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  • posted a message on Framing Cards
    I'm in a new apartment and really need some art to hang. I LOVE the new Unstable lands. I got one of each and now I'm endeavoring to get one of each basic land from my favorite sets (Lorwyn and Shadowmore block) and one of the murals from Ice Age. My question is... how to frame them. I don't want to do anything permanent. Perhaps a PH neutral tape and just hinge them to the back of mat board?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Kithkin
    Kithkin was my first tournament deck but I was awful even though I wasn't very new to the game. But what a great way to start with a small budget. I've kept it all these years but I've played around with different versions trying to make it better and when modern came along I just picked it up again and it does pretty well. I've tried a combo-ish version using Mirrorweave after playing a Wizened Cenn and a Spectral Procession, I've tried a version with Thistledown Liege, I've tried Militia's Pride, but my current list is my favorite. At's very fast. There are some things I'm thinking of trying out and I'm looking for opinions.
    Current List
    4x Rustic Clachan
    3x Windbrisk Heights
    16 Plains
    4x Goldmeadow Stalwart
    4x Figure of Destiny
    4x Wizened Cenn
    4x Knight of Meadowgrain
    2x Kinsbaile Borderguard
    3x Ranger of Eos
    2x Cloudgoat Ranger
    1x Ajani Goldmane
    1x Elspeth, Knight-Errant
    4x Honor of the Pure
    4x Path to Exile
    4x Brave the Elements

    2x Tivadar of Thorn
    3x Burrenton Forge-Tender
    2x Oblivion Ring
    4x Celestial Purge
    3x Mana Tithe
    1x Mark of Asylum

    I've always wanted to fit in Mutavault but I've never gotten a hold of any. I might change that soon but there are a lot of double white costs in the deck. However, it's also come to my attention that Metallic Mimic exists and could be another kithkin lord and it's colorless. If I add it I think I would take out the planeswalkers. I've never actually used them and they usually get sideboarded out. Though they push the curve of the deck I like the Cloudgoat Rangers. Putting 4 threats on the board is amazing and the tokens it makes aren't usually 1/1s because of Cenn or Honor. Plus he has evasion.

    I really like Brave the Elements. It can save a Wizened Cenn or basically says my creatures are unblockable. On the downside it doesn't synergize with Metallic Mimic but it didn't do anything for planeswalkers anyway so I guess switching the Mimics in for the walkers doesn't really change anything.

    Mana Tithe can be interesting. If people aren't expecting it they often tap out to play a planswalker or combo off so I leave it in the sideboard.

    Ranger of Eos has been an amazing recent addition. He may not be a kithkin but he gets you so much value in a deck that can empty its hand pretty quickly.
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  • posted a message on Heartless Summoning and alternative/additional casting costs
    This is amazing news! Thank you!
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  • posted a message on Heartless Summoning and alternative/additional casting costs
    Does Heartless summoning reduce evoke costs? It is an alternative way to cast the creature but it is the cost you pay.

    If so, what other types of costs does it reduce? Kicker, for example?
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  • posted a message on Combo Reveillark
    Coming back into MTG after a few years, trying to put together an old deck but make it modern legal. Reveillark combo! I see WotC has really hit control decks pretty hard with the ban list (Ponder, Preordain, Top) I know some people run the deck with the intent of winning by attacking but I'm on a budget and don't have Celestial Colonnades so I'm running combo.

    With Body Double, Mirror Entity, and either Death Cultist or Merrow Witsniper in the graveyard one Reveillark trigger will allow me to either use Death Cultist or Witsniper to win. Last I checked I stopped using Witsniper because of Eldrazi shuffling graveyards back in. The other option I've been thinking of is using Wall of Omens with Laboratory Maniac. And correct me if I'm wrong but Gifts Ungiven isn't restricted or banned? Does Modern even have a restricted list? I'm not sure how I feel about Glimpse the Future. Maybe Gitaxian Probe would be better? Not really the same but perhaps more useful. Viscara Seer lets me scry my whole deck till I find a winning combo piece but I'm not sure it's needed but just on it's own it does help dig.

    I'm also wondering if I can fit in some discard to slow the game down. I have a single Thought Seize but beyond that I'd probably have to run Duress (budget reasons). Or I could run counterspells. 3x Remand or Mana Leak + the one Pact of Negation I have. If I can get my hands on a Slaughter Pact pretty cheap that's one way to go off with Lark if it's stuck in play but Mirror Entity does a good job of that. There are also quite a few ways to make the combo go off in various scenarios of what's in hand/play/graveyard. There are also many creatures with enters the battlefield abilities that could do different things. Aven Riftwatcher can be used to gain infinite life for example. I think Death Cultist is the best bet for winning. Wall of Omens does what Mulldrifter does only cheaper.

    One last thought- Oh how I wish they'd reprint Buried Alive

    Suggestions greatly appreciated. I know there are a lot of ways I could make this deck better but I really can't spend lots of money on it.

    Creature (19)
    3x Body Double
    1x Death Cultist
    3x Mirror Entity
    4x Reveillark
    4x Viscera Seer
    4x Wall of Omens
    Sorcery (14)
    3x Glimpse the Future
    4x Ideas Unbound
    4x Serum Visions
    3x Supreme Verdict
    Land (23)
    (I'll work about lands after I get the rest figured out)

    Instant (4)
    4x Gifts Ungiven
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