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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    So I've been lurking on here for years (never had an account though) but I decided to take Shamans to a GP (now called "MagicFest") in January.

    With that being said, I'm trying to build the best build out of what I have and what I can easily get.
    I suggest you my list as a solid tested starting point to explore and refine this archetype

    1. Why has Green always been considered the dominant color when the best one drop and win condition are red? (Flamekin & Rage Forger)
    I only know one solid shamans list, its RG with mostly green.
    2. Why wasn't Adaptive Automaton ever played more?
    He is slow as is (3 cmc regular lord, no additional abilities), also he doesnt work well with the deck - no mana reduction from Bosk Baneret. But you can try him, maybe he is good enough. Also as a guy who plays him in other decks Id say being an artifact is another disadvantage.
    3. What was the consensus on Collected Company and Atarka's Command in the builds of the Gruul deck?
    Im pretty sure to play Collected Company your deck should be able to cast it t3 consistently or have some disruption or incorporate some combo to win t4 with it. And better two of three or more. Otherwise you set yourself for a loss like in Slivers or Shamans: no reliable way to play it t3 to win t4 mean you just too slow for format. Though it can be used as anti-wrath tech.
    I use two-of Atarka's Command, they are solid given we have a lot of creatures and almost no disruption and we need to win fast. It helps boost our squishy creatures and highers our count of t4 goldfish wins.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from GreySavant »
    I wondered if Frenetic Sliver could give Slivers game vs UW Control. According to my initial testing, Fast Slivers holds its own against Terminus and the aggro decks of the format. I like Frenetic Sliver as an alternative to CoCo, as it makes your slivers more likely to survive; it creates card advantage, on average. A few more thoughts:
    • I used to like a few Mutagenic Growth. Now I'm not sure, since fewer of the top decks play Bolt. But many do play Phantasmal Image, which the Growth is still good against.
    • I tend to err on the side of more mana sources, since the 5c mana base includes Mutavaults. I have one basic, an Island. I would like another, but I don't think that's reasonable.
    • Bonesplitter Sliver lets the team hit hard. I am tempted to play it as at least a one-of (in a no-CoCo list), though it is likely too slow to cast off AEther Vial.
    • Since I still feel that Diffusion Sliver is our best card, I would hate to play Phantasmal Image, as it's not protected. I wonder about Mirror Image instead.
    • My working list is linked below. Do offer advice on my curve. Thanks!
    At 4 mana Id rather have Bonescythe Sliver. I dont like Ancient Ziggurat because it stops Sliver Hive activations also it doesnt work with Mutavaults and Vials.
    Bolt is still the most played card by far and I think 1 Mutagenic is a must have and second is ok too. Humans and Spirits are top decks and both play Phantasmal Image https://www.mtggoldfish.com/metagame/modern#paper.
    Im not very high on Frenetic, I use it against board wipes but even against high removal count decks I can leave it in side (Slivers are ok with Bolts and Pathes because first get countered by Mutagenic and the latter is card disadvantage, but Fatal Pushes and KCommands hurt)
    Also I think in a world of Pathes and Field of Ruin two basics is better
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from BRWPox »
    Quote from ThisIsKraben »
    Quote from BRWPox »
    Congrats ekienhol and rironj for your results!

    I was building another version of sliver trying to deal with Tron, Blood Moon and mass removal, and I end up with the following list.

    Still need to test it, last time I played the list wasn't complete, I had none of the sliver lands and other cards. If there some event around here I'll try to go and test.

    What you think ? (I mean, despite the lack o vial set and mutavaults) could that work?

    Manabase looks very clunky to say the least in order to play your black mana spells. Slivers are notorious for not being able to include colored spells outside the Sliver hive in which we could have been able to use Sliver hive etc etc. Hence the go-to spell often are dismember as removal and/or colorless artifact hate. Perhaps with 4x Verdant Catacombs and a bunch of black sources to search for? I have my doubts. Bowmans original list had abrupt decays in it but there is a reason why thats not the case any longer and have been for a while. Only colored spell I would really play are collected companay as it fits more with the theme and are more reliable to cast later on.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I agree. I think I would need to double the number of black mana sources, I would add another 7 sources in a split between fetches and shock lands in order to cast the black spells properly, and discard is not the type of top deck I would like in the late game.

