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Treasure Cruisin' - Manaless Dredge
  • posted a message on Naya Token Card Draw Options?
    How easy is it for you to get tokens pumped to at least 3 power? I started using Mouth in Gahiji tokens because he can reliably make my 1/1s into 3/1s. The card gave me something to do in the early game besides ramp which the deck was lacking and it gave me an option to use in the late game while it was just sitting in the graveyard. I Usually net 4-5 cards off of it. The most it's ever gotten me was 30 or so.
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  • posted a message on Growing Rites of Itlimoc
    I know Ixalan is still relatively new so people may not have had ample time to test new stuff.

    When I saw Growing Rites of Itlimoc spoiled I was hype. I thought to myself wow, I can afford Gaea's Cradle. As I've been playing with it, my hype dwindled. My deck that wants it has a mix of creatures that produces tokens and instants/sorceries that make tokens.(Gahiji tokens) It only runs 16 creatures and every time I've played it, it has never gotten me a creature. But I have flipped it on two occasions.

    Even though a Gaea's Cradle effect is something obvious that the deck wants. I do not believe it is worth it if I can't get value out of the enchantment effect, and then go through a hoop to make it Gaea's Cradle.

    If anyone else has used the card, how has it been for them? Is there a certain number of creatures that you can have in your deck that makes getting a creature off of it's enchantment effect more reliable?
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  • posted a message on Controlling Dissidents (Kess, Dissident Mage)
    I'm trying to build a non-storm Kess deck myself, so im looking for inspiration anywhere I can get it. Some suggestions.

    Maybe Cut is better than Roast? One less power, can get flyers and can be a finisher sitting in the graveyard. It's not like Exsanguinate where it sits in your hand and is bad until you have a bunch of mana

    Curtain's Call: I usually play with 3 other people so this always costs 3 for me. Not sure how it would fair in your meta

    Ancient Excavation and Grave Upheaval Can be cycled away for land in the early game and used with Kess later.

    Jace, Vyrn's Prodigy Snapcaster Mage: Re use spells when Kess is in the command zone. And probably not as good but Goblin Dark-Dwellers
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  • posted a message on Kess, Dissident Mage Commander Discussion [Let's Brew!]
    I have cards all over the floor, a bunch of tabs open and ive been trying to figure out how to build Kess all day.

    I built a Scarab God deck but despite me liking the card a lot, he required too much work to get going for my taste. I still kinda want him in a deck. My first plan was wheel/reanimator in order to support Locust/Scarab God. The idea sounds fun, just not sure how to go about executing it and if its the best (or even a reliable) non-storm thing I can do. I mean if it's wheels, maybe Nekusaur is better suited for that?

    Some silly idea I came up with was to cast exsanguinate for a bunch of mana with Neheb, the Eternal on board. Use the bunch of mana u got with him and re cast exsanguinate with Kess.

    I do like getting advantage out of her casting those small draw spells, what im looking for is a consistent way to win. Just not sure if more creatures or more spells is the way to go.

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  • posted a message on The Scarab God, which approach to take
    My first draft that I currently have is zombie tribal with a lean on zombie tokens for better Scarab triggers, and a bunch of Lords to make the tokens and bit better. It also has paradox haze and training Grounds because they just go well with Scarab. I do not have too much mill though.

    After playing with it for a few weeks I can't say I'm fond of the direction I chose. I usually play with at least 3 other people and it is really hard to keep an army of Zombies AND Scarab on the field at the same time by the time my upkeep comes along. So if this is the approach you are doing, I don't want to say just forget about it, it's bad, but it is risky.

    I might try the opposite next. More focus on it's eternalize ability but try to keep a zombie sub theme so it does not become too similar to my Mimeoplasm.

    To answer one your questions

    1) I played 7 Lords and in a lot of cases I ended with hands of Lords looking down on my field clear of zombies cuz of a board wipe. Maybe it is too much, I'm going to suggest 5 maybe 6 Lords. The ones that served me the best were Lord of the Undead, Cemetery Reaper, Diregraf Captain and Undead Warchief

    I'm in the same boat with trying to figure out what to do myself and I mostly have the same questions that you do.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/x Zombies
    Quote from Tim1137 »
    went undefeated at local FNM with this list:

    selfless spirit was an all star in this build. It totally threw off my opponents and changed their game plan against me. dusk // dawn was another great card too, won be multiple games using both modes. You can also sac a selfless spirit to protect your pumped zombies.

    I was just thinking about splashing white for wayward servant and shambling vent to have some life gain as a leg up against aggressive red decks. Glad to hear you did good with it. Curious, how was it not playing with Dread Wanderer?

