Grenzo's Rebuttal

Oracle Text

Create a 4/4 red Ogre creature token. Starting with you, each player chooses an artifact, a creature, and a land from among the permanents controlled by the player to their left. Destroy each permanent chosen this way.

Card Rulings

5/29/2014 The choices are made in turn order starting with you. However, all chosen permanents are destroyed simultaneously.
5/29/2014 None of the chosen permanents are targeted. A player can choose a creature with protection from red, for example.
5/29/2014 If a permanent has more than one of the listed types, it can be chosen for any of them. For example, if the player to your left controls an artifact creature, you could choose it as the creature, the artifact, or both.
5/29/2014 The player on your right can choose the Ogre that Grenzo’s Rebuttal creates.