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The Magic Market Index for Nov 17, 2017
  • posted a message on 5CH Mark of a Traitor - Hands Posted
    Apologies for forgetting to enter with you all.
    Thanksgiving changing my work week threw me all off.
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  • posted a message on 3CH ELR Trees; Mogg wins! (525 points)
    1) 0-6 : Elder untaps, Cradle-Pinnacle races.
    2) 0-6 : Chalice-Exploration stops lock
    3) xxx
    4) 6-0 : Authority keeps him off Judgement before I lock.
    5) 6-0 : Lock races any damage.
    6) 0-6 : His lock is better than mine.
    7) 2-2 : Lock stops Pinnacle, Chasm stops beats
    8) 0-6 : Infinite birds. eek.
    9) 6-0 : I eventually lock him off lands.

    Seeing Mogg's cursed totem made me realize my long about way to lock things down was... much worse than it needed to be lol
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  • posted a message on 5CH Daze for Days; Feyd_Ruin wins! (475 points)
    Marit Lage is legendary.
    Also you don’t have to pay upkeep; she’s also indestructible. in the end if you wait to try and stop me from making her, I can stop you from making her. If we both make her, it’s still a stalemate.

    @knobbodi : you can pay additional costs, like “x costs more” because it’s adjusting the cost of the spell. The mana is still being spent to cast it. You just can’t pay the {1} because it’s a triggered ability, not part of the spell.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Daze for Days; Feyd_Ruin wins! (475 points)
    1. 6-0 Blow up cradle, tabernacle
    2. 6-0 Depths races
    3. xxx
    4. 4-1 Blow up land to stop any casting. Bridge before or not.
    5. 6-0 Blow up Maze. Depth races Gargadon
    6. 3-3 Blow up land+Tabernacle is 3rd. Either 1 swing or 2.
    7. 6-0 Tabernacle can't be paid.
    8. 6-0 Tabernacle can't be paid.

    X | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    3 | 6 6 X 4 6 3 6 6

    Knobbodi: workshop can’t pay the {1} so you can't drop bridge or tongs turn 1. I blow up workshop/city on my turn 2, so on your play, you can drop one of them, but not both. Bridge ties it.

    Magus: I blow up maze, and Depths races Gargadon.

    Mogg: Unless I'm missing something, you can drop Prog turn 1. I have to play Tomb+Field+Tabernacle to kill him, which is turn 3. On my play, I get it. On yours, you've already swung twice.


    Quote from Personman »

    3) Feyd_Ruin :: Field of Soon-to-be-Banned
    Ancient Tomb / Dark Depths / Field of Ruin / The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale / Thespian's Stage

    Hey, nice deck! :) Also, complicated match.

    When I'm on the play, I play Tomb first and kill whichever of Tomb or Field you play first, so you can never kill my Tomb to keep me off Digger, and I make more Marits than you and win (I can pay for 2, anyway).

    On your play, you can play Tomb first, but then I can lead with Field. You can't Field my Field, because then I'll be able to Dig and win as above. You can play Field though, and then if I try to Field your Tomb, you get mine too and we draw. If you commit to a combo piece instead I can just kill it and draw, or match it and.. also draw.

    This is quite complicated.
    I'm pretty sure we're 2-2 though.

    If you lead with Tomb, I play field.
    If you field my field, I play tomb.
    You cast Digger.
    I play Stage.
    You dig, draw, play, but can't activate.
    I play depths, make a token.
    You make a token.
    They stare at eachother.
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  • posted a message on MagicCardMarket is sending passwords as PLAIN TEXT!!! (Mod Edit: They use HTTPS so it's not a concern)
    This is why HTTPS is so important, which Magic Card Market uses.
    Sending plain text passwords over https is quite secure. All of the traffic is encrypted, making eavesdropping virtually impossible.
    So long as the entire login process is over https (it is), there is nothing of any concern here.

    Trying to hash/encrypt client side to send over http is infinitely less secure than just using https.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Mycosynth Halloween Party; knobbodi wins! (400 points)
    2 | 4 X 0 6 6 0 6 | 22 | 367

    1) 4-1 : Agreed. Pyro on play.
    2) xxx
    3) 0-6 : Leonin hits Reservoir, I can't race Gryff
    4) 6-0 : I can play through Spell Pierce, even with Presence.
    5) 6-0 : As above. Pyro goes to recoil. Reservoir shoots Scavenger&Nexus
    6) 0-6 : Can't get a foothold for Capsize
    7) 6-0 : I go off before Breach, keeping Pyro up for Foil. (below)

    1 Silos
    1 Tomb
    2 (1)
    2 City, Ignus (1298)
    3 (2)
    3 Reservoir (1296)
    4 (3)
    4 Bounce/Recast (1294) +1+2+3 (1300)
    5 (4)
    5 Bounce/Recast (1298) +1+2+3 (1304)
    ..Reservoir 50/50 * 26 for the win

