an easy way out, but that's exactly what Vex does. Your punisher cards need to know who really controls them.

    Display of Power - Some designs are simply worse than existing designs. Luminous Bonds < Caught in the Brights or Pacifism

    Er, that's a difference of 1 mana. This is a 3 mana bump and a weaker effect. Maybe if the card cost 3B I could see it as the cost for a color pie break, but never at 3G.
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  • posted a message on [GDW] Guild Wars: A Ravnica Set [Black]
    Full disclosure, I hate Vex. Beyond parasitism, narrowness, and any other inherent flaws a mechanic could possibly have, being a punisher mechanic is, by far, the most damning, no pun intended. It's horribly, horribly winmore. Take Goblin Palmreader, for instance. Mind Rot and losing 2 life are so lopsidedly different that your creature might as well just have your opponent lose 2 life. Except it's actually way worse than a creature that just makes your opponent lose 2 life because your opponent could just pitch excess lands late or a couple of expensive swarm cards early if the option is available. The fact that punisher cards need to have ridiculous numbers tacked on to be halfway worthwhile is a testament to how godawful they are.

    Other notes:
    Display of Power appear to be the worst green combat trick ever. In a post about black commons. Did you make a mistake here?

    Lifetaker is one of those cards that could pass for uncommon. 1 cost deathtouch creatures with nothing else are already really good in limited.

    I'm not sure if Molder Bone's conditional regenerate is a good idea. It basically forces you to activate the ability before you attack or block unless you want to get blown out. Hitting something that doesn't give you graveyard value and losing your creature is a real feelbad moment.

    Do you consider Grapple with the Past to be a good card? Unbury is strictly better.

    Unholy Stamina is another card that pushed boundaries. You've taken an effect that costs 3 mana, discounted it, downgraded it slightly, and added a non-trivial stat boost. It's definitely a high pick, at least.
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  • posted a message on Double headed giant Lock
    Players in Two-Headed Giant attack and are attacked in teams owing to the shared life total. Any creature that is attacking your team is, by definition, attacking both you and your partner at the same time. Therefore, Ghostly Prison and company will always apply.
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  • posted a message on Angrath, Chain Wielder
    You know, your design here makes me see a little light in the "Create" title. It does make an interesting accent for artifact tokens (in the sense of engineering or blacksmithing the artifacts). But I still think at most, they should have split concept, and used the term "Summon" for creature tokens, and then "Create" for non-creature tokens. This would have effectively reserved the flavor on both sides, as I personally find using the word "Create" for creature tokens very bland, and linear, and lifeless. Even despite the loose tie to "human engineering", not every effect is going to tie into that flavor, so it's still more of a bad assignment than anything else.

    Except you're trying to reserve an entirely new action word that applies to an incredibly low number of cards. The vast majority of effects that create non-creature tokens are concentrated in Ixalan block, with scant representation elsewhere. Creature tokens appear in every set in every color, so it makes perfect sense to absorb a rare mechanic into a functionally similar common one. That leaves your idea with a very small number of advantages, subjective terminology choices notwithstanding, and it actually has downsides, to boot. Cards like Saheeli's Artistry that can create either or both noncreatures and creature cause the distinction you think you're establishing to collapse in upon itself. You either have a card that summons noncreatures, creates creatures, or uses both words in a supremely clunky piece of text. Flavor should never get in the way of sensible game design, and your idea would do just that.
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  • posted a message on hostage taker and man land
    Quote from Dos_Rouge »
    ok some so gideon jura would work then.

    what about ancient ziggurat does hostage taker mana modification allow me to use mana from that land to cast gideon jura

    No, you can't use Ancient Ziggurat. For a cast spell to be a creature spell it has to have "creature" in its typeline. Gideon's ability to become a creature does not count, and he stops being a creature as soon as he leaves the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Weird World Set Mechanic Showcase- Uncover
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Quote from Tahazzar »
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Just as it is easier to scry 1 than scry 3. Yet we have such variation.
    Have you actually sat down, taken a deck, and picked the top 2-5 cards from top, and then compared it to picking the 2-5 cards from bottom? It's not impossible, but clearly harder than picking off top. Add in any extra actions, such as ordering and deciding whether to keep or pitch, and that time begins to accumulate.

    Which is why scry gets to be evergreen but Uncover doesn't.

    No, that's why scry exists but Uncover doesn't.
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  • posted a message on Days undoing with flash
    Quote from peteroupc »
    No matter whose turn it is or who cast Day's Undoing, while Day's Undoing resolves and its instructions start to be followed, Day's Undoing will be on the stack, not in any player's hand or graveyard (C.R. 116.4, 608.3) — and Day's Undoing will be exiled along with other spells and abilities on the stack (C.R. 715.1b).

    I think you misunderstand. The turn-ending clause, which is what exiles the spell, only ends your own turn, so the OP is wondering what happens to the spell when it doesn't apply.

    @OP: If you cast the spell during another player's turn, Day's Undoing will end up in your graveyard. The card will be on the stack when the hands and graveyards are shuffled into decks, so it won't be included.
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