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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/x Zombies
    this concept seems interesting. Although the only issue with decks like this in general is the turn you can play anointed procession, that's it. It's easy for many decks to take advantage of taking a whole turn doing *nothing* and the advantage you gain from it afterwards sometimes does not make up for it. I have not played much this new standard but my experience with this was from Parallel Lives back in original Innistrad standard. I will still look into something like this because as a poster from before said it seems Zombies are not as viable this time around despite, Aetherworks gone.

    While it is still unclear at, it is safe to assume that the God-Pharoah's Gift deck shows promise. It's most basic goal which can make a 6/6 flying lifelinker appear and swing at you can put you behind enough to not come back. A 6/6 Angel of Invention gets past grasp of darkness. It's a copy too. And not a regular token so it completely avoids fatal push. Dark Salvation has the potential to kill it but it's at sorcery speed.

    Personally I have no idea what to do so I'm curious what others think about it. I mostly picked up the black zombie deck because it played very similar to my modern Merfolk and I enjoyed it a lot. While not the most surprising of innovations. I liked the blue splash for scarab god in one of the recent decks. I like Gissa and Geralf too but not as much. I also believe the blue splash has more potential if GFG gets bigger because if u bounce the "eternalized" token that deals with them. Im not sure if standard has any good bounce spells ATM tho.

    Sorry for the wall of text.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/x Zombies
    I just keep thinking how awesome Plague Belcher would be with Geralf's Messenger I think WB zombies is cool, I just dont like thst Wayward servant is the only thing pushing me in that direction. Still trying to come up with a BR build with a fast clock.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/x Zombies

    The last time I played zombies it was something like this back in original Innistrad/RTR standard. Oh boy was it aggressive. Maybe now it can finally be replicated. I imagine playing a deck with Glorybringer and Hazoret as wincons. I'm not sure if there is any other constructed viable hasty threat on turn 4.
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  • posted a message on BG counters
    Quote from TheEmgee »
    I went undefeated at my local FNM. I was fortunate enough to be paired against two control decks which I 2-0'd. MVP cards against them were Scrapheap Scrounger, Ruinous Path / To The Slaughter, Transgress the Mind, Nissa, Vital Force, and War Machine Walking Ballista. I played the following list but it is going to change before my next FNM.

    On another note, Pro Tour Aether Revolt showed Mardu Vehicles as the popular deck. Saheeli decks were having a difficult time. Once we figure out the best cards against control, we should use our collective minds to prep against Mardu Vehicles and RB zombies.
    I'm glad you did better against control than I did. I would not worry about vehicles too much, GB decks have been beating them hard in the last few opens, only reason there are a lot in the PT top 8 is because of the sheer number of people playing it because of it's good MU vs control. I would bring in Liliana's because it's Plus 1 deals with motorist and toolcraft, even it can't kill anything it can make creatures unable to crew stuff. Fatal Push just straight up kills Kiran.
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  • posted a message on BG counters

    Went 2-2 at FNM tonight. Control truly is a pain to deal with.

    0-2 UR Dynavolt Control

    answers for my creatures followed by Gearhulk followed by getting beaten to death by it.

    2-0 GB delirium

    First game I won because I was able to race with a Aethersphere Harvester with 5 counters on it from Snek and Gearhulk. Next game I won because he never hit delirium and lost 8 life from his own demon, he also got land flooded.

    2-0 RG energy.

    This matchup was not bad I answer threats with removal, then win with big stuff. Game two I won by curving 2 Snakes into Kalitas in to Gearhulk with 3 counters on it and 5 on Kalitas.

    0-2 American control

    First game was same as the last control match. Game 2 was much better for me though, because of Lifecraters bestiary, I was able to fix draws, and draw more. By the end of it I had all of his manlands and two gearhulks down, but I still ended up getting killed by one when the lands started flooding.

    All in all against the aggro decks, it was great being able to have deathtouch defenders, (they made killing the Hydra that can give itself hexproof easy.)The lifelink was great as well. Unfortunately control just seems like a bad matchup as they seem to have a counter for everything. I was planning on Scrapheap Scrounger as a recursive threat but they use that counter that exiles.
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  • posted a message on BG counters
    Quote from lajube »
    Here's where I'm at. This deck is geared to stopping other BG decks through cheap deathtouch creatures who out-value big counters creatures. It seems to work quite well, and still has great game against all the non-BG decks.

    How are the early deathtouch drops? Always wanted to give Gifted Aetherborn a try.

