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  • posted a message on DOMINARIA - Which Legendary creatures are you hoping for?
    Another 5-color sliver lord
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  • posted a message on RGx Monsters/Aggro
    Have you considered Hour of Glory? I was running it to decent effect in my Dinosaur list with a black splash.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    I am going to try for an uber-wide approach. I am not sure it is going to be as good as the CoCo-Jund varieties, but I am putting it here because it resembles this more than Combo versions. 18 Lands, 42 creatures.

    My goal here is to go wide as possible and combo off as possible. I like Sylvan Messenger more than lead because it will find itself and bloodbraid elf.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    Quote from Trigunner »
    @Worldsaverinc Could you write a bit more about your sideboard plans for specific matchups (not only the ones you mentioned at the top of this page)? I am trying different dinosaur builds atm, but with little success. I guess it's in part because I don't know how to sideboard with this deck yet. I didn't play standard before RIX, so I am not familiar with a lot of decks.

    I don't know if I am that great about sideboarding in Dinosaurs or the Metagame. I think I sideboard based on the cards that I have seen.

    Deathgorge Scavenger - They come in when I want to be faster and where the lifegain matters. I may bring them in as well during Scarab God and God Pharoah's Gift decks.

    Thrashing Brontodon - They come in when I want to be faster and where their are a lot of artifacts like Mardu Vehicles and God Pharoah's Gift deck. However, any aggro deck Thrashing Brontodon comes in.

    Abrade - They come in against Artifact and faster decks.

    Magma Spray - They come in against faster decks and I will consider Scarab God

    Hour of Devestation - I have been contemplating just putting them in the main, but any go wide faster or scarab god deck this goes in including lower to the ground Dinosaur decks. Since Carnage Tyrant, Burning Sun's Avatar, Etali Primal Storm, and Ghalta doesn't get hit by this, I am more willing to use this as just removal. I will get advantages from this more than the opponent will, so I don't mind losing Ripjaws or Ranging Raptors. I guess i don't put this in with control decks all that much. Hour of Devestation is brought in whenever I see a god being played.

    Nissa Vital Force - I put this in against midrange and control decks like approach. 5/5 haste is pretty crucial I think.

    Crook of Condemnation - I put this in strictly against GPG decks and Scarab God decks and if they are other graveyard decks. I have been contemplating them to Struggle//Survive as it becomes removal. We lost in the long game anyway, so the tempo of this works quite a bit for us.

    What I take out -

    The most common cards I remove are Ripjaw Raptor, Regisaur Alpha, and Sweltering Suns. Ranging Raptors I tend to keep for the ramp effect except when the removal or blocking lines up with the deck. So against Scarab God decks, I tend to focus on Ranging Ratpor and Ripjaw Raptor. I tend to favor ranging raptors in the main even after sideboarding as it is a decent blocker on curve, ramp is still important since I am playing 21 land and it is an excellent Reckless Rage target.

    Regisaur Alpha is just very expensive for what it does. I take it out for better tempo cards in the matchup. I will trim these and ripjaw raptors, but against aggro I take them out.

    Sweltering Suns is out against Dinosaurs, midrange, and control.

    Samut is left in when the player is playing a lot of x/1 where her minus does work. I also keep her in when the double strike on a carnage tyrant is really the only viable path to victory like a lot of midrange and scarab god decks.

    Chandra is removed against aggro as a 4 mana kill spell may not be enough to compete and the card advantage isn't as needed. She is better against control and midrange.

    Carnage Tyrant might be trimmed during aggro, but it is so good that I might not. Ghalta is far more likely to be removed as it is a combo win card and requires certain pieces. I am thinking of removing ghalta for Etali, Primal Storm or Burning Sun's Avatar.

    I don't remove Drovers, Thunderherd, or Communes because of 21 land, I am tend to keep low land hands and need the ramp to get set up for later. There isn't much of a choice for me on the whole. Reckless is removed when 4 damage might not matter.

    Ripjaw against Vraska Contempt decks is just a tap 4 mana and they gain 2 life and lose a card. Regisaur can be a liability against Vraska and Glorybringer decks.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from xElianx »
    why no one uses heroic intervention is so underated for slivers or any tribe that want to go wide? im my opinion it looks so solid against board wipe in some scenario even better than frenetic sliver, i know it has its downside against living end and All Is Dust

    Heroic Intervention is a fine card. The downside of it in slivers is that we don't have quite the number of sources as Elves who use it the best. it is easier to get green by turn 4 than by turn 2.

