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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    I've been doing a lot of testing recently with blue. I like to test a range of ideas when brewing and I had a blast with:

    1. Wild Pair + Genesis Hydra - This was an idea that popped in my head one night. Because the card Hydra "searches" for comes into play first, once cast, the Hydra will find the Wild Pair, play it, and then trigger it. I also love the interaction with Wild Pair and Duskwatch Recruiter, Overgrown Battlement, Acidic Slime, and Hornet Queen (as they are all a total of 4 and thus can "tutor" for eachother along with a 2/2 Ballista or Hydra). I didn't spend a ton of time on this idea as it felt like more of a "win-more" idea...but my god was it fun Smile

    2. Simic Devotion - This is the deck I've been testing for a while. It has taken quite a bit of time tuning it. I tend to start with a list that draws a TON of cards (but sometimes has the issue of not finishing quickly enough) and then slowly add more and more power into it until I feel that the balance between card advantage and power is as perfect as possible. This is the "delicate balance" I talk about a lot about.

    Here is where I am currently at:

    I know on paper it seems a little "different". It is meant to follow the "overwhelming" play-style I prefer but in this case does it in a more interactive way than my past builds have. I will write more about it once I've got the board done; but the current differences from past builds include:

    1. Overgrown Battlement instead of Coiling Oracle and 1-2 Birds of Paradise

    I was already playing Carvan Caryatid...and was trying to look into 2-drops (as I came to the conclusion that the 4-5 drops are paramount to this deck and need to be played on turn 3 as often as a higher percentage of my 1-2 drops needed to be mana-dorks). I also wanted more power for Kiora's untap. Overgrown Battlement worked out perfectly. It allowed for more protection of my walkers, was great with Caryatid...and helps make Beast Within a better card in the deck.

    2. Replaced one copy of Wolfbriar Elemental with Ulamog, the Ceasless Hunger.

    I tend to like at least 1-2 cards that are 6+ in the deck. Mana sinks obviously are the key to the power of the deck; but cards with 7-10 CMC are the ones that can really end the game on the spot. I chose Ulamog because
    (a) it falls in line with the "permanent" destruction of the rest of the deck
    (b) it's ability is a "cast" ability so you are never completely blown out if they counter it.
    (c) it can be chosen with Kiora, Master of the Depths and Duskwatch Recruiter's ability (where cards like Karn cannot).
    (d) it can be "bounced" with Cloudstone Curio to destroy the opponents entire board (as Karn could before).

    The remainder of the deck is exactly the same (just a bunch of untapping, card drawing, ramping, and mana-sinks). There is a prominent land destruction ark to the deck (between Acidic Slime, Beast Within, Eternal Witness to get it back, and Ulamog, the Ceaseless actually works quite well. The speed of the deck comes directly from the fact that all of the "untapping" abilities of the walkers can essentially be done at "instant" speed (you get priority and trigger them the same turn they are in play) so generally once you play one you can play them all...but the interactive elements allow for extra turns to really begin to drastically overwhelm the opponent. It snowballs.

    I will post more once I have the sideboard worked out and can provide a detailed write up of at least 60+ matches.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from defrjuki3 »
    Thank you for the welcome Smile

    At first i tested the the 3 drops you are saying, but i feel strangleroot geist and leatherback baloth have better resiliency, both are better blockers to save Garruk, and also better finishers if you take an aggro plan.

    the -4 ability of garruk wildspeaker seems more strong with these creatures and the other 4 drops creatures of the deck. Also is so easy that nylea, god of the hunt became a creature, and with the bunch of mana produced by Nykthos use his ability to make your creatures bigger and ending the match.

    Is true what you are saying, without kruphix, nissa or tracker loses flexibility and card advantage, but your threats put more pressure on the oponent.

    Personally, i don't understand the role of Nissa, Voice of Zendikar on the deck.

    There absolutely can be “Stompy” version of Devotion like yours. You trade card advantage for pressure/power.

    I’ve generally liked NissanVOZ in some stomps builds. Creates more bodies to be overrun via Garruk or Hoof...creates bodies to block for the walkers, and can pump your entire board...Having said that, however; I do think she is better in slightly more “go wide” decks where yours is more about individual creature power. I can see why she doesn’t fit well in your list.