    Quote from DRay563 »
    Here's what I ran today to 1st place at a GPT:

    That's not as impressive as it sounds, as there were only 8 people at the GPT, meaning it was a single elimination tourney rather than the typical Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8. Still, I didn't drop a game. Played against a Temur Energy brew that tried to power out Saheeli Rai into Aetherwind Basker. First game was close because he dropped Saheeli on T3 and I was having to hold up Grasp in the event he was splashing white for Guardian. It would have been over very quickly had I not been playing cautiously. Second game I came out much faster and overpowered him rather quickly. Expertise took care of the energy generators, and a mid game Saheeli was eaten by Mindwrack Demon. Not a close game.

    Round 2 was against RG Pummeler. Took some beatings each game, but between Grasp and Fatal Push, I had enough removal MB, then bringing in Expertise and the extra Pushes G2 allowed for plenty of removal to drop his gas. It's worth noting that using Ballista as a removal spell is very handy. In both match-ups, I would play a Ballista for the express purpose of using it to remove creatures. To avoid a Longtusk Cub from getting out of hand, I cast a Gearhulk, put all the counters on Ballista, then had to use all four counters to exhaust his energy and kill the Cub. Another time, he cast Bristling Hydra with no energy, and with the ETB trigger on the stack, I killed the Hydra (killing my own Ballista in the process). Very much worth it.

    Round 3 was against GW tokens. I saw this match-up on camera at the SCG Open, and I think it's well in our favor. Our creatures get out of hand very quickly, much faster than GW can manage. G1 was gross. T2 Constrictor into T3 Rishkar into T4 Constrictor and Nissa to add three counters to each of those creatures, followed by a Mindwrack Demon and a Gearhulk on T5/T6. My opponent conceded after that. Game 2 was a little bit longer, but not much. I played around Avacyn a little bit, ensuring I didn't run into a trap. By the time she hit the board, she could only chump block. I then dropped Kalitas onto the board, which prevented her flip trigger from ever happening. Honestly, the deck didn't feel fair against GW tokens. Everyone watching was whistling at the power the deck dropped in a short period of time.

    Thoughts on how the deck performed. I didn't have mana troubles, although there were a couple times when I felt like I needed more black mana. May drop a Forest to add another Swamp, which can be especially relevant post board if I bring in Expertise and Kalitas. Boarding stuff out is hard to figure out, but I took out Ob Nixilis every game. He will do better in other matchups, though, so I like keeping him MB. Pacifist is a great 2 drop, stonewalling most aggro decks and being an aggressive clock when I can play Rishkar T3. I'm running a lighter Delirium package, but never had an issue getting it by T5/T6. Only once did I have to specifically sacrifice the Ballista to achieve Delirium to avoid the Mindwrack penalty. Overall, I was very pleased with the deck's ability to consistently provide powerful creatures. I Traversed for creatures almost every game, either picking up Gearhulk or Ballista every time.

    Onto the sideboard plan. I brought in the Pushes, Kalitas, and the Expertises. The Noxious Gearhulk is a decent Traverse target, so I like leaving him as a one of, especially if playing the mirror. I like Appetite for the Unnatural over cards like Natural State because I don't want to be limited. Natural State will be conditional and won't always remove key things whereas Appetite will hit everything. While Natural State is an efficient answer to many vehicles, so is Fatal Push and (most of the time) Grasp of Darkness. If I can't afford the 3 mana, then I'm probably going to lose anyway. Transgress is for control. Heroic Intervention will probably go the wayside. I mean, it would be nice to have when someone plays Fumigate, but I think I'd rather bring in more threats. I'm thinking I will put To the Slaughter in its place to avoid being soft to PW heavy decks.

    Thoughts on my card choices and sideboard choices?
    I wanna ask, how were the lambholt pacifists? This deck does seem to have more of a delirium feel to it so why not run flayers?
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  • posted a message on Mardu Superfriends
    Quote from vito653 »
    Here is the list I ran at FNM 3-1

    Round 1: GB Delieum 2-1
    * I feel Favratable in this match up. His win was more gas then I had answers. My 2 Wins came off Liliana, the Last Hope Ult and a Sram's Expertise into Oath of Gideon Fallowed by a Gideon Ult

    Round 2: Jeski Saheeli 2-1
    * He was play a version that wasn't dedicated to the combo it was an agro version with it against this version i feel favorable with the lack of counter spells. His Win was a combo off i drew all walkers with no removal, My wins were with a Chandra ult + OB ult, and then on the back of my tokens again.

    Round 3: BW Control 2-1
    * It was a basic BW control nothing crazy again Favorable. His win was with hitting 3 Archangel Avacyn kept the tempo his way saving his creatures. My Wins were from Him getting stuck on Land and just over powered him with walkers.

    Round 4: UR Saheeri 1-2
    * This was a dedicated control version of the deck and i felt it being a 50/50. His wins were combos but the game 3 came to both of us in top deck and his came up first before my removal. My win was on my SB made me more aggressive and he was on his heal most of the game.

