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  • posted a message on Your top 20 green cards
    Well ya see I won't be able to make a really good list but I'll try^-^


    Apocalypse hydra
    Genesis hydra
    Kalonian hydra
    Managorger hydra
    Mistcutter hydra
    Primordial hydra
    Vastwood hydra
    Broodmaster hydra
    Purphorus, God of forge
    Nylea, God of the hunt
    Courser of kruphix
    Karametra's Acolyte
    Voyaging satyr
    Rofellos, Llarower emissary (banned in EDH or commander format)


    Leyline of lifeforce
    Leyline of vitality
    Mana reflection


    Nykthos, shrine to nyx

    I know that's not twenty but if you get the land, kametra, mana reflection, Voyaging satyr, and/or to fellow Llarower emissary you have a large amount of mana to summon your hydra creatures. It's an aggro set up^-^
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