    I would LOVE to play Nylea. If for no other reason than the Devotion-synergy. I think it is strong in Stompy builds.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from Dos_Rouge »
    at first blue mana didn't mean much to me, but my friend alerted me to reason and believe. now im wondering if that would be some new and improved tech with courser of kruphix. especially as a means to get the big stuff.

    I haven’t got to play Reason/Believe yet; but I’ve been enjoying a blue splash for sure.

    P.S. @MirageJenius...i think you’ll enjoy a change I made to my Simic list (posting tonight) Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    ]quote from="defrjuki3 »" url=""]Hi, first of all, this is my first post on the web and english is not my first language, so i will try to do my best writting.

    I'm working on the following idea of green stompy devotion deck:

    And the sideboard:

    the idea is that you can cast big creatures at the begining and finish the game with some bomb.
    strangleroot geist and leatherback baloth helps you stabilizing the game and adds devotion.

    deadbridge goliath is a big creature able to stop TKS, smasher, Tasigur, Gurmag and you use his ability for value enchanting a birds of paradise for example, and kill in the air.

    With the sideboard you can go more aggro or more controlling depending of the pairing.


    Welcome! Glad to have another member of our awesome community. No worries on the is my first language and I still have poor grammar:)

    Great list, btw.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )

    Hi guys, me here again. So, coming from tempo, I decided to try to make to more midrange-y. Fortunately, I think it's quite good (Or at least I liked it)! Basically, trade some explosiveness with more resilient threats and late game powers.

    On mana base, I haven't thought about it throughly, but so far so good. Feel Free to giving me suggestions regarding the mana base though.

    On Search of Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin, I haven't played that yet (never so far lol). But basically, if tempo and control plays it and get positive results with it, why not this midrange-y list use it as well? I believe if I can squeeze it in, it'll shine here, since longer list tend to get more benefit from it.

    I only use 6 counterspells, all which able to cycle itself (draw a card). The reason is, I don't want for the game to go too long, even though I'm able to (somewhat), so I need consistently to go through the deck as quickly as possible. In total, I played 13 cards which can draw me a card, and 15 if you count Vendilion Clique as well.

    Last but not least, the best thing is, I can play Thundermaw Hellkite in an optimal list in modern! I love that card so much! HAHAHA. But in all seriousness, it gives Jeskai new form of threat that is guaranteed to connect the moment it hit. It's not common as well in modern so everyone tend not to expect that.

    Stormbreath Dragon is also an option against Path to Exile, but I think 5/5 and the ability to clear Lingering Souls and shut down blockers is flat out better.

    Improvements that I consider is to play more 4-powered creatures so that I can play Stubborn Denial. But I'm not sure what to include. We'll see.

    Feel free to give comments or anything!

    Hi Moz. It's always good to hear from you . This is definitely more of a midrange list than delver/prowess. With that said, jeskai midrange has been proven to be extremely good with several high finishes lately. I do think the a more aggressive or delver version of jeskai is better suited for a meta full of tron and valakut, but the midrange deck also has game against them.

    I agree that Thundermaw Hellkite is superior to Stormbreath Dragon. If you cast a hellkite you typically win that game. In addition, Lingering Souls is a tough card for use to deal with so anything the helps with souls is always good.

    I honestly think you should give one or two Search for Azcanta in your sideboard or possibly one main and one side. The card is truly bonkers and is absolutely devastating in any grindy matchup. I would say you could easily play 23 lands in this list and add a search for azcanta. Other than that, I can't really see anything I think needs to be changed for the midrange deck. I would like to see a couple more Serum Visions but there is nothing really to cut except for maybe on Electrolyze.

    I know that Great Nate has a lot of thoughts about this style deck and thundermaw hellkite. He could definitely give you some pointers.

    Now onto the matchup of the week- I think the matchup definitely needs to be G/B Tron-

    Tron is one of the main reasons to chose jeskai delver over jeskai midrange. Midrange has a very tough tron matchup, but can still beat them. Jeskai delver has a far better tron matchup due to it's early clock. Let me know what you think about the Tron matchup.