    I'm build with what I got so far and although it's not ideal, I think it would be and interesting test. Maybe the information I got from Duress could help me out, not sure, got to test it still.
    Duress is a sideboard card, dont play it main unless you want to beat very specific local meta. Even then slivers dont go well with that plan as their manabase needs a lot of 'slivers' mana. And Id say it is impossible for budget build with that plan to stay consistent enough, just replace them with Adaptive Automaton and stay dangerous. As for other deck suggestions, as said above there are two builds, choose playstyle you like more and head in that direction, with budget replacements or trying non-mainstream cards like Lead the Stampede or Murderous Cut
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    Bridge and Profane memento behave like sideboard cards - they can be blanks, they can be iwin buttons. Im not high on mainboarding them. Though Collective Brutality kinda allows to play bad cards.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    So which UB list did you like better?
    +3 mission briefing + 2 opt
    +2 Mission Briefing +3 Manic Scribe

    I was building this deck and I feel like the scribe fits better with the surveil. I am just curious how you feel about the opt.

    Hands down Manic Scribe
    Why even Opt? Draw-go wants Opt, why Mill should want it? It has a lot of sorcery speed cards, it doesnt benefit much of having untapped lands. Opt is basically a cantrip, we dont want that. Card selection isnt a high priority also as we are not a combo deck. Or a deck that has to dig for specific answer like control which otherwise will lose too many games to Ad Nauseam with pathes and sweepers and to Humans with thoughtseizes and mana leaks in hand.
    I played with Thought Scour and I didnt like it. It makes your curve awkward. You draw random cards and 40% of them are lands. So you miss them early and flooded with them late. Enlarge one of these and reduce the other if you shift your land count lower or higher but you wont escape problems. The potential cure is mana sinks but they have their own downsides.
    I didnt play much with Mission Briefing but I think the right number of copies is 1-2. Its not such a great card which you want often, its casting cost is hard. I suits kinda well into Delirium package being an enabler and a payoff in a single card but its not great overall.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    When I rated cards, I defined top 3 as Liliana, Inquisition and Ravens Crime
    Mutavault wasnt in the contest but Id say I will put it top5 and Smallpox top4
    Smallpox is cool because you can 'use' a blank card as discard, helps big time with consistency
    And consistency is very important in 8 Rack
    IpPlay 3 Funeral Charms for years and still happy
    Versatility gives consistency and consistency is a king
    I wont go to 5 racks, maybe 7 at max. We need to win games once we neutralized their threats. With 5 racks we will die to opp topdecks too often (discard is weak to topdecks))
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from thnkr »
    So I just tested it. It was absolutely bonkers. Here's the list I tested:

    I didn't test with a sideboard, just wanted to see how it would work out. I included eight fetches to keep spells on top when I would hit a land clump. I also included a single Overgrown Tomb, expecting that being able to fetch for green could be good for sideboard options. White may be better, though. It worked exactly as I imagined it would, just chaining discard/Racks/removal/etc. Raven's Crime and Collective Brutality made great use of cards drawn that I couldn't play.
    This looks interesting. I didnt play it and my initial thoughts are we want to play 4 Lilianas, 4 Ravens Crime not only because they are must have in traditional build but also they have synergy with "you cant play cards from your hand". Another thought we want something with flashback and jump-start but seems there nothing playable (Faithless Looting?) So Id replace one removal and probably Thoughtseize with Liliana and RC and replaced 1-2 lands with Urborg (life, revolt and shuffle convenience) and maybe some mana sink land. Blightning seems not needed while we arent even full on Wrench Minds. Also maybe 4 Experimental Frenzy is not optimal and 2-3 is better. Pack Rat can be also good because mana sink and absense of Smallpox. Im going to test it online, too bad Experimental Frenzy already jumped from jank rare and Blackcleave Cliffs are on the peak now.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 9-13
    remotely playable in Delver, As Foretold decks
    putting two cards into graveyard for 2 mana is not an effect you will like
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    Are you kidding? Replace Glimpse with Mission Briefing??
    Replace one of the most efficient mill cards (in mill!) for random cast from your graveyard? With hard casting cost and even no reliability that you will have targets at all in your grave. And when you will have targets 80% of the times it wouldnt be Archive Trap
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    I think 8 Rack cares much about card advantage. Path wasnt good and this can be mediocre too. Though there are green splashes already and this can be used as universal answer to problematic cards (Tron lands, Leyline, Chalice, Planeswalkers, Aszcanta), worth trying.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Damping Sphere is good, way better than Crumble to Dust imo

