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Name Subtype Color Cost Rarity Set Price
Wall of Wonder Wall Blue 2 U U Uncommon Legends $1.57
Whirling Dervish Human Monk Green G G Uncommon Legends $9.64 ($0.08)
White Mana Battery - Colorless 4 Uncommon Legends $1.56 +$0.07
Willow Satyr Satyr Green 2 G G Rare Legends $45.03
Winds of Change - Red R Uncommon Legends $18.87 ($0.43)
Winter Blast - Green X G Rare Legends $12.84 +$0.15
Wolverine Pack Wolverine Green 2 G G Common Legends $0.29 ($0.01)
Wood Elemental Elemental Green 3 G Rare Legends $14.50
Xira Arien Insect Wizard Multi B R G Rare Legends $19.99 ($0.01)
Zephyr Falcon Bird Blue 1 U Common Legends $0.25