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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Phoenix - Modern
    Quote from Zulander »
    Quote from r497 »
    Quote from SmauG »
    No Zoo in the top 32, that's a shame. I was really hoping for a return of my favorite archetype in magic.

    They could at least have published the 8-0 Zoo's decklist

    I'm sorry Frown I tried my best but didn't draw the 3rd land against affinity to blow him out with Kozilek's Return in the final game. My list is here though and I'll be posting a report soon after finals are done on Thursday.


    I wen't 8-0 into 11-4.
    3x Humans
    2x Jund
    BR Hollow One
    Lantern Control
    RG Eldrazi
    Grixis Shadow

    UW Control (10th place guy)
    Ponza (He won SCG Dallas last week)
    4c Saheeli/Jace/ValueTown.dec

    Cool! I see you won 2-0 against Ben Meyer in round 13. Do you remember what deck he played?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UWr Midrange
    Quote from Frenadol »
    Hey guys, longtime Legacy player here, decided to build a UWR deck now that JTMS got unbanned so I could play some Modern. Went 4-0 this weekend with this list I threw together.

    Decided to go the Pyro route instead of hard control because I sold my Cryptics years ago when I stopped playing UWR Control, and honestly, with how tight the manabase is I don't even feel like I need them that much. Scepter synergyzes well with Pyro, especially now that the format has access to Opt. Don't have any of the newer cards like Search for Azcanta, although with JTMS I don't feel it's needed anyways. Suggestions welcome!

    Hi, interesting take on the deck! Smile How is it working? I've been messing around with Young Pyromancer + Jace lately too. In my experience it works best when I maximize the number of 1-drop instants and sorceries. I see you have 10, perhaps try to push it up a bit. Path is important and good with Peezy so I'd play 4. Sometimes it's even nice to have the option to path an elemental token to get a basic (like against Ponza or when manascrewed for other reasons) Did you consider some Serum Visions? It's stronger than Opt at digging for what you need (lands etc.) Scepter is spicy and can be very strong in the right matchups, but I'd be scared to play it maindeck because of all the Kolaghans Commands, Abrupt Decays, Maelstrom Pulses and other things around now. It's also a bit too slow and clunky sometimes (3 Jace might be enough clunk already) Perhaps move it to the sideboard.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UWr Midrange
    I saw this interesting conversation between Brian Braun Duin and Shaheen Soorani where Brian says this:
    "Jace isn't a control card
    you have to play a deck that gets on board early
    and then plays jace
    jace is a midrange card"

    Now, what does it look like, a midrange deck in jeskai colors that plays jace? What are the midrange creatures best fit to play with jace (besides snapcaster)? Geist is a traditional midrange creature, but isn't it too offensive to play with jace? Shouldn't it rather be defensive creatures that can protect jace against attackers?
    Jeskai colors lacks beefy defenders like tarmogoyf/tasigur. The closest we got there is perhaps Blade Splicer or Wall of Omens. We do have access to some cards that can go wide, like Young Pyromancer and Secure the wastes that can defend or chump with tokens. Spell Queller has at least a 3 toughness butt, so it can defend against some weenies.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Brian Braun Duin to Shaheen Soorani:
    "Jace isn't a control card
    you have to play a deck that gets on board early
    and then plays jace
    jace is a midrange card"
    Shaheen didn't take these words lightly, but is he right?
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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Phoenix - Modern

    #42 was on Zoo. I can ask him if I can give you the list. He's been playing Zoo forever - a Zoo aficianado for sure. He showed me a spreadsheet of his tournament reports, mostly WNM and FNM, which had him at 67.5% win percentage at the time. That SHHHHOOOCKED me. His win percentage with Zoo is 2% higher than my overall Modern win percentage, although I have played some stinkers from time to time.

    Great Smile
    Found some more from the stream:
    34 Graves, Robert - Kiki Chord
    41 Kiefer, Quinn - Hollow one
    64 Sullano, Andrew - Elves
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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Phoenix - Modern
    Can anyone fill in some missing information about what was played in top 64? I'll update and edit the list with new info.
    33 Yeem, Soohwang - Burn
    34 Graves, Robert - Kiki Chord
    35 Yam, Wing Chun - Burn
    36 Kiefer, Jack - Ponza
    37 Severson, Eric - Hollow one
    38 Liu, Richard
    39 Weitz, Benjamin - Ironworks
    40 Carpenter, Brad - Grixis Shadow
    41 Kiefer, Quinn - Hollow one
    42 Shaath, Zuhair - Zoo
    43 Loveman, Eli
    44 Gordon, Ray
    45 Stern, Jon - Mono green Tron
    46 Swanson, Gray
    47 Tomajko, Oliver
    48 Baeckstrom, Andrew - Ironworks
    49 Kovac, Chase
    50 Turensky, Benjamin
    51 Goeltz, Austin
    52 Colker, Nathan
    53 Marino, Lee
    54 Garcia Rosas, Jose Daniel - BW Pox
    55 Adams, Jesse
    56 Meyer, Ben - Burn
    57 Pardee, Samuel - Ironworks
    58 Eakins, Loren
    59 Babis, Robert - Goblins
    60 Li, Chris
    61 Moran, Spencer
    62 Kirshon, Daniel
    63 Carey, Bryan - Jund
    64 Sullano, Andrew - Elves
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UWr Midrange
    Quote from axman »
    It looks like I may have come full circle back to my original Jeskai Flash brew.
    I still love spell queller. By far my favorite card in modern. I have a weird strategy where I never cut it.... even vs decks with tons of removal. It's just too much of a fantastic tempo swing.