    Overall- I have always found Tron to be a favorable matchup. As long as we can get a clock down fairly early we can control the game and burn them out. They typically take 3-4 turns of searching for their tron peices before doing anything substantial. Once they have tron cards like Remand, Negate and even Spell Pierce can be devastating. In my opinion Remand is the best card in this matchup. Numerous times we will have a decent clock going and the opponent will play a Karn, Liberated or a Oblivion Stone only to have it remanded giving us another turn of damage. Wurmcoil Engine can sway games, however, we have a lot of answers for wurmcoil in Path to Exile, Vapor Snag, and Echoing Truth. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is likely their strongest card against us, but again is a juicy remand target.

    Sideboard- Post sideboard is much of the same. We have several very good options against them. Some people prefer land destruction in cards like Molten Rain, Spreading Seas, and/or Blood Moon. These are great options and we have more options to attack from other angles. Stony Silence is superb, Deflecting Palm is great, Negate, and Blessed Alliance are also decent options. Artifact removal is also good in this matchup in small doses. Anti-search affects can also be very good against Tron such as Aven Mindscensor and Shadow of Doubt.

    Overall I would say most Tron matchups are fairly favored for jeskai prowess/delver. This is nice because most jeskai decks have a very bad tron matchup.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    So...I've had some extremely interesting findings with Simic Devotion. I'm running through different iterations now and will outline my findings this evening.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from Aethelianmage »
    Thanks everyone for advising on the list I posted. You all are cool people

    For FNM I decided to try changing my list a little bit, based on the discussion here. I didn't want to go buy cards, so I was limited to what I had already. List is as posted above with following changes:

    -2 Primal Command, -1 Eternal Witness, -1 Chameleon Colossus, -1 Sylvan Caryatid

    +3 Tireless Tracker, +2 Birds of Paradise

    Without the commands, Ewit isn't really worth it, and i needed room for a card-advantage creature in Tracker. I don't own any paper coursers, so ill have to test them online later. Black/GDS is on the downswing, so the Colossus is not necessary. I also wanted a few more T1 dorks, as @nogeist mentioned

    -1 Nature's Claim, -1 Thrun, the last Troll
    +1 Reclamation Sage, +1 Hornet Queen

    Tournament Report:

    R1: Opp is the MartyrProc player of the shop. G1 Tireless Tracker engine out-values him, he dies to beats. G2 Walking Ballista murders his little dudes before they become big dudes and Tooth and Nail gets there. 1-0

    R2: A Tooth and Nail mirror! Always nice to see another devotee to green. His list is mono-G, running ghost quarter MB, and faster than mine, since mine is built to grind rather than for speed. I get game two but lose the others. 1-1. (Side note: we finished a combined 6-2, so it was a good showing by Green Devotion tonight.)

    R3: 8-rack. Not a deck I've seen in a while or a good matchup. G1 I get rolled over, but G2 I get a tracker rolling and hoard cards in my hand until it beats him to death. G3 turns into a standoff with me, a Garruk, and a Leyline vs. his bridge and Necrogen Mists but no affliction/rack. I find abrade and burn his bridge before he finds any action. 2-1

    R4: Opp is a kid who plays a Mono-B midrange-control list. Think Pack Rat, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Ob Nixilis Reignited. He's a solid but inexperienced player limited by his budget (No Lili or Thoughsieze), so basically me a few years ago when i started out. He aggressively kills/ discards my mana dorks, but his deck is too slow to keep me off my lategame forever. I get there in 2, 3-1

    So I got a 3-1 finish and some prize support, which was cool. I was very happy with the changes to my main deck, but i didn't get the chance to see if my sideboard changes were worth it.

    @nogeist: It seems like trample and annihilator 6 both have similar effects of preventing blocks and leading to 1-hit kills. Hardcasting Promised
    End seems really useful, but annihilator is really hard to come back from even if they stop the damage somehow, and the graveyard clause is occasionally relevant. They seem about even to me.

    EDIT: Felt like discussing a bit more. The list is built to grind against fair decks and give me the time to go over the top in the late game. Nissa is an excellent meat shield while providing 2 devotion that isn't easy to get rid of. I used to run bolts in the main but replaced them with ballista. It's good early, is a great mana sink, and a legitimate late-game finisher if cast for X=5+. Only reason I'm not running four is lack of green mana symbols.