    It is also better for slivers to play Slivers due to the mana base and aether vial/coco then use Heroic Intervention.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    Quote from themilkman06 »
    @worldsaverinc, How do you like Ranging Raptors so far?

    Ranging Raptors has been fairly decent. They don't have the power to close the came, but they are essentially 3 power creature that prevents non-menace attacking and isn't easily removed without triggering the land grab. If they decide to use walk the plank or fatal push, it isn't on a Ripjaw or a Drover so all good. It also tends to be a fog effect and preserving life totals. People are willing to trade for a Deathgorge scavenger, they are less willing to trade for a ramp land I have found especially early in the game.

    Since, I am now using Reckless Rage, I can get some free Enrage Triggers off it as well which has been extremely useful at times.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Good Luck to all Sliver Players this weekend. May your Hive be true and the Axiom Stronger Together get us through.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    I was thinking of playing Sylvan Messenger and no Lead along side Bloodbraid Elf. 41-42 Elves. Go All Elven all the Time.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    I went 4-0 at my local FNM with a dinosaur list. I tried straight RG and it worked. I faced

    Round 1 - GPG Madcap Gearhulk - Lived a dream here. I won game 1 fairly convincingly with a Hashep Oasis, Carnage Tyrant, and Samut over a metalwork colossus and an Eternalized Noxious Gearhoulk. Game 2 was interesting in that a Crook of Condemnation kept him from doing anything as he couldn't find anything or I could exile the graveyard. I plinked away at him with Ranging Raptor and Drover the mighty until I had enough natural land for a Ghalta.

    Round 2 - Grixis Energy - I lost game 1 to Scarab God beats after he disallowed a hashep oasis on a carnage tyrant. A Chandra exile of Samut sealed the deal. Game 2 - we both mulligan to 5. I keep a hand of 2 lands and 3 thunderherd migration. I draw a Commune with nature picking up a deathgorge scavenger instead of a land so I can thunderherd next turn. I thunderherd then play deathgorge scavenger and drew a carnage tyrant. I draw and play 4th land and double thunderherd and slam Carnage Tyrant Number 1. I draw carnage tyrant number 2 the next turn and then draw hour of devestation for the win. Game 3 I once again mulligan to 5, but curve out nicely with carnage tyrant for the win.

    Round 3 - Sandworm Convergence Brew - This brew is essentially Naya with plenty of enchantment ramp and other enchantments to win the game on a stall out with sandworm convergence. Game 1, I run him over with dinos before he can set up victory. Chandra proved crucial here. Game 2, I accelerated a Chandra and a Nissa Vital Force and just started to attack him. A thrashing brontodon killed an ixalan binding getting back my Nissa for the win.

    Round 4 - RG Dinosaurs - Game 1 - I went first and won. Game 2 - He went first and won. Game 3 - I went first and won.

    I commonly side out Sweltering Suns, Ripjaw, Regisaur Alpha, Ranging Raptor depending on the matches.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    If only BBE was a Shaman instead of a Berserker...
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Slivers won't be really effected by either of this. We might even like Bloodbraid Elf getting unbanned as BGx might stop running kalitas. Slivers is pound for pound pretty awesome on a reactive footing while still providing proactive pressure. The main issue of slivers is being able to interact with the stack, but we can fight through removal spell as well as there is little pressure. Playing Jace allows us to put on pressure more and more especially with Blur Sliver. Boardwipe then Jace doesn't solve the Frenetic Sliver problem or the Sedge Regeneration problem or the Mutavault problem.

    Slivers will ultimately be fine. Jund might be an issue, but I would rather play Jund than Grixis Deathshadow.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    The one drops that I have used are Oath of Nissa primarily as we are in someways a combo deck, so it could hit a missing piece.

    I don't think Bloodbraid Elf helps us much. CoCo is better due to its instant speed and getting 2 creatures we really want. Unless we are playing nissa, voice of zendikar, we can't reliably get counters onto the hasty elf.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Forgot he mentioned his list in the signiture,

    I have been focusing on Dinosaurs in standard and haven't been playing any modern. I am looking forward to Dominaria and hope slivers are represented well.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    I am not sure G/W Devoted Elves would change. They wouldn't need to. However, GB Elves would adopt GSZ and become closer to the Legacy Elf version running perhaps Thoughtseizes and Abrupt Decays in the side like some of them do now with Shaman of the Pack as help.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    Those who have tested Wayward Swordtooth, what is the verdict?
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