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  • posted a message on 5CH Mycosynth Halloween Party; knobbodi wins! (400 points)
    Quote from Personman »
    2) Feyd_Ruin :: Back to unused stuff?
    Aetherflux Reservoir / Ancient Tomb / City of Traitors / Grinning Ignus / Pyroblast

    On your play, you play Reservoir, I play Inkmoth + City and Recoil it, you discard Pyro and replay it, I play Scavenger. If you pay 50 to kill Scavenger, I can play Dust Bowl and activate in response to the City trigger to kill your City, which causes you to gain only 1 life a turn and hit me for 2. In the 10 turns I need to kill you with Inkmoth you'll have only made up 36 or 39 of the life deficit. If you don't kill it, you instead gain 3 life from Ignus on turn 4, having lost 6 life total so far. Then I get Recoil back and hit Reservoir and win.
    I don't hit until I have enough life to kill you (which is a long time away since I have to burn some). Saving the life fuel means I can shoot Inkmoth whenever he activates. I then wait until I get back up to 1,301 life to shoot you 26 times for the win. 1251&25 if Ignus can swing enough maybe.

    Will score my full line when I get home this afternoon
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  • posted a message on 5CH Mycosynth Halloween Party; knobbodi wins! (400 points)
    Quote from Anachronity »
    Looks like Endbringer wasn't invited to the party. Frown
    The OGW Eldrazi are very well known to be killjoy party poopers who would only seek to stop our halloween fun. As such, they are not invited. I'm sure they could find a way to crash our party anyways.. but we shouldn't invite such wanton recklessness
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  • posted a message on 4CH LR Bad Day; WhammeWhamme wins! (600 points)
    Quote from Personman »
    I'm afraid knobbodi's deck isn't legal – as mentioned above, Island does not appear in any of the legal sets. Maybe I should've specifically called out that Foil doesn't work :/ It sucks, but I suspect that most players realized it wasn't allowed, so it doesn't seem fair to allow it. Did knobbodi submit anything else before that deck?

    I suggest we replace Island with Svyelunite Temple.
    Although the foil trick doesn't work, it's the closest to an island that's legal, and it allows him to Memory Lapse turn 2, into foil it Turn 3, so the deck isn't completely torn apart.


    So even though I posted this round, I thought The Dark was legal, rather than prophecy. Yeah, that kind of week. I luckily realized this after I submitted, before I started building the round. BUT, it also means that the protection from white that I thought was absolutely crucial wasn't useful at all. Witch Hunter and Preacher weren't legal, so.. yeah.... Wasted space.. Frown

    1: 0-6 : I lose to Wrangler
    2: 0-6 : I lose to Wrangler
    3: 0-6 : I lose to Wrangler
    4: 0-6 : I lose to Wrangler
    5: I'll play it out later. I'm 90% sure I win.
    6: xxx
    7: 0-6 : I lose to Wrangler

    Stupid wrangler.
    I almost played Noxious Field. Hindsight is 20/20
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  • posted a message on 4CH LR Bad Day; WhammeWhamme wins! (600 points)
    I'm thinking "A lotta bit Extra Mycosynth Dance Party" Kekeke

    Also, if Tom/Mogg don't get to post the round tonight, it'll be tomorrow afternoon when I can Smile
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  • posted a message on Twitch/Salvation Merge and Usernames
    Alright, lets start this over fresh.
    I've unlinked this account from our side.

    Clear all of your cookies, then go to and log into twitch.
    Go to your Connections and make sure MTGS is Disconnected.

    Come back to mtgs and log in here with your mtgs account.

    It'll ask you to merge, and you should hopefully be able to merge them together again without issue.
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  • posted a message on Login trouble
    That might have also gotten it. Either way, as long as it's working now... >_<

    If you need anything else, just holler.
    Apologies for the trouble!
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  • posted a message on 5 Card Backbuild; knobbodi wins! (475 points)

    1) 6-0 Game of Chaos is confusing, But megaliths kills memnite.
    2) 0-6 Keeper is a fat beast this round, but I stop lotus petal.
    3) 6-0 Hearth Charm kills memnite
    4) 0-6 I counter hypergenesis
    5) 6-0 Megaliths kills memnite in time.
    6) 0-6 I counter your memnite
    7) 6-0 Molten Frame hits.
    8) xxx

    8 | 6 0 6 0 6 0 6 | 343
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  • posted a message on Login trouble
    I would highly suspect that you have two Twitch accounts.
    The one you merged with this account is not the same Twitch account you're logging into.

    From the browser that you're logged into this account on already, go to
    This should tell you the email and username for the account that you're logged into on there.

    Does it align with the one you're signing into on the other browser?
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  • posted a message on Some code tags don't work when copy/pasted.
    This problem is, specifically, that your opening and closing tags don't match up.

    You either forgot one of your [/b] tags, or mistyped it, etc.
    Same for [i] [u] and [center]

    If you paste it in here, or PM me if you prefer, I can find the broken tags for you.
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