    Did a competitve league tonight and went 4-1 loosing only to Eldrazi Tron.
    Beat Dredge, BR hallow one, four color living end, and 8 rack.

    How did you manage to beat dregde? I always felt Relic of Progenitus is not enough in that matchup and that I need Rest in Peace to really have a chance.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Quote from tronix »
    i wouldnt bring in molten rain against ponza. they are 2 colors with mana creatures to boot.

    I've been having some success Molten Raining their Utopia Sprawl enchanted forests. Maybe you're right and I was just lucky, I'll test some more.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Quote from zcowan »
    @0oSunnYo0 I see in your bio you play green/red Ponza? Since you understand the deck well, how do you play around it with Jeskai? Is there any strategy to shutting them out?

    It has been my worst matchup lately and I hate going up against it because I feel like I'm not even playing magic as they take me off of all of my colors.. lol

    One advice: If you have several fetchlands, play them out without cracking them for as long as possible. If you only have two uncracked fetches in play, they can't play their turn 2/turn 3 Molten Rain/Stone Rain (because you would crack it in response). And then the next turn, hopefully you have enough mana and countermagic to protect yourself.

    If you have room for Spreading Seas, it's a great spell in this matchup, both because Utopia Sprawl falls off when you play it on an enchanted forest, and because you can play it on your own land under a Blood Moon to make an island (provided you already have one basic island in play).

    If you have Molten Rain in the sideboard, you can play it on their enchanted land (two-for-one)
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Quote from TheAller »
    I'm a big fan of Secure but the thing with playing multiples is you rarely want to draw more than 1 copy of it.

    That will depend heavily on the matchup. In the games I've won against jund on the back of this card, I've been happy to draw multiple copies. It's an ok play for 4 mana and gets increasingly more insane from 5 mana and up.

    Quote from TheAller »
    Usually you want exactly 1.

    If you really WANT to draw one copy during the game, then that will probably not happen if you play only one copy in your 60. If you play 2 copies, you have a reasonable chance of drawing it through the course of the game.

    Quote from TheAller »
    And also other cards are competing for that spot, including Jace himself

    I'd say the tokens synergizes well with Jace and other walkers because it can protect it and chump block if necessary. End step secure + main phase Jace, and you're in a good spot to start brainstorming.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    I feel one copy of Secure the wastes is too little these days. The card is a house against jund and other grindfests, and if they discard it it's almost as good with a topdecked Snapcaster in the lategame. Definitely a card you want to draw in such games and then one copy is too low. I like it in both big control and tempo/midrange.

    In non-grindy games, 3 power at instant speed for 4 mana is similar to a restoration angel and a decent clock to play out when they didn't play anything worthy of your counterspell.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Quote from tronix »

    if people are actively looking for new directions to take the color combo i think there are a few choices:

    -tappout control
    -young pyromancer tokens

    none of these has proven themselves yet, so anything related to them would require experimentation.

    Many people are experimenting with Young Pyromancer now in the wake of it's success in the Pro tour in UR and mardu colors.
    Not so much in jeskai colors, though, even after the success of UR Pyromancer, but this bad boy with disrupting shoals showed up in the latest league results:
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  • posted a message on [Primer] 4C Gifts
    Any good rites target (sideboard?) to deal with GW Hexproof?
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Decks with strong conversion from the day 2 meta to top32 in Dallas Open:
    Eldrazi - 5 out of 6 day 2 decks made top 32
    Storm - 5 out of 7 day 2 decks made top 32
    Company - 4 out of 6 day 2 decks made top 32

    Decks with weak conversion from the day 2 meta to top32 in Dallas Open:
    Burn - 1 out of 6 day 2 decks made top 32
    Tron - 1 out of 5 day 2 decks made top 32
    Hexproof - 1 out of 4 day 2 decks made top 32
    Jund - 2 out of 6 day 2 decks made top 32

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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    A queller list made top 8 in the SCG classic with one planeswalker in the main, and it's not jace hehe Smile but a Gideon AoZ. One jace in the sideboard. Looks like jace is falling in favor.
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