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  • published the article Changes to MTGSalvation User Accounts
    Recently, we provided users the ability to merge their MTGSalvation account with a new or existing Twitch account. With Twitch account merging, we’re able to provide more streamlined account security, faster user support, and an easier log-in process. Now, we’d like to extend these benefits to all MTGSalvation users.
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  • published the article MTG Salvation Deck Builder Coming Soon
    We are happy to announce that the deck builder will be the next feature we release on MTG Salvation! We want to make it as easy as ever for everyone to find the latest and most voted on decks right there!
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  • published the article MTG Salvation Changelog: 2/5/14

    IMPORTANT: Don't miss the "Launch Giveaway!" where you can win 6 Theros booster packs!

    We have another quick list of changes made this morning. We have many more changes on the way such as Sig limits, hiding sigs and avatars and much more!


    • Base Forums should all now be Visible.

    • Trade and Sale posts can now be edited without getting an error.

    • Forum titles are no longer bolded.

    We'll be doing these changelogs fairly regularly for the foreseeable future as we continue to receive your feedback and implement new features and fixes. We want to thank everyone for being patient with this transition. Stay tuned for additional changelogs in the near future.

    Still have questions about the new site? Check out our frequently updated FAQ!

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  • published the article MTGSalvation Update FAQ

    MTGSalvation Update FAQ!

    The time has come, and the site update is going live on February 3rd, 2014. We have put together a very quick FAQ with some of the most important questions we see being asked. Please keep in mind that even though the site is now live, this does not mean there will not be more updates. We already have two massive lists of things you all want, and that we are already working on getting into the very next patch!

     I Don't Know My MTGSalvation Email and Can Not Log In!

    We have enabled the log in process on the old MTGS page. Simply click that link, sign in, and your email will be displayed there!

    The old website and the new website are NOT linked. This is ONLY to grab your MTGS email so that you can log in on the new site!

    [Update] Where is Market Street Cafe

    It's still here! Due to some permission importing issues. It is currently hidden to some. The forum should return once the permissions are set.

    Keep reading for the FAQ

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  • published the article MTGS Beta Returns - Looking for Feedback!

    Welcome to the second round of the MTGS Beta. A lot of the community feedback was integrated into this deploy of the beta. Anything new added or fixed in this round can be found below in green. Please leave any feedback here in this article, or in one of the feedback forum posts 

    Card Database

    • Every Card: Including Spoilers - The new MTGS Card Database not only includes all the cards you would expect, but also includes cards from sets that are still being spoiled!
    • Card Prices - Every card page also tracks the Low, Average, and High price for the last 5 months of each card letting you stay on top of card prices easily.
    • Linked Right to the MTGS Trade Tool - When selecting a card in the database, if the card is found in any users trade or sale post, there will be a tab for "Up For Trade" linking to the users trade post making it super easy to trade for the cards you need
    • Loads of Search Filters - We have including all the usual search filters including some other great ones such as "Refers to other Cards", "Price Trending Down/Up", "Reprint", and many more.
    • Visual Listing - By default when searching the databases you will get a very simple listing, however by switching to "Visual" you can get a much more detailed listing for each card including its picture and other information.
    • Card Tooltips - Card Tooltips from the database are integrated into the forums. By using the [card] tag and the card name.
    • Transform CardsThe card database now has the option to display the reverse side of transform cards.

     The New Trading Post

    • Card Picker - To make it that much easier to set up your list, we include a quick search box for cards letting you find the cards you want to include in your list. You can easily search, click, and insert right into your post for quick formatting
    • No More Un-Needed Bumping - You no longer need to fear when replying in your thread. We have a new bumping system that lets you click "bump" once every 24 hours. It is now the only way to bump your thread back to the top!
    • Auto Retire - Now trade posts that are not active will become retired after 30 days (and a PM will automatically be sent to you). But fear not, you are now able to resurrect your posts on your own at any time!
    • Notifications -  You will not get a notification when someone posts in your Trade post
    • People You have Traded With - If you have traded with a user in the past it will now show up in their profile!
    • Preview Tooltips - When linking anyone to your trade post the link will automatically have a tooltip. When you mouse over the link it will list The user, their feedback rating, and a quick preview of the cards they want to trade with/for (or Sale)


    • Full Width - Forums will now scale to the full width of your browser
    • Nicknames With Spaces- The Nickname system now supports spaces and punctuation. No accented characters are supported at this time. We have re-imported all nicknames from the live site.
    • Currently Viewing Members - Forums and threads now list users who are currently viewing said forum/thread after the title
    • 25 Threads per page - We now list 25 threads per page on the forums!
    • Magic Related BBcode Now in the Editor - To make it easier when posting we have no include things like [card] and [deck] into the editor's quick buttons
    • Moderators -  We now list the moderators for each forum in the parent listing
    • First unread Post - Clicking on a thread from the parent forum listing now brings you to the first unread post.
    • Forum Subscription Management - You can now access and manage all of your subscribed content in a centralized My Subscriptions section of your account.
    • View Thread Participants - By clicking on the number of replies a thread has, a box listing every user that has posted in the thread will now show!
    • Post History - Once a post has been edited, a box with the previous versions of the post will be selectable, so you can view and switch back to an older version of the post at any time.


    • More than One Spoiler Set at a Time - The spoiler section can now hold more than one spoiler set at a time.
    • Much More Organized - Cards are now listed in sections (such as "multicolored", "land", "white", and so on) With a quick "jump to" section. Cards are also on a fixed size giving it a much cleaner look
    • Card Previews - Once there is an image, you can mouse over the title or image button to get a preview of the card
    • Searchable Right Away in the Database -  As talked about above, all spoilers are entered in to the Database right away.

    Other Quality of Life Changes

    • Easier to Follow PMs - The PM system has been changed, making PMs act like private forum threads.
    • Recent Forum posts and Trades From Homepage - Recent forum posts and trades now show up right on the front page, making it easier to see whats new right from the start.
    • Easy to Track Forum Updates - Using the "New Content" Section you can sort from topics since the last time you logged on, topics active in the last day, or only show topics are you Subscribed to!
    • User Blogs - Users now have their own section for blogs. Going to "My Content" Will now let you create and view all your own blog posts
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