    Stars of the night:
    Sram's Expertise: I didn't have a time i wasn't unhappy to see it and was always a strong swing in play weather it brought in Removal, oaths or Liliana
    Oath of Gideon & Oath of Liliana: Both were great protecting walkers all 4 of there modes are so good here.

    Fatal Push: Was ok vs GB but a lot of the time they were dead might go down to 2 not sold on moving to side yet though.
    Quarantine Field: I always had a better option in hand and not being instant speed kinda hurts may cut or move to SB.

    Over all i was really pleased how the deck ran i did have to mull a few times but maybe with a little more mana tweaking I can avoid that. I could use a little more direction in my Sb but I never played there before so didn't know what to expect. I decided to go creatureless so game 1 they would be holding most of all there removal and it would be just dead cards. Then in games 2-3 bring some in and they be safe if they were not seen the game before, and work a lot of the time. Even playing just a few creature against most decks the creature will die cuz they are holding so much that it is a waste of a play for us when we could be dropping more walkers or just holding up our own removal to protect our game plan.

    Any Questions about any of my chooses feel free to ask I monitor his thread regularly. As i'm always looking for ways to improve and help others
    Would you say Heart of Kiran has a place here as at least a 2 of? It seems like it will play well with Planeswalkers and it's an artifact for disintegration.
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  • posted a message on Black/red control aether revolt standard
    Quote from Ktalamos »
    This is the deck list I have put together for GameDays in my area. Just curious about all your thoughts and suggestions.
    Some of the cards in the deck are for fun and cards I really just want to play (Yahenni, undying partisan), where others I truly believe are powerful standard cards. Please leave any and all suggestions, I would love your feedback.

    I played something like this in the pre-Kaladesh standard. Remove threats, play a Goblin to remove a threat while presenting your own. If it died, Liliana got it back. Another all star of that deck was Kolagan's Command which also played a part in the bringing back creatures roll. Plus there was Hangarback Walker which provided me a threat that was reasonably good early game and amazing late game. Ballista while great, does not fill that same roll in a deck like this.

    I think Yahenni, is a cool creature but 4 is too much given the legend rule. I understand that he is probably really good when followed by removal spells, but I do not see you having enough creatures to save him from getting hit by removal. One of my secret techs last season was Hanweir Garrison It got out of hand when they could not answer it and it was easy to keep getting it through with my removal. I'm not sure how good it will be this standard season but if you want to use Yahenini to the best of his abilities the tokens from garrison make good sac fodder. Garrison also doubled up as my late game threat, if they tapped out I melded him with the land to swing for 13 power across tree bodies.

    Heart of Kiran seems decent, it can give your planeswalkers additional use, while having an artifact lying around for Disintegration. Hungry Flames is another good card that works well with Goblin. With that you will have three different removals that can also damage the player. I'm not sure about mainboard expertise Delirium's guys are probably too big by the time it comes around, and tokens can easily get back their board with their planeswalkers

    [c]Bedlam Reveler[c] might also be a good option, if your short on cards in hand, he should come in to play cheap with all of your instants and sorceries.

    I'm trying to work on something like this myself because delirium is a deck that demands you have removal for their threats, and you also need enough removal to make sure the copycat combo does not get you
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  • posted a message on BG counters
    Quote from hoser2 »
    Article about the winning SCG deck by the winning player here.

    maybe this one will work

    I have to admit, although I had my heart set on a GW tokens/aggro build it seems it is not quite what it used to be, even with all of the aether revolt stuff. I was going to try to make an fnm tonight but I wound up taking too much time to make improvements to the deck, I would have been too late. However this is a tournament at another lgs I can go to on sunday morning that has $250 bucks as first prize, so I'm going to aim for that.

    This is what I would have taken tonight.

    Because my last experience against the delirium build was terrible I decided to address what I thought were the major problems. Aethersphere Harvester can block a Demon, and if they give demon 4 counters with Gearhulk I'll see if I can do the same with a crewed harvester. As I said before anything with a bunch of gearhulk counters is a huge threat, so I put 1 Noxious in the MB and 1 in the side to give me removal and a huge life gain. Of course if the counters are on a Balista than I'm not so good on that. MB Kalitas also helps me getting ahead on life if he stays put and because he works with counters he synergized reasonably I put in the one Traverse just because I thought if I ever drew it I should just have 4 card types in the yard, but so far that has not happened so I might just put in another removal spell.

    Save the flayers and demons list is very similar to the delirium build, and the ones posted by others here. Over all feel matches against delirium come down to who draws the best balance between threats and removal. I should have enough removal to help with the Copycat combo game 1.
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