    Awesome to see some Tooth and Nail on here! It doesn't "change" quite as rapidly as other lists (as the card choices are pretty set for about 54 of the mian board cards) but it absolutely is a great Devotion option!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from lord_darkview »
    I call my Command variant "Primal Devotion." Like my adaptation of AS's take, "Relentless Devotion," they feel like they conjure powerful images in addition to describing the deck.

    I like it! I love fun deck names Smile I just wish they would have put "Devotion" somewhere in there...

    I called my first deck "Garruk Green Devotion" (as it plays 7 Garruks)...but I can't say I have a good name for my other list (the one I am currently playing). Right now I call it "Simic Walker Devotion" but that kinda stinks...I did add a Cloudstone Curio main (so I technically can call it a "combo" deck even though may games don't end on the combo)...If anyone thinks of a good name, I'm all ears Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    I have LOVED having 4 Ballista’s however my deck is quite different from T&N lists. I can understand wanting a bolt earlier (as dealing with a 2-3 toughness creature on turns 1-2 can be extremely difficult. I honestly think it depends what you see a lot of. If you play a ton of counters company, infest, etc. you may wanna go with bolts.

    In honesty however, you may want both :). I would Main The ballista’s and have some bolts in board.

    Ballista has become a win-con for me (on top of being just an amazing answer to creatures). The more I play it, the more I feel like it is a darn-near staple.


    UEGJO deck was listed on the highlight reel on the GP. They called it “Primal Ramp” rather than Devotion; but I guess beggars can’t be choosers Smile
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )

    Quote from StevomatUWR »
    Hi everyone,

    I couldn't make a lot of time lately to play, just a few games online last week and FNM yesterday.
    Unfortunately only 10 players showed up for FNM so we only played 3 rounds. I won 2-0 against classic Jund in round one. First game was single-handedly decided by Search for Azcanta. Second game I drew the perfect mix of disruptive spells, removal and threats.
    Round two I won 2-0 against Infect. First game I was super lucky that I didn't die when I was at 4 poison and couldn't remove his blighted Agent but he couldn't find enough pump spells to finish me even though he had 4 cards in hand... Then he died to my attack with flipped Delver and 2 dmg from Hazoret's discard trigger. Second game I kept 1 land, 2 Bolts, 1 Path, 1 Dispel and something else. I drew a second land from the top and he had no chance against that hand.
    Round three I lost 0-2 against Esper Control. First game I fought through Ashiok and Narset and even got him down to 2 but then I died to a combined attack of 4 spirit tokens and 2 activated Creeping Tar Pits. Second game we both had to mulligan down to 5. After 5 turns he had 5 lands in play and I only had 2. Never had a chance to win from there...
    Yesterday I was running this list with one change: I tried 1 Settle the Wreckage for fun (replaced one of my 4 Paths). I even got to cast it one time and exiled one Glistener Elf. He had two at that time but he only had to attack with one because he also had a Noble Hierarch. Too bad Smile

    The deck still feels very good. I'd love to play 1 Electrolyze main but I have no idea which card to take out for it. Any ideas? (I won't cut my 2 Charms for it)

    What I really want to discuss today is my sideboard. At the moment it looks like this:

    The upper tow rows are the cards I am currently using. The seven cards at the bottom are cards I can imagine putting in my sideboard as well. Sulfur Elemental would have been so good against that Esper Control deck yesterday...

    Anyways, Modern Nexus compiled the current Meta very nicely this week.
    I'd say that my deck fares pretty well against the current Tier 1 opponents.
    Affinity is maybe 50-50 before and 55-45 after sideboard
    Gifts Storm is 50-50
    Jeskai Tempo is 50-50 (haven't played against this deck enough though)
    Burn is 60-40 before and 70-30 after sideboard
    Humans is 60-40
    Eldrazi Tron is 50-50
    Grixis Shadow is 60-40 and even slightly better after sideboard
    Counters Company is 60-40
    RG Valakut is the only real unfavorable match-up, I'd say 35-65
    So, at tournaments this deck should do very well currently, but unfortunately there aren't any big Modern tournaments on my continent in the near future

    How would you change the sideboard looking at these current Tier 1 match-ups? I feel that I need more cards against Valakut decks. Maybe add one more Shadow and/or a second Disdainful Stroke? The latter is good againt Eldrazi too and maybe even worth using against Storm (hits Past in Flames, Gifts, Empty the Warrens).