    oh I see you can
    +3 Molten Rain
    +3 Damping Sphere
    +2 Goblin Rabblemaster
    +2 Smash to Smithereens

    vs Tron on top of Blood Moons
    I dont think you need more help)
    With such variety of tools Id definitely replace Crumble to Dust with Dragon's Claw

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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Id go
    +3 Delirium Skeins
    +3 Asylum Visitor
    +1 Nezumi Shortfang
    +1 Leyline
    -2 Smallpox
    -3 Fatal Push
    -2 Ensnaring Bridge
    -1 Rack
    Im not high on Visitor or Nezumi but they are better than removal
    Generally I side out 2 rack effects vs Control but you have a lot of bad cards main for this matchup. Funeral Charm helps with this, its always ok and it doesnt feel bad to leave it main after side.
    Relic is a nice card to have in side, worst case it cantrips for two and often it provides value for 'free'
    Teferi and Azcanta are biggest offenders in this matchup, I think Leyline is justified because it also helps vs Snapcaster
    Delirium should be good. You want to play it empty handed to discard 2-3 cards. Collateral damage to white Leyline but Im not sure they play it nowadays
    I think you want to play atleast 3 Wrench Minds, 8Rack got worse, we need to fight all this card advantage around
    I think Field of Ruin is our next best choice after conventional lands but I dont know if it worth to cut Swamp. Definitely Im not cutting Urborg or Mutavault. It can be a nice option in side, mainly if Tron is big in your meta.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Quote from Hugo do Prado »
    We could say the same about Eternal list before the GP 1st place some time ago, that the deck is "useless".

    The fact is that this version (Dragons) is now popular and has it's strengths. In my opinion it has the same power level as the Eternal list, but for different playstyle and meta.

    Nothing avoids anyone to have a card pool for both lists, as the cards are cheap.
    I went to a pptq final using this list, and not got not even the top8 using Eternal list for more than 1 and a half year!

    One can say any meaningless stuff but I pretend to have an argumented opinion.
    Skred Red was an established tier3-4 archetype prior to gp win. Aside from those that say there are 3-5 good decks I knew 2 years ago that there are 50 decks that can win a gp.
    I playtested the deck and it was horrible.
    Like, what are this deck's win conditions?
    Ok Blood Moon wins games occasionally. Its rare, but some decks get destroyed by Moon, some lose too much tempo.
    Aside from that, 4 mana 4/4 flyer, 5 mana 4/4 haste flyer? Really, in modern?
    This is not an aggro, control or combo deck. Its a bad midrange deck with a lot of removal and standard power level finishers.
    It has little disruption to overcome combo decks, almost no card advantage or speed to overcome control decks.
    This is on top of curve inconsistency (6 5-drops, little mana sinks -> hello mana flood and mana screw) and questionable mainboard cards (Ratchet bomb and Anger of Gods are not good midrange cards, Draconic Roar is a joke)
    Yes this deck should have solid winrate vs small creatures decks but against others it flops.
    You post good finishes with the deck, but I bet there are more bad finishes hidden
    To anyone else trying this deck: expect 20-30% winrate
    I think 'Eternal Skred' is a superior deck because it gives more consistency and more reliability because with the same removal package you get wincons that dont die to Path, Push or Dismember
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    This Dragons deck is useless. Yes it can win via t3 Blood Moon or if your opponent is soft to removal or if he get unlucky but generally it is useless. Playtested and very dissapointed.
    Maybe there will be sometimes a good list but current lists are garbage.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I used list posted on previous page, adjustments were +1 Frenzy, -1 Spined main, +1 Darkheart, -1 Syphon sb
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