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  • posted a message on Graf Rats and Midnight Scavengers (New "Meld" mechanic)
    My guess is that only one of the cards is a flip card and the other is not and only has the symbol so people will know it's part of a combination.
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  • posted a message on Back to Kamigawa and more
    The Shrine of the Forsaken Gods has said to be a hint that Emrakul was coming to Innistraad. ( Since Emrakul is depicted as an angel. ) This seems to have held true at this point which leads me to consider the other hints in this card. The figure on the right, depicting Kozilek looks like a samurai straight from Kamigawa. He's even wielding a sword in a ninja-esque way. Meanwhile, Ulamog looks to be from Theros.
    The appearance of a planeswalker from Kamigawa also all but confirms a return there.

    To me, it's not so much a question of if there will be a new Kamigawa set in the future, but when.
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  • posted a message on [SoM] PAX Party -- Elspeth, Mox Opal, Tempered Steel
    Did they really have to make more great planeswalkers? I mean the blue/white planeswalker control deck is overwhelming as is, and it's not losing anything when Alara/M10 rotates. Did it really need to get better?

    Mox sux. Worst mox ever.

    White artifact love ftw. Tempered Steel honestly looks the best out of the 3.
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  • posted a message on Eight cards from Coldsnap. Snow is everywhere
    Quote from quetzilla »
    What is important to note is that the cards specifically say that snow mana can be paid with mana produced by any snow PERMANENT,

    Where did you learn what the cards really say?

    also i'd like to take but what I said about snow covered lands not being basic, because on MTG's site where the show the fat pack it says.

    • A 40-card Coldsnap basic land pack -- and these lands are Snow-covered!
    so one whould hope that you can use more then 4 in a deck
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  • posted a message on Hi mtg salvation!
    I've been coming to this website for a little while now.

    I decided to join the forum because I felt like I had something to add to alot of the discussions. My first addition was to help in translating the coldsnap spoilers. I hope to help the community as much as i can.
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  • posted a message on Eight cards from Coldsnap. Snow is everywhere
    I know a little french from high school and I can plainly make out that cuminative upkeep has made a comeback.

    also the use of the word meaning snow or snow covered

    in the card types of an enchantment creature and the land intrigues me. Appearantly there are snow covered creatures and snow covered enchantments in addition to the well known snow covered lands.

    The thing that worries me is that the type of the land seems to be snow covered land and not basic, so not only could it be that you can't use the old ones but you might only be able to use 4. but of course i'm not sure on that as I'm not a french expert.

    **Ok I don't know what you guys think requistion does but I'm pretty sure it gains control of target non-creature permanent and yo can discard cards instead of paying it's mana cost. ...or something like that. (dunno where the redirect thing came from)

    ****O and the symbol is definatly 1 snow covered mana. They have it in words higher on the webpage and it's worded as "un" 1 or a "mana" there's no french word for mana "neigeux" snow-covered.

    P.S. are these cards translated any where? cause I don't wanna waste my time translating them if they already are
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