    We have a ton of 50-50, 60-40 matchups which is one of the main reasons to play the deck. Similar to death shadow, this deck is very hard to play extremely well. We don't have to worry as much about our life total, but knowing when to be aggressive and when to be controlling takes a long time to master and depends on the matchup. That's part of the fun in playing the deck. I personally have not run Disdainful Stroke, but that would be a great option in a tron and RG Titanshift meta.

    I would love to have additional options against Titanshift. That is a super tough matchup. I agree with Mr.Tzoulis that Deflecting Palm is surprisingly good against them. We can typically get them down to 6 or less life before they land a large threat or scapeshift. Then we can deflecting palm for the remainder of the damage.

    I also agree that Izzet Staticaster is really good. I didn't play staticaster for a long time, but gave it a try and it single handily won me a match against storm when they cast empty the warrens in both post boarded games. I can't bring myself to play Blood Moon because I utilize all three colors pretty extensively and because I personally dislike the card. That is not to say it's a bad option. If you can run blood moon profitably in a deck you probably should be running it.

    I am currently working on getting the deck back to the basics. I have muddled the speed a little and wanted to get back to an aggressive slant. I am working with the list and will let you guys no when I land on something.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Unyaro Bees is a cool choice for the current meta. It is a perfect example of a non-staple we should have in our “Devotion Box”.

    A card I looked at for my “for fun” Devotion deck a while back was Urzapine...expensive but makes for fun turns :).
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Quote from WickedApp »
    Quote from CurdBros »

    I can understand the use of Mentor instead of YP here... a force of 3/3 monks swinging for lethal is more formidable then a group of 1/1 elementals. prowess monk tokens also make blocks awkward.

    Quote from CurdBros »

    I so badly want to play Monastery Mentor so maybe I should just take a page from Ryosuske's book and just jam him into my list. I used to think having 6 tap out 3 drops wouldn't work all that well, but he has been having success with it so maybe I should just give it a try.

    StevomatUWR- I agree that Settle the Wreckage is interesting. I have never run Anger of Gods because I didn't want to kill our board, but settle might be worth a look. I don't think the downside hurts us too much.

    I really like settle the wreckage. I have been theory testing with it and there are not a lot of downsides. Most modern decks run few basic lands, so between Paths and wreckage you are going to only give them +2 in most games. Also Settle can be used on your own creatures to fetch land(s).

    Mentor looks good with this build as he is looking at T4 for attacks, He almost looks to chain cantrips with it, and use it as a main win play over the Geist.
    The Deck top 4 so he did something right. Lack of counterspells is odd. Im not sure if I could do that in my meta, most games are nearly decided at T4-5.

    Seeing this deck did get me thinking about Brewing.

    I came up with this

    other lands also but this is just a ruff idea but it might be a nice shell

    I have no experience at all with jotun grunt and grimoire thief so I won't be much help, but this deck looks spicey! I love really innovative decks. LEt us know if you play the deck and how it goes. It looks sweet.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I love the list Mazeron. It's extremely similar to what I am playing, but the minor differences in the creature base make a huge difference in how the game plays out. That's why I always say to start with your creature base if you are planning on building jeskai aggro-control or tempo and go from there. They dictate how the games will play out. Where you have Mentor I have swiftspear which really changes the decks gameplan.

    I am currently working on possibly getting 4 snapcasters into the deck. In conversation with Great Nate he asked why there were only three snaps in my list and it got me thinking. There are several reasons such as curve considerations, spell density, etc, but not playing 4 of the best creature ever printed is likely just wrong.

    Keep us posted on how well mentor plays out in the current meta. Monastery Mentor is one of my favorite creatures of all time so I would love to fit him into the deck.

    On another note. I am currently trying to find the perfect build for my personal deck. Here are the two options. Let me know which one you like - Option 1 or Option 2.

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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Quote from Need_More_DPS »
    Takase Ryousuke's deck is atypical of a Japanese style of play. Aggressive with a pinch of tempo. The lack of other counterspells apart from Remand in the main deck denotes a strategy to keep the opponent on the backfoot/defense.

    I can understand the use of Mentor instead of YP here... a force of 3/3 monks swinging for lethal is more formidable then a group of 1/1 elementals. prowess monk tokens also make blocks awkward.

    I so badly want to play Monastery Mentor so maybe I should just take a page from Ryosuske's book and just jam him into my list. I used to think having 6 tap out 3 drops wouldn't work all that well, but he has been having success with it so maybe I should just give it a try.

    StevomatUWR- I agree that Settle the Wreckage is interesting. I have never run Anger of Gods because I didn't want to kill our board, but settle might be worth a look. I don't think the downside hurts us too much.

    As for Search for Azcanta, if I had room in the maindeck for it I would love to run it. It basically owns any grindy matchup if it sticks around. I don't fault anyone for running it in the main deck. I just don't have room for it in my game one gameplan. There is no arguing the card isn't amazing and possibly broken in grindy mirrors. I drew 6+ cards in the last UW control matchup off of it. It basically won the game for me. It will likely be a staple in UWR decks for the foreseeable future.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    A few small changes:

    1. Trying without a Polukranos, World Eater and an additional copy of Wolfbriar Elemental- I absolutely LOVE Polukranos, but without a tutor of any kind, Walking Ballista becomes just as good (better) as there is no real need for it.

    2. Added three copies of Genesis Hydra to the board - I haven't found a better card against U/W/x control decks...generally this will put us ahead enough to win the match. It is also good against decks with larger creatures (although Wolfbriar also helps here as well). It is worth it for me just due to the fact that it pushes Control match-ups to 60/40.


    Quote from GarfieldKlon »
    @CurdBros and Brewers
    About Cloudstone Curio i have some brew notes for a Simic Version

    Trophy Mage as a TutorToolBox --> into :

    Lifecrafter's Bestiary ,
    Cloudstone Curio (2 Walker Infinite Mana Combo!) ,
    Bow of Nylea ,
    Damping Matrix (Sideboard) ,
    Druidic Satchel (Library Revealed Theme,slow, Land Ramp) ,
    Mirage Mirror (example: copy Nykthos to finsih off / Legend Rule )
    Proteus Staff (target opponent creatures if needed)
    Sword of ...... ,
    Vedalken Shackles

    The (unfinished) Plan is. A Playset of this Mages into one of the 3-4 Artifacts in the Main. My biggest concern is, that it could be too much durdle around and slow down the mainroute of the typical Devotion Deck.

    About JesKai and beeing Toptier: i really like in the Sideboard Summoning Trap.

    Your Deck look very good. 4x Ballista and 3x Hydra was a real Nonbo. Your changes make sense.
    With 8-9 Planeswalker maybe you consider Maulfist Revolutionary as a Walker Supporter. With a Infinite Mana Combo with CloudStone you could gett all the finals with all your Planewalkers

    Thanks for the kind words. I have explored both Trophy Mage and Maulfist Revolutionary...although I can't say I tested Maulfist for an extended period. I did have a deck with Trophy Mages in it, but it was more of an "all in" Curio version. To be honest, you are absolutely right that if you played a 1 or 2-of Cloudstone Curio and a 1-of Trophy would be absolutely worth it if Mage also tutored up multiple sideboard cards. Dampining Matrix can hurt us (Arbor Elf, Duskwatch, Rhonas, Ballista)...but there are some decks it absolutely hoses as well that would be great for us if we sided correctly (utilized more ETB and Walkers and less Activated abilities....I think, however, there are enough targets where it could work.

    Maulfist is probably something I should test more. It's good with both Walkers and Ballista.


    Quote from AeoniX »
    @Curdbros Does your Simic deck get to 10 mana easily?

    Your deck is now entirely permanant's (besides the Sideboard) so resolving a Primal Surge will play your entire deck until you want to stop it.

    I hadn't thought of that...but you are right. It gets to 10 VERY it may be worth it as an "I win" card Smile I may have to test this.


    Quote from MirageJenius »
    Since we are taking a look at Simic, here is an update of my current UG Devotion deck:

    The deck survives multiple hits of Wrath of God and still recovers nicely as long as I either have a Kiora, Master of Depths to dig for solutions, and Eternal Witness or Primal Command to find silver bullets or win conditions.

    Arcane Adaptation functions in the same tech threat level as the Nissa, Voice of Zendikar as explained by Alex dude. If you don't deal with it, I get to eventually topdeck a Turntimber Ranger or the singleton Reaper King for the combo.

    The key to the deck running is actually everybody's bad card: Leyline of Vitality! I play it at the start of the game, Play an Oath of Nissa to dig for something then have 3 devotion right there that only enchantment or permanent removal can take away. The God draw curve goes into play an Arcane Adaptation naming allies for the first, then scarecrow or wall for the next copy you play. You either play the combo if you see the opponent tapped out, or play any two walls, then play Privileged Position for 6++ mana off devotion that cannot be easily be nuked. If you get to 5 plus mana, you can run the Primal Command and Eternal witness loop with the walls holding the fort or play Ruric Thar for more protection for your Kiora if you are going Emblem wincon.

    The Jamie Wakefield tech of Wall of Roots added is copied in this deck by Sylvan Caryatid at 0/4 with a Leyline in play. Overgrown Battlement is 0/5 with a Leyline in play. Take note that if the combo resolves, you must have Leyline, Arcane Adaptation in play then the Turntimber Ranger for a Go Wide infinite win con plus infinite life.

    So you can actually stall with the walls as chump blockers, wait for the opponent to build big beats and tapping out, then you pull off the combo with infinite life to boot. Sometimes it goes off with the Genesis Hydra putting an Arcane Adaptation into play and you name the tribal creature type of your choice. If you have infinite wolves going out, and name wall with any second copy of Arcane Adaptation, you get infinite mana from any Overgrown Battlement in play. The build is a grind out deck that doesn't necessarily go for the kill, given that the opponent can kill your Turntimber once the first wolf comes out as a fast effect with an instant. So you wait for opponents tapping out, or you bait their spot removal with Primalcrux or Ruric That, the Unbowed or throw out a Genesis Hydra for 5 and up to snag the Privileged Position.

    If you have enough devotion from enchantments plus Kiora and several Walls, you can fetch Temur Sabertooth for infinite mana shenanigans. The most fun I've had is a grind out leading into a Reaper King with a second Arcane Adaptation named scarecrow which nukes every permanent while making infinite wolves too, you just kill the Turntimber im play to stop the chain. I've bought a Trostani, Selesnya's Voice to test it soon, but the deck is so tight right now, I'm loath to cut anything for the lifegain, and I want to find anything decent generating fatty tokens for tempo breaking.

    I've shelved the Mirrorweave option for the meantime because of my new pet fetish wincon, the Reaper King board wipe.

    I've tested against a heavy control Orzhov deck that has Wrath of God, Path to Exile, and other spot removal and I've had all my fatties, path to exiled away, only to pull out the infinite combo for the win with infinite life to spare. Leyline of Vitality is so underrated as a combo piece for infinite life in this deck that if it's just sitting there on the board, you recover 1 life for each copy of it in play for every creature you put into the battlefield.

    Nissa, Voice of Zendikar tested right like Alex dude said it would. Blockers each turn that gain you life with Leyline of Vitality that eventualy may be Mirrorweaved Primalcrux once I get around to that combo tech. For now, this is the deck, a casual build that I will test in a year ender tourney coming up and I hope to grind out some wins with its quirky threat variations.

    The singleton Karametra's Acolyte is there for the Kiora bomb first ability if I have a Nykthos in play, it can get the Primal Command combo going superbly with Witness to tuck lands back on top of their libraries and you just combo off at your leisure. The Karametra's Acolyte also bleeds a spot removal spell or it gets in after your opponent expends all of their spot removal spells on your combo pieces that you can still use explosive devotion of the remaining Leylines and Oaths plus the Privileged Position after board wipe. There are only two Witnesses and you eventually dig them out with Kiora, Oath of Nissa, and Genesis Hydra. As beats, the Hydra isn't that shabby too if I have Kessig Wolf Run or run Nylea as a replacement for any piece in the deck.

    Hope you get something out of this if you are building a UG deck.

    It's actually a clunkier version of any Coco Abzan infinite life combo deck.

    What a cool list Smile There are so many cards in here I would love to play (Tenur Sabertooth, Karametra's Acolyte) and I have to make a deck with a few of these just because I love them so much. I haven't played a list similar enough to this to have a strong opinion or to be able to provide any kind of truly educated discussion; but I will try it out so I can provide some insight and discuss this more. Looks like a lot of fun though!
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